Chinese spring festival customs


Published on here is introducing Chinese New Year which is also named the spring festival. Chinese spring festival is the most important traditional Chinese festival. It symbolizes reunion, boom, happiness, hope. It is recorded that Chinese have celebrated the spring festival for more than 4000 years. The festival of long history includes many customs. Let’s see some important ones.

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Chinese spring festival customs

  1. 1. The Chinese springfestival symbolizesreunion, boom, happiness and hope.Some spring festivalcustomsintroduction. Chinese spring festival customs
  2. 2. The pronunciation“尘Chen”(dust) isthe same as “陈Chen”(old).Dust sweeping atthe end of yearmeans “removingthe old and buildingthe new”. Dust sweeping (Sao chen )
  3. 3. Symbolizes drivingaway all theevils, diseases anddisasters. In anticipation ofhappiness in thenext year. Stay up late on New Year Eve (Shou sui)
  4. 4. Wearing their bestclothing, dressingneatly.Visit relatives andfriends, wishingeach other happynew year. Wishing happy New Year to each other (Bai nian)
  5. 5. Composed ofneat, antithetic, compact and ingeniouswords.Describe societyand express goodwishes. Spring festival scrolls (Chun Lian)
  6. 6. Heightens thescene of the festival. An artistic form ofdecoration,appreciation andpracticability. Paper-cutting (Chuang hua)
  7. 7. Reflects customand religion ofpeople.Hope in the furtherlife. New Year pictures (Nian hua)
  8. 8. The custom ofsetting fireworks onNew Year has been2000 years.People believe itcan bring good luckand drive awaymisfortune. Fireworks and firecrackers(Yan hua, Pao zhu)
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