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Invent Your World Youth Ventures


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Youth-led invention ventures launched by Ashoka through the 2009 Invent Your World campaign.

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Invent Your World Youth Ventures

  1. 1. Invent Your World 2009 Youth Ventures
  2. 2. Invent Your World 2009 “What can you invent to make life easier, the planet greener and the world better?” That was the key question posed by the 2009 Invent Your World Challenge - a partnership between Ashoka’s Youth Venture and the Lemelson Foundation. More than 300 youth from 30 countries answered the call with their own invention ideas. Fifty invention ventures were launched.
  3. 3. CANADA Dynamic FRANCE Photovoltaics Edible Objects USA Handibot A Biofilm Membrane ACWa System Algae Panels MEXICO Autoponics Bioreactor Chlorine Dispenser Drosogas NIGERIA SINGAPORE Combination Deydrator Iluméxico Skywater Aerosoar EATS Industrial Oil Filters for Families Philippines Recyclers ARGENTINA From Agricultural GHAMAS ABP Solar Pyramid Aquaturbi KENYA Residue Handitote ECUADOR AVANZA Chlorine Dispenser INDIA Making Waste A BIOCALEFON VANUATU Trici-X Eco-San Toilet Aegis Resource PERU Rainwater for Biodegradation Promoting Child-to- Bioclean Dungoro Climate Child Safe Water Fan on Lamp Initiative Humanity of CO2 Smart Charger IceCube India Re-Green Electronics Eco-Cooling Reeds, Halls & Optics Lift-Off Craft Ecological Making Waste A Resource Sustainable Treehouse Carousel TruV Homemade Wax Rainwater for Humanity VERSATILE System Tractor-Factor Hydroponic Manjarpa Turn It Off Green Fodder Water-Saving Pedal Urja
  4. 4. Ashoka Lemelson Awards Excellence Award The VERSATILE System $20,000 scholarship Javier Fernandez-Han, 15 Trip to global roundtable on Houston, TX, USA climate change at MIT Achievement Award AVANZA $1,000 prize Pablo Alejandro Medrano, 23 Trip to global roundtable on Andrea Céspedes, 25 climate change at MIT Salta, Argentina Dynamic Photovoltaics Eden Full, 16 Calgary, AB, Canada Handibot Vincent Thiberville, 19 Champs sur Marne, France Rainwater for Humanity Carolyn Aker, 18 Providence, RI, USA
  5. 5. Invent Your World Judges Nate Ball Anne Swift Host Founder PBS Design Squad Young Inventors International Anil Chitrakar Eric Wilhelm Founder CEO Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness
  6. 6. “An invention that is narrowly focused on solving a single problem often inadvertently creates more problems because nature is highly complex and interconnected.“ Javier Fernandez-Han Age 15 Houston, TX, USA
  7. 7. Invent Your World 2009 1. The VERSATILE System At the tender age of 9, Javier Fernandez-Han found his calling: design for the other 90 percent - help the world’s poor meet their basic needs sustainably. Extensive research and design have led to an innovative solution: The VERSATILE System - a mashup of new and existing technology that treats waste, produces methane and bio-oil as fuel, produces food for humans and livestock, Javier Fernandez-Han, 15 sequesters greenhouse gases, and produces Houston, TX, USA oxygen. Learn More What drives this complete energy resource system? Algae - the little organism that could. Gone are the days when algae are viewed only as “pond scum.” USA ALGAE FUEL SOLAR WASTE CLIMATE MAP
  8. 8. “Every 30 seconds, there is an amputation due to diabetes, which translates to more than one million amputations a year. The good news is that 85% of these amputations can be prevented.“ Pablo Alejandro Medrano Age 23 Salta, Argentina
  9. 9. Invent Your World 2009 2. AVANZA Pablo Alejandro Medrano has seen the impact of “diabetic foot” first hand. His own grandfather suffered from diabetes, developed an infection on his feet, and had to have both legs amputated. This explains his passion for AVANZA, a venture Pablo launched with Andrea Céspedes to make disposable cellulose insoles for diabetics. They Pablo Alejandro Medrano, 23 help users better oxygenate the feet, maintain Jovita Andrea Céspedes, 25 better hygiene, and prevent infections that can lead Salta, Argentina to amputation. The insoles meet doctors’ recommendations for feet care and are new to the Argentine market. ARGENTINA HEALTH MAP
  10. 10. “What began as a simple personal interest in solar energy turned into something more meaningful when I realized I could use my passion for science to help others improve energy accessibility in developing countries.“ Eden Full Age 16 Calgary, AB, Canada
