My favorite wendy's social media campaign


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The "My Favorite Wendy's" campaign is a video contest social media campaign which specifically design for Wendy’s International, Inc.

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My favorite wendy's social media campaign

  1. 1. Social Media Campaign Yu-Chen Chen
  2. 2. Wendy’s International, Inc. World’s third largest fast food chain On April 24, 2008, merged with Triarc, became Wendy's/Arby's Group Signature item: square burger patties Main marketing message: Fresh ingredient 2009 Revenue $3,580 million 2009 Net Income $5 million
  3. 3. Wendy’s SWOT analysis Strengths Fresh taste products Global Brand Product differentiation Introduce new product quick Opportunities Global Expansion Healthy fast food Market Economic Regressions Social Media Tools Weaknesses Breakfast Menu High operating cost Marketing Strategy Threats Nutrition Concern Raw materials price up Intensive competition
  4. 4. Campaign Overview Theme: “My favorite Wendy’s” Customers share why Wendy’s is the best Aim: let customers speak for Wendy’s Goals: Increase brand loyalty & sales revenue Build brand awareness & involvement Timeline: Video contest & voting period one month each Communication Channels Facebook, Twitter, Website, MySpace, & YouTube
  5. 5. Campaign Details Three Sample Commercials for different TA Video contest rules Upload on YouTube then paste on FB campaign page & their wall, the video gets most votes from FB & Twitter win Prizes 1 Place: run as TV ads + one year free Wendy’s food 2 Place: $200 Wendy’s gift card 3 Place: $100 Wendy’s gift card. Contesters: three coupons of $.99 value foods Voters: Pick 10% voters daily get a free $.99 coupon
  6. 6. Key Components Social Media YouTube: video upload channel Website & MySpace: video placing channels Twitter: Hashtag: #myfavoritewendy’s & voting Facebook: campaign page, vote & interact channel Online Public Relations Send weekly news releases to media, bloggers, and social media followers on Twitter & FB
  7. 7. Key Components Blogging strategy Outreach bloggers to spread the word out Customer database building Be friends with Wendy’s for eligibility Online video viral strategy free advertising & PR opportunities
  8. 8. Campaign Monitoring Keyword: “Wendy’s” Twitter monitoring tools Trendistic: time period charts Twendz: Tweets attitude analysis Blogs & forums monitoring tools: Google Alerts: sending data automatically Board Tracker: insights data of opinion leaders
  9. 9. Campaign Evaluation Sales increase in two months campaign period FB & Twitter followers and friends Total votes on both FB & Twitter Total uploaded videos Total viewers’ clicks of contest videos Total tweets, Blogs, media, facebook wall posts mentioned about Wendy’s in the two months
  10. 10. Campaign Budgets Sample videos producing cost: $6,000 Each video’s budget is $2,000 Prize expense: $316,950 3,000 coupons for contesters= $3,000 10,000 coupons daily for voters= $310,000 Third Place: $100 Wendy’s gift card Second Place: $200 Wendy’s gift card First Place: one year free food, $9.99 per day = $3,650 Campaign managing expense: 0 No need to hire new staff for managing campaign