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Top 7 popular Chinese brands


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Here we are introducing some famous popular Chinese brands including clothing, shoes, mobile phone and handbags. These Chinese brands products have competitive quality and design compared with the international brands items. If you like Nike, you must like Lining. Many people have already benefited from China Taobao via taobao agent Let's take a closer look at these hot brands in Chinese shopping mall.

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Top 7 popular Chinese brands

  1. 1.  EDENGENE Septwolves Lining Shuangxing SELFTREND maibaobao MIYou will find that these brands can becompared with popular western brandsin quality and design.
  2. 2.  Just as elegant as Chanel Advocating freedom, individuality and fashion
  3. 3.  Men‘s favorite brand (West: Atopi;China: Septwolves) Created brilliant commodity values in Chinas market
  4. 4.  A trusted brand by clients. “The prince of gymnasts” Lining created the brand.
  5. 5.  More than 90 years history Has high reputation in China marketing
  6. 6.  Famous by it’s “Ugly” but comfortable Fashionable, original, concise
  7. 7.  Symbol of fashion (in west: LV; in China: maibaobao) Fashion, professional, quality goods
  8. 8.  As fashionable and stylish as Apple’s iPhone Clean design, fast, powerful, latest Operating system (on MI: Android 4)
  9. 9.  If you like these brands: Try these Chinese brands next time:
  10. 10.  is one of the first Taobao Agents in China. An intermediary for Taobao, 360buy, Paipai and other online stores in China, helping "normal" people to buy in China.
  11. 11.