  11. 11. Invent Your World 2009 3. Dynamic Photovoltaics Harvesting solar energy can be a costly enterprise but Dynamic Photovoltaics is making it more affordable - and efficient - by developing the first cost-effective solar panel tracking system capable of accurate movement. That means the panels can follow the sun’s movement throughout the day. More direct exposure means better performance. Eden Full, 16 Calgary, Canada Not only is the system easy to operate, it is also made of commonly found affordable materials, making it easy to maintain in developing countries. CANADA SOLAR MAP
  12. 12. “By giving handicapped people access to artistic creation, we are hoping to create a feeling of liberation.“ Vincent Thiberville Age 20 Champs sur Marne, France
  13. 13. Invent Your World 2009 4. Handibot Handibot’s mission is simple yet ambitious: create robots that can help physically and mentally challenged people express their creativity through painting. It started when a painter who acquired polyarthritis asked Vincent Thiberville to create technology that could help him paint despite his illness. Since then, Vincent has developed seven prototypes to address Vincent Thiberville, 19 different needs. Champs sur Marne, France Watch Video The latest modification allows the used paint water to be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. france ASSIST ROBOTICS MAP
  14. 14. “As students in a country where we can choose which type of water to drink, we want to give everyone access to what should be a basic human right.“ Carolyn Aker Age 18 Providence, RI, USA
  15. 15. Invent Your World 2009 5. Rainwater for Humanity Rainwater for Humanity helps villagers of Kuttanad, India harvest rain in order to conserve water, empower women entrepreneurs, and boost community health. The team of Brown University students have optimized the design of rainwater storage reservoirs and catchment systems, ensuring that they are simple, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Using locally available materials, they construct cisterns with 265 ft3 capacity and built-in purification systems to capture rain from existing Carolyn Aker rooftops. Each structure will provide a family with a Andrea Krukowski year’s worth of clean water, eliminating disease as Providence, RI, USA well as save them the four hours a day that would otherwise be spent gathering water. usa INDIA water MAP
  16. 16. Other invention ventures...
  17. 17. Invent Your World 2009 LEME41 A Biofilm Membrane Biofilm Membrane project aims to provide a cost-effective solution to water contaminated by oil using biofilm membranes. By creating a filtration system that can be used in developing countries, the Biofilm Membrane project is an environmentally sound and inexpensive approach to provide individuals in regions with oil spills with clean water. It started when Tiara Marshall began researching water quality and oil contamination two years ago. Tiara’s passion to make positive Tiara Marshall, 17 changes in the field of environmental science Brentwood, NY, USA motivated her to start Biofilm Membrane. She plans to continue her work as she enters college focusing on environmental science. USA pollution WATER MAP
  18. 18. Invent Your World 2009 WATE12 ACWa System ACWa System seeks to provide affordable clean drinking water to the world’s poor by harnessing geothermal and solar energy to produce clean water from hot, humid air through condensation. ACWa’s uses a two-pipe system, one within the other. Its engine is a roof-mounted metal vent which gets really hot, causing air to rise and drawing replacement cool air into the small pipe, Javier Fernandez-Han, 15 which in turn helps condense humid air in outer Houston, TX, USA pipe. In three years time, Javier Fernandez-Han and his team will have three functioning ACWa Systems serving communities in developing countries. USA water geothermal solar MAP
  19. 19. Invent Your World 2009 LEME161 Aegis Rupesh lives in one of the most polluted regions of India. Many people, particularly women and small children, are prone to the harmful effects of air pollution caused by industry. Rupesh determined to combat the effects of toxins and pollutants entering the environment. In 2009, he teamed up with Santosh and Venkatesh to launch Aegis. With the help of the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, the team will develop a device that releases green catalysts, chemical compositions Rupesh Manne, 20 that effectively neutralize airborne toxins. In the Hyderabad, India short-term, the team will sustain itself by selling pollutant-absorbing plants. In the longer term, the team hopes to manufacture and sell products that improve air quality at the household level. INDIA POLLUTION MAP
