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  1. 1. Yue Chao Qin An accomplished and dedicated Senior Software Engineer with professional experience in end-to-end development which includes, but are not limited, to the following: UI/UX, SOA, object oriented design, real-time systems and database systems. Summary of Qualifications • Object oriented design principals and design patterns • 10+ years experience in developing with Java Enterprise systems • UI/UX designs, layouts, and look-and-feel experience • System designing, implementing, and interfacing/integrating end-to-end applications • Ability to learn new concepts quickly and adapt rapidly changing requirements and priorities • Lead for technical team and mentoring Technical Skills Skills Java EE, Spring (Framework, Webflow, Web Services, Rest API, Security), Bootstrap, JAX-RS, AngularJS, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bower, Gradle, PHP, Joomla, Hiberante, XML, DHTML, AJAX, Log4J, JUnit, Mockito, Google Web Toolkit, YUI, Apache ANT, Docker.IO, XSD, Amazon Web Services (EC2), C#, C, C++ Software GIT, SVN, Adobe Photoshop, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Netbeans, SOAPui, Jenkins, Adobe Flash and Actionscript, Databases Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2 Web Servers Apache Web Server, Tomcat, Weblogic, Websphere Systems OS X, Window (98 – XP), Linux (Redhat, Suse, Ubuntu), Unix Professional Experience Agilex, Inc – Chantilly, VA June 2014 – September 2015 AFS (Accenture Federal Services) – Chantilly, VA September 2015 – Present Senior Software Engineer Responsible for developing web enterprise systems in USPS for management to be able to know the logistics/health of the organization. Lead a technical team and mentored junior developers to adhere to best practices. Development: • Developed Java Enterprise systems that modeled the following architecture. o Responsive Web UI using AngularJS and Bootstrap. o Web UI connects to IBM DataPower for SSO (Single-Sign On). o DataPower connects to the VIP (Netscalar) for load balancing. o The VIP is connected to the clutstered WAS (Websphere Application Servers). o The WAS is connected to the Oracle 12c database through data resources.
  2. 2. o My team has control over the WAS and Oracle12c. o We work closely with the DataPower and VIP team. • Container and Bean server management development. • Cluster server architecture development. Have to consider stateless patterns in the Web Container and sync everything in the DB. Also, need to lock rows (select on update) when jobs are triggered to no duplicate the effort. • Interfaced into the USPS’s SMTP server for email notifications. • Used EJBTimers to do scheduled jobs on the web layer (check DB for notifications, cache DB elements for quicker response, etc.) • Developed email notification feature which the user can configure their preferences through the web UI. The user’s preferences will then be persisted to the DB. An EJB timer will be triggered to check the DB for notifications to be sent out, which takes into account Timezone and Daylight savings. Once a notification matches and is ready to be sent out, the application uses Apache Velocity to generate an email from a template that is saved in the DB. • Create XSD for RESTful APIs signatures. Used Dozer library for bean mapping XSD elements to entity objects for the DAO layer. • Create Oracle SQL scripts for applications by using best practices (normalization, owner/user grants, foreign key dependencies, etc.). • Created unit testing with JUnit, Mockito and Hamcrest. • Created integration testing with Apache OpenEJB. • Created end-to-end test scripts in SOAPui. • Prototype Mobile Hybrid application o Application is for drivers to scan packages for delivery via smartphones and upload data to DB. o Used Cordova for Hybrid approach (Android SDK KitKat - Marshmallow, iOS 7-9) with React to generate view and Framework 7 for theme. o Integrate smartphone's capabilities with the application (camera, GPS, contacts, network/wifi connectivity, offline database - WebSQL, SQLlite) DevOps • Created AWS AMIs (Websphere, Oracle) for continuous integration testing after Jenkin’s builds. • Setup Bitnami cloud instance of GitLab and administer the product for the team. o Used web hooks for triggering Jenkin’s builds. o Protect master branch so that code reviews are used from GitLab to do merge requests. • Setup Bitnami cloud instance of Jenkins and administer the product for the team. o Configure appropriate plugins to do builds (Gradle, GIT, NodeJS, etc.) o Setup python scripts to deploy EAR files to AWS AMI Websphere for CI. Used wasadmin scripting to configure server to deploy EAR. o Connect to AWS AMI Oracle to setup DB for Websphere to connect to. Used sqlplus to run SQL scripts to setup the DB. o Used SoapUI scripts to do end-to-end testing of the CI environment above. o Team Lead • Lead a technical team of ~4 on several projects. • Talk with customers to demo prototypes and capture requirements. • Created Docker containers (WAS, Oracle) to help new team members migrate their development environment rapidly. • Set up CI products (GIT, Jenkins, Jira, etc) for development workflow. • Research latest technologies to demo to team to use for next iteration of releases. • Do code reviews to show best coding/system practices.
