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How to identify fake Nike sports shoes


Published on helps you tell the differences of fake and authentic Nike sport shoes:-)

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How to identify fake Nike sports shoes

  1. 1. Nike Introduction  Popular sports brand  Not cheap  Also many replicas
  2. 2. Ways to identify fake Nike shoes Low price  Midsole Check the seller  Stitching Materials  “Swoosh” and “®” Sizes  SKU number Shoe box
  3. 3.  Too good to be true
  4. 4.  Ratings Comments
  5. 5.  The real is made of BRS 1000 rubber The fake looks like plastic
  6. 6.  Replicas usually without men’s USA size 9 or 13 and above And also hard to find women’s size 9 and above
  7. 7.  Sturdy (real) Falls apart easily (fake)
  8. 8.  Soft Light weight Made of Phylon Bounces back easily when pressed
  9. 9.  Even and straight (real) Sloppy or loose (fake)
  10. 10.  With three dimensional effects (real) Too thin or too thick (fake)
  11. 11.  Unique The same one on the box with that on the label inside the shoes
  12. 12.  Make more comparisons Ask more questions Share buying experiences with others If still not sure, ask service for help
  13. 13.  One of the first Taobao Agents in China An intermediary for Taobao, Dangdang, Paipai and other online stores in China helping “normal” people in Europe and the Americas to buy in China (B2C)