2. kind of adverbs


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2. kind of adverbs

  1. 1. KINDS OF ADVERBS Fahmi Hidayatullah Anita Wahyu Anggraeni WRITING 1 Siti Nurhapipah Ayu Hayati Nufus Dara anggun nurapriani Yudhie Indra G S.Pd
  2. 2. KINDS OF ADVERBS HERE YOU CAN SEE THE BASIC KINDS OF ADVERBS.Adverbs of Manner Adverbs of Manner tell us the manner or way in which somethinghappens. They answer the question "how?". Adverbs of Manner mainly modifyverbs.• He speaks slowly. (How does he speak?)• They helped us cheerfully. (How did they help us?)• James Bond drives his cars fast. (How does James Bond drive his cars?) We normally use Adverbs of Manner with dynamic (action) verbs, notwith stative or state verbs.• He ran fast. She came quickly. They worked happily.• She looked beautifully. It seems strangely. They are happily
  3. 3. Adverbs of Place Adverbs of Place tell us the place where something happens.They answer the question "where?". Adverbs of Place mainly modifyverbs.• Please sit here. (Where should I sit?)• They looked everywhere. (Where did they look?)• Two cars were parked outside. (Where were two cars parked?).Adverbs of Time Adverbs of Time tell us something about the time that somethinghappens. Adverbs of Time mainly modify verbs.They can answer the question "when?":• He came yesterday. (When did he come?)• I want it now. (When do I want it?) Or they can answer the question "how often?":• They deliver the newspaper daily. (How often do they deliver the newspaper?)• We sometimes watch a movie. (How often do we watch a movie?)
  4. 4. Adverbs of Degree Adverbs of Degree tell us the degree or extent to which somethinghappens. They answer the question "how much?" or "to what degree?".Adverbs of Degree can modify verbs, adjectives and other adverbs.• She entirely agrees with him. (How much does she agree with him?)• Mary is very beautiful. (To what degree is Mary beautiful? How beautiful is Mary?)• He drove quite dangerously. (To what degree did he drive dangerously? How dangerously did he drive?)Adverb of frequency Frequency adverbs often stating whether or not a job done orevent occurs. For example:usually, Often, Sometimes, rarely, scarcely, hardly, ever, never, etc.• Sometimes She comes late• He always wakes up early• Often We study in the night
  5. 5. Adverb of quantity Adverbs that describe the amount or number of times a job isdone or event occurs.• She studies laguage little• He has won the prize twiceIntrogative adverbAdverbs are used to make inquiries.For example: why, where, how long etc.• Where did you buy this book?• How did she come here?• Why were you absent yesterday?
  6. 6. Relative adverb Adverb that serves as a liaison to the sentence.For example:threfore, accordingly, moreover, besides, however, nevertheles, where, why etc.• I do not remember when i met her for the first time• She is very busy. Accordingly She can not see me NEXT......
  7. 7. SO... Adverb of manner Adverb of place. Kinds Of Adverb of time Adverbs Adverb of degree Adverb of frequency Adverb of quantity Relative adverb Interrogative adverb
  8. 8. CONCLUDING As has been discussed above, kinds ofadverbs is very immportant for writing and writing is avery difficult process-especially for nonnativespeakers. A writer must worry about many things. Onemust pay attention to grammar and vocabulary. Awriter should also pay attention to the process ofwriting and editing his or her final draft. Inconclusion, if the above instructions were to befollowed, there would be no doubt that you wouldbecome a successful writer. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION SEE YA,,,,,,,