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Zucks introduction & Japan app market

Zucks introduction and about Japan market.
If you have questions, please contact me. Let you know more info and details.

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Zucks introduction & Japan app market

  1. 1. Mobile CPC/CPI/Video Ad Network! ©Copyright Zucks,inc.
  2. 2. ©Copyright Zucks,inc. No.1 Mobile Ad Network Platform in Japan!! Zucks, Inc was founded in 2011 in Japan to provide the most reliable and valuable mobile advertisement platform to our advertisers and publishers in the world. - About Zucks - Our Client
  3. 3. ©Copyright Zucks,inc. Zucks is most popular Advertising company in Japan. CPC&CPM: CPI(Incent&NonIncent) CPA&CPV:
  4. 4. ©Copyright Zucks,inc. - Japan Market - Number of Installs and Revenue Ranking by country Number of Installs TOP10 Ranking USA China Brazil India Russia Mexico Turkey Indonesia Japan Korea Revenue TOP10 Ranking USA Japan China Korea UK Taiwan German Australia France Canada ※Quote:App Annie 2016
  5. 5. ©Copyright Zucks,inc. Casual Game mid-core strategy Japanese mid-core DAU ARPU 20million USD/ m 30million USD/ m 10million USD/ m - Japan Market - Gaming App Overview Transitive Graph of Revenue USA Japan China Revenue ※Quote:App Annie 2016
  6. 6. ©Copyright Zucks,inc. - Japan Market - Gaming App Overview ■About Game Market in Japan ・Mobile gaming continue to drive gaming market growth. ・Console game is flat. ■About Moblie Game Market in Japan ・Market share <innovator> 50% Original and new game system <Follower> 20% Existing game system + @ <Nicher> 10% Existing game system + IP <Re-Innovator> 20% Existing game system + Segment ※Quote:App Annie 2016
  7. 7. ©Copyright Zucks,inc. - Japan Market - Non-Gaming App Overview Transitive Graph of Revenue USA Japan China Revenue ■About Mobile Non-Gaming Market in Japan ・Manga(comic) app large share in Japan. ・Music and Movie Subscription app(like a Spotify, Netflix) small share. ・Dating app is not bad, bad high barriers to entry. ※Quote:App Annie 2016 ※Quote:App Annie 2016
  8. 8. ©Copyright Zucks,inc. - Japan Marketing - Japan Marketing Overview Pre- Reseach Ranking Boost Maximize ROI Pre-release Campaign Pre-register Reward (boost) Adnetwork(CPI&CPC)/Video Market research Zucks can help you! Localize &Culturalize Creative TV CM Real Event Others
  9. 9. ©Copyright Zucks,inc. Rank Install volume Organic Volume #1 50K-100K 30K-100K #2 40K-70K 30K-70K #3 40K-60K 20K-50K #4 30K-50K 10K-50K #5 30K-50K 10K-30K Rank Install volume Organic Volume #10 10K-30K 4K-10K #20 5K-15K 2K-7K #30 4K-10K 500-7K #40 3K-8K 500-7K #50 2K-5K 500-5K JAPAN AppStore(R) Free Over all Zucks helps over 1,000 apps to rank in TOP10!! CPI reward campaign is very poplar way in Japan to get massive downloads within short time!! 2.CPI Reward campaign(iOS) - User Acquisition-
  10. 10. ©Copyright Zucks,inc. Raning Logic:Downloads volume with in 24 hours (within 30 days from app release) →Get 20,000 dowloads everyday within 10 days Gradually ranking up to TOP 10 Zucks helps over 500 apps to rank in TOP10!! 2.CPI Reward campaign(Android) - User Acquisition-
  11. 11. Tel : 81-3-5459-2061 Address : Shibuya First Place Bldg.8F, Shinsen-cho 8-16, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0045 Mail : Skype : yu.mikaramu LikedIn : Yu Murakami Contact Me Company :Zucks, Inc. Established :2011.April.1 Capital Stock:40,000,000-(JPY) CEO:Masashi Nishizono Business:Mobile Advertisement Platform - THANK YOU! -