Product Management for Mobile Startup, Session 4


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This is Session 4 in a four-session series, covering product management basics, and developed for students at xlab, Tsinghua University. This session focuses on business model, marketing and KPIs.

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  • Advertising: Yahoo. FBLead Gen: GoogleRoyalties: eBayData Service Example: Linked In
  • Too much information -> Simplify your message instead of providing all the details. Volve: safe, FedEx: NextDayEvery people in the US today receives about $200 of ads annuallyPerception is realityExample: “Eastern Airline”Big fish in a small pond: define a new category, e.g., first woman to fly over Atlantic alone
  • Reasonable Install Rate (IR= install/click) for mobile app is between 1%-4%, with banner ads at the low endReasonable CTR is 3%
  • Product Management for Mobile Startup, Session 4

    1. 1. Product Management @ Mobile Internet Start-up Yue Zhuge Co-Founder/CEO Ivy Gallery April 3, 2014 Session 4 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 1
    2. 2. A Four-session Series for Students at xlab, Tsinghua University Session 1: • Product management basics and skills Session 2: • From customer needs to quality product: requirements and design Session 3: • Project management and execution Session 4: • Product management at a start-up company 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 2
    3. 3. PM in a Startup Business Model Branding and Marketing Mobile Advertising Management 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 3
    4. 4. Internet/Mobile Business Models Consumer Pay Paid App or Service Freemium (Upgrade) In-App Purchase (One-time) Subscriptions (Membership) Business Pay Advertising Lead Gen Transaction Royalties Data and Info Service Platform and Software Service 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 4
    5. 5. Myth #1: Users = $$s Reality: engagement metrics – frequency, session length, stickiness are as important Reality: not all app are good for advertising 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 5
    6. 6. Myth #2: Data = $$s Reality: Data is only valuable after it becomes large enough Reality: Data is only useful if it produces more value than the cost of extracting the value 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 6
    7. 7. Myth #3: Publicity = $$s Reality: many ‘interesting feature’ type of products go viral for just a short period of time Reality: link any other business, value creation should be the ultimate goal 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 7
    8. 8. PM in a Startup Business Model Branding and Marketing Mobile Advertising Management 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 8
    9. 9. Technology Adoption Cycle 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 9 Courtesy of
    10. 10. Branding and Positioning in an Information Age Give the product a good name Occupy a space that no one else does Offer a unique message 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 10
    11. 11. Positioning Tips for Startups • Be #1 in a sub-category • Associate with a known brand but show the differentiator • Take advantage of the fact that known brands have their well-known position • Keep repeating your message 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 11
    12. 12. Marketing • Communicate the value of your product to the consumers 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 12 Marketing Consumers Product Value
    13. 13. Example: Ivy Core Messages Connecting clouds Smart organization Flexible sharing
    14. 14. Simpler Message Too many photos 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 14
    15. 15. Exercise: Elevator Pitch 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 15
    16. 16. PM in a Startup Business Model Branding and Marketing Mobile Advertising Management 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 16
    17. 17. Advertising your APP • With content provider (e.g., FB, Yahoo) • With ad network (e.g., InMobi, AdMob) • With search engines (e.g., Google, Bing) • Organic traffic from the app stores 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 17
    18. 18. How to Pay • CPM: pay for impression • CPC: pay for click • CPI: pay for install • CPA: pay for action 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 18 impressions clicks installs actions CTR: Click Through Rate IR: Install Rate
    19. 19. An Example Funnel 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 19 impressions clicks installs actions 200,000 15000 600 CTR = 7.5% IR = 4% What’s the expected CTR and IR? What are you paying for and what’s your CPI? What about organic traffic? If I spend $100, then my CPI = $0.166
    20. 20. Watch for Channel Quality • What kind of inventory • What kind of user targeting • Incentivized or not • Uninstall rate • User activity after a period of time • Your conversion metric (e.g., $$s earned) 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 20
    21. 21. KPIs: Three Categories of Metrics • Installs, channel quality metrics Marketing Effectiveness • Active users (DAU, WAU, MAU), retention, session length Product Quality • Function usage, path, exits Product Functions 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 21
    22. 22. PM in a Startup Business Model Branding and Marketing Mobile Advertising Management 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 22
    23. 23. Hiring PM: Look for Raw Quality Product interests • How good she is as a user, how excited when talking about a product Critical thinking • Can he critique product features and elaborate on reasons Logic • Can she generalize and specialize on product functions • Can she justify a decision Problem solving • Can he provide different solutions to a request and compare them • Can he analyze and handle complex situations 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 23
    24. 24. Keep Growing • Learning and broadening the product and domain knowledge • Improve communication • Appreciate the different styles of product managers • PM ratio in an engineering team: 1PM to 4-6 engineers 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 24
    25. 25. Product Management is an Art, there is no Manual Some references • Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love Hardcover by Marty Cagan • The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses Hardcover, by Eric Ries • Crossing the Chasm, by Geoffrey Moore 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 25
    26. 26. Always Read More in Different Areas Design Psychology Culture Decision Making Behavioral Economics Marketing Advertising Best Practice 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 26
    27. 27. Thank You! • Email: • Twitter: @yuezhuge • Weibo: @诸葛越Yue 4/4/2014 Yue Zhuge 27