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Competency model how


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Competency model how

  1. 1. Competency model HOW?
  2. 2. GOAL Check your practical knowledge about AIESEC competency model & recruitment skills.
  3. 3. Let’s play a game!
  4. 4. Rules • Divide into 3 groups. • You have 3 minutes to find your team name. • You will have 3 tasks. For each task you can gain points. • Win the team with the biggest number of points. • For winners- will be a suprice! 
  5. 5. Do you really really knoooow?
  6. 6. Part 1 Part 2
  7. 7. Create your AC reality Task 2
  8. 8. • Your task is to create new excercise to AC. You have to conve every indicator wich should be covered in this type of exercise. • The best one will be included to base of our AC exercise  • BE CRATIVE!
  9. 9. Let me interview you Task 3
  10. 10. Conclusions • Divide whole RB for blocks  1 person asking question from 1 block • Avoid closed questions, we’re trying to deepen questions • Don’t jumping between questions > finish one topic, then next • Conducnted RB is creating our BRAND  be carefull about amosphere during it, professionalism, our attitude
  11. 11. Training about Competency Model and recruitment process What should consist of?
  12. 12. Training about Competency Model • The reason WHY we are working on competencies • Explanation the basic words  recruitment, competency etc. • Indicators and Competencies? Giving example of this behaviour which can be observe to each indicator. [not always connected with AIESEC] • Information how AC look like. How RB look like  simulations • Information how fill a AC wheet in useful way • How to observe & assess people. • Create properly attitude during recruitment and especiially AC • Explain the meaning of general profile in recruitment process
  13. 13. Thank you 