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Geo Analysis Visualization and Performance with JReport 13


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Join us to get a first look at JReport 13 with advanced Geo Analysis, visualization and performance features. Learn about new geographical tools for taking data visualization, analysis and presentation to new levels in your dashboards and reports. See the massive performance gains for visualizing very large data sets. Experience first hand how to seamlessly integrate these new features into your application for a complete, advanced BI solution.

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Geo Analysis Visualization and Performance with JReport 13

  1. 1. Geo Analysis, Visualization and Performance with JReport 13 Boney Pandya Marketing Manager Leo Zhao Systems Engineer Follow us @Jinfonet
  2. 2. 2 High Performance and Scalable
 Intelligent push-down technology In-memory cubes Server Clustering Self-Service
 So easy anyone can use
 Interactive charts, controls, widgets Flexible Any data source: from RDB to Big Data and Cloud Deliver anywhere: from PC to mobile Customizable and embeddable Advanced, Embedded Data Visualization Platform: JReport Highlights
  3. 3. Simplify the Complexity 
 of Reporting 
 and Visualization Our Mission 3
  4. 4. 4 Ease of Embedding Complex Systems Simplistic Solutions Embeddable Power Legacy Tools PerformanceandFeatures Traditional BI Open Source JReport Market Positioning
  5. 5. JReport 13 Highlights 5 •  Geo Analysis –  Hierarchical drill up/down –  Customized markers with colors, sizes, shapes and labels –  Customized areas with colors and labels
 •  Visualization enhancements –  Visual Analysis data presentation –  New visual tools and customization •  Major performance boosts –  Filtering and rendering charts with large data sets –  Crosstabs for large data sets
  6. 6. JReport Solution Areas Embedded BI & OEM Dashboards
 & Reports Analytics Mobile BI Visualize. Analyze. Deliver. 6
  7. 7. 7 OEM
 Customers that embed JReport into their products
 Typically hosted “on-premise” Software as a Service (SaaS)
 Typically hosted in the cloud
 Browser-based access for internal or external users Variety of licensing models for subscribers JReport works with all deployment types. OEM and SaaS
  8. 8. ACME   Financials   Company  News   BI Platform –  Security, administrative features –  Customizable look and feel Metadata Management –  Organize/publish/search of: 
 dimensions, hierarchies, measures, 
 formula, components, reports into catalogs Development Tools –  IDE to build components, reports, dashboards –  API for application embedding 8 Embedded Solution
  9. 9. Ad Hoc Reporting •  Flexible data sources •  Sort, filter, link to reports,
 drill into details, expand/collapse groups •  Themes, profiles, print layouts •  Security and Governance •  1-click data interaction Ad Hoc Analysis •  Visual Analysis •  Quickly change data views •  Powered by in-memory cubes 9 Self Service
  10. 10. 10 •  Big Data – large, complex sets of data –  Genomics data, traffic data, social media data •  NoSQL databases – non-relational, distributed, open-source and horizontally scalable –  MapReduce – parallel processing using Master-Worker nodes –  MongoDB –  Apache Hive •  How do you make any sense of this? ! Visualization Big Data and Visualization
  11. 11. 11 •  Visualization turns massive amounts of unstructured data into something you can understand –  Interactive reports, dashboards, visual analysis, mobile •  But… traditional relational data visualization and analytics simply are not sufficient for all Big Data cases. Data Visualization
  12. 12. −  Easily drag/drop from library −  Reuse reports, components, analytics −  3rd party widgets e.g. Google Maps −  Sort, filter, drill, pivot, slice-n-dice, parameters, export −  Synchronized refresh −  HTML5 12 JDashboard: Interactive Visualization
  13. 13. 13 Drill on ChartLink Report Customize Parameters Conditional Formatting On-Screen Filters Interaction among components Interactive Data Exploration
  14. 14. Choose from a Wide Variety of Chart Types & Styles 14 Advanced Visualization
  15. 15. Motion Charts Scrollable Charts Real-time Charts 15 Live Charts
  16. 16. Sophisticated Reporting −  Page/Web reports, wide array of styles, pixel-perfect capable, reusable components, parameters Scalable Delivery −  High volume on-demand and scheduled reports Anytime, Anywhere −  Access reports and dashboards on Web and mobile devices −  Deliver in any format: Web, PDF, Excel, email, fax, FTP, … −  Retain real chart data in Excel 16 Web Delivery
  17. 17. Visualization, Anywhere −  Browser and native iOS implementation −  Support mobile device gestures −  Scrollable component navigation −  Convertible chart types −  Rich interactions: filter, sort, drill, pivot −  Free from the Apple App Store 17 JReport Mobile
  18. 18. Demo: What You’ll See 18 1.  Interactive Reports 2.  JDashboard 3.  Visual Analysis 4.  Geo Analysis and Heatmaps 5.  In-Memory Cube Technology
  19. 19. GovernmentISV/OEM Healthcare / Healthcare Insurance Telecom Consumer / Manufacturing Financial Services Global Customer Base 19
  20. 20. 20 •  Look for our follow-up email "  Exclusive JReport 13 Trial "  Free Proof of Concept "  Whitepaper: Top 10 Ways to Visualize Data •  Daily Live Demos Every weekday at 2 PM EDT •  For more info, visit: E-mail:, Phone: (240) 477-1000 @Jinfonet Next Steps