  20. 20. Invent Your World 2009 LEME14 Aerosoar Aerosoar - made up of a team of young engineering students in Singapore - is developing a windmill that is affordable and environmentally friendly for people living in poverty. It will be portable in the sense that i tcan be taken down to be relocated. Chew Yee Ng, 20 Singapore Led by Chew Yee Ng the team will focus on developing the portable windmill along with a complementary awareness campaign on renewable energy and environmental conservation. singapore energy wind MAP
  21. 21. Invent Your World 2009 LEME21 Algae Panels The Merrimack Biodiesel Crew is working to lowering truck emissions on our national highways by developing durable algae panels that could be attached to the top of trucks. Panels will be connected to the exhaust system so that emissions would pass through the algae panels before entering the atmosphere. Erica Lawson, 17 Merrimack, USA The project is being led by Erica Lawson who came up with idea after attending the 2007 Biodiesel Conference. There she met venture capitalists who shared their interested in using algae as feedstock for biodiesel. USA ALGAE FUEL pollution MAP
  22. 22. Invent Your World 2009 Aquaturbi This project is being implemented in remote indigenous Mapuche communities in the southeast Neuquén province in Patagonia, Argentina, where many of the inhabitants live without modern conveniences such as electricity.  The inhabitants in these areas live off the land raising animals, such as sheep and Carlos Llaytuqueo, 16 cattle, and could greatly benefit from electricity, Junin de los Andes, Argentina which would provide refrigeration for their products. By harnessing a local resource, running water, this project will provide electricity to families for the first time through their innovative hydraulic turbine design, incorporating wheels from local carts and iron. ARGENTINA WATER ENERGY MAP
  23. 23. Invent Your World 2009 LEME158 Autoponics Autoponics was launched in 2009 by Alessandro, Eric, Adam, and Ned to further explore the potential of hydroponics, the process of growing plants in enriched water instead of dirt. Despite the name, Hydroponics operations use 90% less water than soil farming. Even though hydroponics has been used commercially, high-costs of building facilities have prevented this technology from becoming more widespread. Autoponics proposes to explore Alessandro Banducci, 14 ways to make this technology less costly and more Shoreline, WA, USA efficient. The team will develop a small, automated hydroponic greenhouse that will produce food on a regular basis. The team’s innovation is a motorized mechanism that will rotate seeds and plants to optimize exposure to sunlight and enriched water. USA AGRICULTURE WATER MAP
  24. 24. Invent Your World 2009 BIOCALEFON BIOCALEFON derives its name from the adapted use of two primary technologies: a bio- digester and a Calefon (hot water heater in English). The bio-digester is designed to produce energy from locally available organic resources, such as manure. This innovation is specifically designed for people living in impoverished areas, including the indigenous area of Páramos (where the pilot will take place), much of which lacks running water and electricity. It will provide inhabitants with access to hot water, improve health conditions (cleaning, Santiago Pionce, 23 washing, and hygiene) and reduce Riobamba, Ecuador environmental damage caused by the cutting of forests for firewood. ECUADOR ENERGY WATER MAP
  25. 25. Invent Your World 2009 MTVE133 Bioclean When Amandeep went to visit his aunt in his village in northern India, he would watch as she cooked using bio-gas, a slow process. After some research, Amandeep discovered that bio-gas cooking is time consuming because of the high carbon dioxide content. He also discovered that calcium oxide can neutralize the carbon dioxide to form calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate in turn can be used to neutralize the effects of acid rain. Having established the chemical process, Amandeep is now focused on building a CaO tower, a tank of solid Calcium Oxide that neutralizes pollution-causing CO2 to form Amandeep Verma, 23 CaCO3, producing two important end products - a Kochi, India bio-fuel that burns cleaner and faster and a compound . INDIA BIOFUEL ENERGY MAP
  26. 26. Invent Your World 2009 Biodegradation of CO2 Biodegradation of CO2 is a project which aims to reduce environmental contamination using micro-organisms (predatory bacteria of carbon monoxide). This project includes the construction of a bioreactor prototype capable of recovering the contaminated air from automobile exhaust and factories/ manufacturers and converts the air into pure air. Martin Vasquez Nunez, 16 This bioreactor prototype will serve to purify Lima, Peru contaminated air as well as for purpose of technological demonstration and training of the students in my community about how to combat environmental contamination/pollution using our own technology at a low cost. PERU pollution MAP
