4th meeting


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4th meeting

  1. 1. Yudhie Indra G S.Pd
  2. 2. 1 Unity1.1. Definition of Unity1.2 Point of Unity1.3 Example of Unity2 Coherence2.1. Definition of Coherence2.2 Coherence Components
  3. 3. Unity means single idea. In other words, unityin writing is the connection all ideas to a singletopic. In a paragraph all ideas should related tothe main idea and supporting ideas.For example, if your paragraph is aboutadvantages of nuclear power, discuss only that.Dont discuss about the disadvantages.
  4. 4. One way to keep unity in a paragraph to editthe outline for ideas that are not relevant to themain idea.After that you should re-read and eliminatedthe ideas that not related the main idea orsupporting idea.
  5. 5. Chinese food is popular in the world. Mostpeople would agree that Chinese cuisine isespecially flavorful, varied, and helpful. Noteven the best French chefs can equal theimaginative combination of ingredents anddelicious blend of flavors of Chinese cooking.Japanese food is more beautiful to look at thanChinese food.
  6. 6. Instruction:1. Locate and underline the topic sentence inparagraph2. Find the sentence(s) that do not support thetopic sentence and cross them out.
  7. 7. Zoos are popular with all children. They are ableto see examples of wildllife preserves in Africa,the animals wander about freely without fear ofbeing captured. Perhaps the favourite spot inthe zoo is elephant cage. There elephantsentertain the children by spaying themselveswith their trunks and doing variouos trick. Thechildren are especially delighted whenelephants take peanuts from them from itstrunk.a
  8. 8. Tourism in the State of Hawaii’s leadingindustry. Every year, some 3.2 million touristsvisit the islands. During the popular wintermonths, a planeload or shipload of touristsarrives every fifteen minutes. New hotels, newresorts and new restaurants are being builtevery year to accomodate the increasingnumbers of visitors. Sugar cane and pinneaplesare also important industries in Hawaii.
  9. 9. Coherence is related to unity. Ideas that arearranged in a clear and logical way arecoherent. The purpose of coherence is to makethe readers can easily understand the mainidea.
  10. 10. There are 2 main ways to achieve coherence:1. Coherence from transition signals (To show how idea is related to the next part)2. Coherence from logical order (To arrange sentence in some kind of logical)
  11. 11. Transation signals are the words or phrases thatconnect the idea in one sentence with the ideain another sentence.The function to make paragraph smooth so thereader doesnt have problem understanding thewriters ideas.
  12. 12. In addition to using transitional signals, asecond way to achieve coherence is to arrangeyour sentences in some kind of lical order.There are two most common kinds of logicalorder:1. Chronological order2. Order of importance
  13. 13. Chronological order is the way of organizingthe ideas in the paragraph in the order of theiroccurrence in time. Chronological order is notonly used for historical events but it is also usedin business, science and engineering to explainthe process and procedures.
  14. 14. There are two keys to writing a goodchronological paragraph:1. Discuss the events(in a history) or thesteps(in a process) in the order in which theyoccur.2. Use chronological transition signals toindicate the sequence of events or steps.