  3. 3. • Integrate individual applications to be deployable in customer’s environment. • Setup business processes and customer approvals to deploy our applications in their systems. Other Accomplishments • Configured a development environment in Amazon Web Services EC2 to test/deploy web/mobile applications. o Configured EC2 options such as AMIs, EBS volumes, security groups and Elastic IPs. • Enhanced Android application to communicate with a SOA environment. o Modify Android Architecture (Service, SQLLite, Activity, etc.) to make a RESTful call to the USPS SOA system o The application will talk to DataPower which will get the correct version of the REST service from WSRR. o The server provider will accept the REST call via a JAX-RS service. o Created a JDBC connection to an Oracle DB to persist the information. • Lead developer for geolocation services. Developed a geocoding and distance (between two points of latitude and longitude) SOAP and RESTful web services. o Used Spring 4 REST and WS libraries. o Used ESRI and OpenMap for GIS libraries. ESRI for geocoding and OpenMAP for distance calculations. o Created Gradle build scripts for build automation. o Developed unit and integration testing with JUnit and Mockito. o Setup AWS EC2 cloud instances with Windows and Suse Linux Enterprise Server 12 for system testing. § Setup/Configured X Window, VNC Server, firewalls, and Gnome Desktop for Suse Linux so other developers can remote login graphically. o Used Jenkins for automated builds with GIT repository. o Registered SOAP and REST web services in IBM WSRR 8.5 with Datapower XI52 to be in the SOA environment. • Developed application to monitor mailing couriers’ statuses of whether a package has been picked up. o Setup front-end web application to be responsive which will work with all media types (phone, tablet and desktop). Used Bootstrap for responsiveness and AngularJS for JS Framework. o Help developed Middleware services in Spring 4 which are RESTful services to be a lightweight enterprise application. o DAO used MyBatis for ORM which is managed by SQL statements. o Unit and integration testing are done with JUnit and Mockito. o Oracle 11g is where the data live to drive the application. The data is driven via mobile Android devices which the courier’s used during their routes. o The application will utilize the Geolocation web services (above) to confirm the courier’s pickup locations are legitimately picked up near the assigned locations. • Perform DevOps on several projects o Help multiple teams with development when current tasks are done o Deploy and configure applications in the USPS environments for testing and approval process o Fix issues/bugs on the spot and notified developers on the team about the fix, and to discuss long term strategies for new releases o This role requires familiarity with Linux systems, IT networks, endpoints/ports availability, WebSphere Application Server configurations (App Server, nodes, JNDI, Oracle data source, SSO, etc.), and debugging issues with code/server/OS/etc. o Create documentation for USPS production team to follow step-by-step guide on how to reproduce the deployments/configurations.
  4. 4. • Learning/using IBM products for a SOA infracture o Configuring DataPower XI52 (gateway and ESB to process message level traffic) to integrate with Websphere Services Registry and Repository (WSRR) o Understanding the Governance Life Cycle of web services in WSRR (Registry and repository for web services to catalog/version/integrate with other SOA pattern products) o Configuring a web service in WSRR that can be accessed via DataPower XI52 o Websphere MQ for SOA queue pattern and for publishing/subscribing o IIB (IBM Integration Bus) for web service or REST HTTP listener endpoints to orchestrate, mediate or transform messages. o IBM Worklight for mobile/HTML5 seamless UX. The Worklight product allows multi- media development for front-end, using Cordova libraries. In addition, includes a Server which allows a lot of synchronization of multi-media messages (e.g. adapters to capture request/response, universal push message protocol, etc.) o Developed a responsive web client in JQuery Mobile to test SOA framework. GHEngineering - Vienna, VA Software Engineer November 2009 – Present Lead several web development projects to develop Content Management and Enterprise systems. Accomplishments: • Created a workflow engine for an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) enterprise system. • Configured Microsoft SQL Service Broker External Activation, which will launch a C# external program (.NET) in real-time, when a trigger has been activated in the SQL Server database. • Setup SQL Server’s service and queue messaging system to work with the Service Broker and create access for local system user to have access to the database’s queues and external application. • Develop a C# external program to read new messages from the Service Broker’s queues and create the appropriate web service SOAP call to the remote Workflow Engine. • Designed and developed a Workflow Engine that has generic user editable parameters to do programmatic procedures (persist data between databases, file transfers, reporting, etc.). • Designed and developed the Workflow Engine’s website for administrators to edit parameters for specific tasks. • Created Workflow Engine generic tasks that can be used for scheduled work and chaining several tasks together. • Created an auditing system that uses Spring and Hibernate to insert comments into a database via data sources that are configured through Weblogic. • Created an email module that can email specific users and groups • Designed and developed a user friendly front-end webpage for users to generate letter template for specific emails. • Created a survey enterprise system. o Designed the J2EE survey system to have a user and administrator front-end, and Spring MVC Framework back-end with Hibernate and MySQL. o Developed a user front-end that utilizes the Spring Web Flow pattern, which will intuitively navigate the user through the survey questions. o Developed an administrator front-end that allows the administrator to import data to start a new survey, export reports, monitor statuses, and add/edit/delete users.
