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This Month at Youth Venture, April 2010


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This Month at Youth Venture, April 2010

  1. 1. This Month at Youth Venture                                                                     April 2010  Stay Informed, Inspired, and Involved Hello to all of you dedicated Ashoka's Youth Venture® supporters and stakeholders! You're now looking at our very first monthly newsletter. We hope that you enjoy hearing about all the exciting new Youth Venture developments that are taking place in the US - and we'll occasionally highlight our international work too.  We also want to fill you in on  easy ways you can continue to support and engage in our mission of creating an "everyone a changemaker" world.  We value all of your continued support and consider  you an important part of the Youth Venture family.  Feel free to share this newsletter with those you think might be interested and please e-mail us if you have any questions about specific initiatives or getting involved! Youth Venture Featured on Starbucks' Homepage We partnered with GOOD Magazine to produce a 3-minute video that describes the work Youth Venture does worldwide through the example of Alex Lek and his Venture team Blockrockers in Seattle.  These young people use the art of break-dancing to raise money and awareness for Invisible Children in Uganda.  The video has been featured on Starbuck Homepage (click 2nd thumbnail image) for the past six weeks and you can also check out the impressive Venture story here. YV Team Spotlight: SIRUM (Stanford, CA) Many health clinics in the United States rely on donations of medicine and supplies to provide patient care. Current donation practices are inefficient and force clinics to rely on personal networks. The result: delays in treating patients and over $6 billion worth of medial supplies wasted, every year. In response, Losmeiya, along with her peers at Stanford created SIRUM; a website that efficiently connects donors to free clinics. Much like eBay, SIRUM allows free clinics and donors to quickly register on the website and input requests. The software then recommends matches to donors in real-time and, once approved, allows both parties to track the progress of the donation from door to door. Losmeiya and her team are working closely with a Youth Venture mentor to scale up SIRUM. They hope that one day SIRUM will be the hub where donors and clinics across the US can connect. Their mentor is helping them realize this dream. Do you have connections with the healthcare field that could help SIRUM? Are you interested in mentoring a Youth Venture team? If so, contact us. Connecting Change Competition The internet is a powerful tool that has enabled us to connect with individuals from all across the world at rapid speed. As it continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, its capacity to facilitate changemaking is tremendous. To this end Youth Venture, along with our sponsor, Voices of Broadband, organized a video competition asking Youth Venturers to answer the question "How has broadband and information technology helped your abilit to change the world?"  We recently announced Jack and Jenny Chen of JJ Express as the prize winners and Alex Hadik of Climate Action Club and Dan Casey of Computer Greenhouse as honorable mentions in the Connecting Change Competition. View all the winning entries here. Youth Venture in San Francisco Late last year, we started to work on establishing a new Youth Venture franchise in the San Francisco Bay Area. After many months of preparation, we are launching our first cohort of Youth Venture Teams out of San Francisco this month. To learn more about some of the fantastic teams we're supporting in SF, check out these video clips and interviews. If you would like to get involved with Youth Venture in the Bay area, e-mail Am Wilson. Support Youth Venture
  2. 2. As always, YV values your support and your insight. As the year unfolds and summer approaches, we hope to continue supporting creative young minds that are determined to transform their communities and society at large.  As our supporters and champions, we  love hearing your feedback on how we can better go about achieving this goal. If you're interested in volunteering your time and knowledge with our outstanding youth, please feel free to contact us. You can also help to support our continued growth by donating to YV.   This email was sent to: This email was sent by: Ashoka 1700 N Moore St., Suite 2000 (20th Floor) Arlington, VA 22209 USA