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YV at a Glance with USA Teams


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Ashoka's Youth Venture aims to build a global movement of young people being powerful now, changemakers now. This is the foundation for an "everyone a changemaker" world, the key factor for success for every society, organization, and person.

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YV at a Glance with USA Teams

  1. 1. Youth Venture Ashoka's At A GlAnce our VISIon Youth Venture’s vision is a world of everyone a changema- ker through a global culture of young people initiating po- sitive, lasting change. Imagine what a difference it would make in the strength of our society and in our lasting im- pact on the world if millions more people gave themselves permission to be changemakers. the moVement We bring together our Youth Venturers from around the world into our Venturer community, with a common identity as pioneers of youth-led change. Our Venture teams share ideas, collaborate, and ultimately form a global movement Through Charlotte’s Venture, SeniorConnect, teenage volunteers visit assisted living facilities with laptop computers and help residents compose, send and to redefine the youth years as a time of leadership and receive e-mails, while a bond forms between the young and old. positive social impact. Youth Venture What if everyone in the world took initiative to improve society? What if instead of looking to others for leadership, everyone stepped up, addressed social challenges and led positive change? Youth Venture believes that the most important contribution we can make to the world is to increase its number of changemakers. As our world becomes smaller and global problems become bigger, we need changemakers now more than ever. Youth Venture aims to inspire and support an entire generation of young people around the world to become changemakers. We believe it is critical that people discover early on in their lives that they can lead social change, so we invest in young people to design and lead their own ventures that create social impact. In This Venture team in Argentina uses art as a transformative tool. They starting social ventures, young people learn the important skills engage children in low income areas to express themselves through of leadership, entrepreneurship, teamwork and empathy, as well painting murals that, in turn, beautify their communities. as other practical skills, as they form teams and run ventures together. Young people also learn that they are powerful, and Youth Venturers “have a vision to they will likely continue to take initiative and lead again and again throughout their lives. change the world around them... Established by Ashoka, the world’s leading association of social they are also willing to go that extra entrepreneurs and the pioneer of the social entrepreneurship movement, Youth Venture is working in 14 countries on five mile and start their own continents, and continues to grow. catalyze social change.” - times of India
  2. 2. Youth Venture Ashoka's At A GlAnce how Youth Venture workS Youth Venture invests in young people, enabling them to launch their own sustainable social ventures, and then connects them into a global network. The ventures are entirely youth-initiated and youth-led. We reach out to young people and inspire them to take initiative in their communities. Then we support our Ventur- ers by providing guidance, tools, and a process for designing and pitching their venture plans. the Youth Venture ProceSS When the Venturer team is ready to launch, Youth Venture of- fers: • seed funding • tools and support • allies who provide mentoring and expertise • ongoing tools and support (e.g. workshops, online forums, how-to booklets) • a supportive network of fellow Youth Venturers • identity as part of the global Youth Venture movement After the venture has launched, we work to stay continually in- volved with the team, and we connect Venturers into a global fel- lowship of like-minded young people, helping them see that they are part of something bigger, catalyzing our movement. AYUDA is a youth-led Venture educating hundreds of children with diabetes throughout Latin America. Outreach “Dream it. Developing Building and Do it.” Social Selection Venture the Marketing Workshops Venture Panel Launch Movement “The key factor for success of any human grouping – be it a company or a country – will be the proportion of changemakers it has to develop new ideas, take initiative and leAD.” - Bill Drayton, Founder of Youth Venture
  3. 3. Youth Venture Ashoka's At A GlAnce turtle tAlkS By age 12, Zander was already fighting to bring endangered sea turtles back from the brink of extinction. He created “Turtle Talks,” a workshop-based Venture to educate local Florida elementary school students about turtle ecosystem and population conservation, much of which while dressed in a loggerhead costume. These workshops were so successful that within the course of a year, Zander performed for audiences in Costa Rica, Panama, and Trinidad. At age 15, he translated the workshops into a “Turtle Talks” children’s book, which several conservation groups quickly incorporated into their outreach efforts. Zander followed this success with a new book about the endangered gopher tortoise. Over 100,000 copies of Zander’s books have been printed and are distributed to students around the world for free. merrImAck bIoDIeSel crew Merrimack High School’s AP Chemistry class has proven that alternative fuels are more accessible than most people think. These New Hampshire students launched their Venture, the Merrimack Biodiesel Crew, and immediately began converting an old school bus into something amazing. Powered by waste vegetable oil and solar panels, the Crew’s bus is now a model of carbon neutral self-sustainability. This mobile classroom serves to educate the community about alternative fuels and eco-friendly lifestyle choices. AYUDA is a youth-led Venture educating hundreds of children with diabetes throughout Latin America. California high-schoolers Victoria and Vincent have revolutionized the study hall experience by taking it online. The sister/brother duo launched their Venture,, to make real-time peer tutoring and homework help available to any junior high, high school, or college student with an internet connection. The site hosts online study halls in almost every subject; subjects that don’t already exist can be created on demand. Students that are academically strong are encouraged to apply to become volunteer tutors or moderators. Some of the amazing features include a virtual white-board on which users can draw or write out homework questions and collaboratively solve them. Not only did Victoria and Vincent create the website, they now volunteer as dimwitnot tutors two hours a day, four days a week.