  5. 5. o Developed a back-end that uses the Spring MVC Framework to ensure validation of data, process flow of each request, and consistent queries to the database via Hibernate. o Developed secure login and submission designs to not allow duplicate submissions and disable re-login after a successful submission. • Convert static websites to Joomla Content Management systems. o Extracted old web content from Lotus Note database and injected them into a Joomla MySQL database. o Developed the Joomla Content Management system to facilitate the customer’s requirements to edit the content through a web browser. o Created multiple Joomla (PHP) extensions to help the customer intuitively use and navigate through the website. Cohbam (SPARTA, Inc.) - Centreville, VA Software Engineer September 2004 – November 2009 Develop GUI applications and web pages for real-time systems. Responsible for writing software with rapidly changing requirements and priorities. Single-handedly maintained code for a GUI application that monitors a real-time system’s processing rates, configurations, and health status. Maintenance involves gathering new requirements from other teams and then designing, coding and integrating the new module into the application. When integrating the new module, it depended upon interfacing with team’s new application, then modifying code from the infrastructure layer all the way up to the user- interface layer. Help refactor and design new user-interface modules for a real-time data collection web application. In charge of reviewing designs and code for the team to produce a more efficient and robust deliverable product. Researched existing tools and libraries to aid and facilitate team’s development effort. Also, did on-site support to debug problems, answer customer’s questions, and take customer’s suggestions to implement specific tools that helps assist them. Accomplishments: • Created a multitude of GUI applications that are aesthetically pleasing and intuitive. • Help design and developed a GUI application that monitors several secure site’s hardware and equipments. o Interface into the camera system to poll for images and display them every few seconds. o Interface into security sensors (door alarms, heat sensors, digital security locks, etc.) to monitor if a sensor has been disrupted, which will trigger an alert for end-users to be notified. o Developed a report system which will keep track of all the site’s statuses and generate daily reports. • Designed and developed J2EE web applications for both client and server side. o Created an administration web application to track user accounts in a database system. • Designed and developed a GUI application to configure an audio network system. • Develop a Flash application to monitor and configure proprietary applications. • Develop a custom look-and-feel in Swing for GUI applications. • Design custom proprietary images in Adobe Photoshop for user-interface applications. • Develop application layer protocol processing modules for several webmail (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.). United Technologies Corporation (UTC) - Windsor Locks, CT Computer Engineer Internship May-August 2001; June-August 2002 Served as a developer to port over code from older airplane engine systems to newer systems. Help the team by developing tools to facilitate the development process.
  6. 6. Accomplishments: • Converted ADA code into C++ code for an airplane engine operating system. This was a research task to test if there were faster performances with the new code. • Created software written in C (the C code was written on a VAX platform) that would parse the previously written ADA code and see which parts of the code needed to be altered to resemble C++ code (i.e. fixed the #include files to make it compliant with the C++ compiler, some parts of the ADA language do not require semicolons at the end of the code where C++ does require, etc.). • Used HTML, JavaScript, Perl, and CGI scripts to create a webpage of an integrated airplane engine system. o The webpage contains schematic drawings of the airplane engine. The web page allows a user to navigate through the entire system of the engine by clicking on a component in the web page. Education George Mason University December 2007 Master of Science in Computer Engineering The Pennsylvania State University December 2003 Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Certifications ScrumMaster January 2016 Scrum Alliance CSM Certified ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) January 2015 International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile)