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1st group ( 3 part of paragraph )


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1st group ( 3 part of paragraph )

  1. 1. WRITING 1 3 PART OF PARAGRAPH Nurafifah Nurul Rachmawati Indah Trisna Nurlinda Rahma Nurul LatifahUNIVERSITAS MUHAMMADIYAH TANGERANG 2011-2012
  2. 2. What is a paragraphParagraph is a collection of relatedsentences dealing with a single topic A Paragraph should have three parts. These are the topic sentence, the supporting sentence and the concluding sentence.
  3. 3.  Most paragraphs have three parts : 1. The first part is the topic sentencewhich states the main idea of theparagraph.2. The second part is the body of theparagraph which supports the topicsentence with details.3. The last part is the concluding sentencewhich restates the topic of the paragraph.
  4. 4. The topic sentence The first part is the topic sentence which states the main idea of the paragraphIt is normally the first sentence of the paragraphIt the overall point of paragraphIt helps the writer focus in the idea written aboutIt help to reader know about what the paragraph is allabout
  5. 5. The supporting sentence The second part is the body of the paragraph which supports the topic sentence with details.They are sentences used to support the main idea stated inthe topic sentenceThey give more information about the main idea throughexampleThey say in details what the topic sentence say in general
  6. 6. The concluding sentence The last part is the concluding sentence which restates the topic of the paragraph.It is a reflection of the main idea pronounced in the topicsentenceIt is the closing sentence that reminds the readers ofwhat they have to valueto summarise and bring together the main areas coveredin the writing, which might be called “looking back”
  7. 7. There are three reasonswhy Canada is one of the Topic sentencebest countries in theworld. First, Canada hasan excellent health caresystem. All Canadianshave access to medicalservices at a reasonableprice. Second, Canada hasa high standard of Supporting sentenceeducation. Students aretaught by well-trainedteachers and areencouraged to continuestudying at university.Finally, Canadas cities areclean and efficientlymanaged. Canadian citieshave many parks and lotsof space for people to live.As a result, Canada is adesirable place to live. Concluding sentence
  8. 8. Thank you