1st session writing 2


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1st session writing 2

  1. 1. Yudhie Indra G
  2. 2. Standard CompetencyStudents are able to analyze the genre of theparagraph well, besides they are able to organize theparagraph correctly with good structure and grammar.
  3. 3. Learning Activity1.Parts of Writing2. Know the parts of paragraph
  4. 4. Parts of Writing Letter ↓ Word ↓ Sentence ↓ Paragraph ↓ Essay
  5. 5. Letter1. A written element of an alphabet thatrepresents a single phoneme.2. A written symbol or characterrepresenting a speech sound and being acomponent of an alphabet.
  6. 6. Word1. Word is an unit of language, consisting of oneor more spoken sounds or their writtenrepresentation, that functions as a principalcarrier of meaning.2. Word is a group of sound which has ameaning and also a sound.
  7. 7. SentenceA sentence is a group of words that makes sense.A sentence expresses a complete thought.A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with asymbol.A sentence has at least one verb an action word.A series of connected words consisting of a subject and verb.
  8. 8. ParagraphA paragraph is a group ofrelated sentence whichdevelops one main idea orone main topic.A paragraph is a group ofrelated statements thatwriter develops aboutsubject.
  9. 9. Parts of ParagraphA good paragraph has several parts orstructure:1. Topic sentence2. Supporting sentences3. The Concluding sentence
  10. 10. 1. Topic SentenceA topic sentence is a sentence thatindicates in a general way what idea orthesis the paragraph is going to dealwith.
  11. 11. 2. Supporting SentenceSupporting sentence is a sentencethat develop the topic sentence bygiving specific details about the topic.
  12. 12. 3. Concluding SentenceConcluding sentence is a sentence whichgiven signals the end of the paragraph andleaves the reader with important points toremember.
  13. 13. Now welearn aboutparagraphmore!
  14. 14. Parts of paragraph?
  15. 15. Try Your Luck!See if you can identify what parts of paragraph this is:.........For example, a customer can use an ATM to deposit money andwith draw a limited amount of cash. Topic Sentence Supporting Concluding Sentence Sentence
  16. 16. .........For example, a customer can use an ATM to depositmoney and with draw a limited amount of cash. Supporting Sentence
  17. 17. Try another one!An automated teller machine (ATM) is a convenientminiature bank. Topic Sentence Supporting Concluding Sentence Sentence
  18. 18. An automated teller machine (ATM) is a convenientminiature bank. Topic Sentence
  19. 19. Decide parts of paragraphMy hometown is famous for several amazing natural features.First, it near for the weathon river, which is very wide and beautiful.Also, on the other side of the town is wheaton hill, which is unusualbecause it is very steep. The third amazing features is the Big OldTree. This tree stand two hundred feet tall and is probably aboutsix hundred years old. These three landmarks are trully amazingand make my hometown a famous place.
  20. 20. EssayAn essay is a piece of writing which is oftenwritten from an authors personal point ofview. Essays can consist of a number ofelements, including: literary criticism,political manifestos, learned arguments,observations of daily life, recollections, andreflections of the author
  21. 21. That is the end of my presentation. Thank you for your attention nice to have been with you today, Good Luck And see you again