  27. 27. Invent Your World 2009 Bioreactor This project is developing a prototype for a bioreactor to separate organic waste, from liquids and other waste products, which can then be used in the production of organic fertilizers that can be used on various plants and crops. Apart from producing an environmentally sustainable fertilizer the bioreactor will also reduce and/or separate pollutants and toxins that can have harmful effects on the community’s health. The team plans education and training activities Juana Cortes, 23 as well as the promotion and use of their Chetumal, Mexico bioreactor to change the way people think about and treat trash in their corner of Mexico. MEXICO AGRICULTURE POLLUTION MAP
  28. 28. Invent Your World 2009 WATE29 Chlorine Dispenser MIT students Tylor Hess and Rebecca Smith designed a point-of-collection chlorine dispenser to prevent diareheal diseases in rural western Kenya. Their design is similar to many modern water filters found in the U.S. but relies on materials available in Tylor Hess, 21 almost any village in Kenya. They have already Rebecca Smith visited the sites where they wish to implement the Boston, MA, USA dispenser. Over the next three years, they will continue to improve the dispenser’s design and disseminate the technology throughout Kenya. USA KENYA WATER MAP
  29. 29. Invent Your World 2009 LEME48 Combination Dehydrator/ Decondenser The WHS InvenTeam is currently working to develop a combination dehydrator/decondenser for farmers in developing countries so that they can dry their produce before it spoils, thereby preserving produce that is no longer viable for sale. In doing so, farmers can store the dried produce during the off-season. Andrew Barth, 17 Fayettville, GA, USA Led by Andrew Barth, the team is currently investigating the possibility of harvesting extracted water from the dehydrator to obtain potable water. usa AGRICULTURE water MAP
  30. 30. Invent Your World 2009 Drosogas Drosogas is addressing the global problem of dependence on fossil fuels by developing a functioning and easy to use biogas digester that uses Drosophila melanogaster larvae and organic waste to produce clean energy. By using organic waste from fruits and vegetable, they hope to provide an alternative David Guerrero Zárate energy source that is available to a larger Villahermosa, Mexico segment of the population while also improving the environment and health conditions. MEXICO BIOFUEL ENERGY MAP
  31. 31. Invent Your World 2009 MTVE52 Dungoro Climate Initiative The Dungoro Climate Initiative is building the first composting toilet ever built on the island of Vanuatu. Up until now, the island nation used pit toilets however these toilets often leaked into the drinking wells. Villagers have been forced to dig more wells farther in to the forest, which means cutting down more and more trees. Joe Marias and his team reviewed compost toilet designs and adapted them to meet the needs of locale. The team is using readily Joseph Marias, 19 available local materials to ensure lower Port Vila, Vanuatu construction cost and easier maintenance. Once they complete construction of their first toilet, the team plans to travel to neighboring islands to help implement construction of their composting toilet throughout the region. VANUATU WASTE water CLIMATE MAP
  32. 32. Invent Your World 2009 ?????? EATS Easy Access Transport System (EATS) produces an assistive technology device that will allow wheelchair users to comfortably access items stored behind their chairs. The team has already constructed their first prototype, a device strong enough to shoulder the full weight of a 25 pound backpack. Next, the team plans to build a motorized prototype. The next few years will see the team refine their designs to make EATS both cheap and easy to use. Andrew BRAREN, 16 In the future, they will mass produce the technology Wethersfield, CT, USA for - potentially - 200 million wheelchair users around the world. usa ASSIST MAP
  33. 33. Invent Your World 2009 Eco-Cooling We designed a “homemade” refrigerator constructed from local materials that were easy to obtain at a very low cost. Thanks to our design it is posible to preserve cold foods without the need of electricity and this refrigerator can be used anywhere! We will implement five of these refrigerators in our school in-order to validate the effectiveness of our eco-cooling invention. Javier Cuya Ramirez, 16 This product which we have developed has the Lima, Peru potential to help 70,000 people who do not have access to electricity in our district. PERU ENERGY MAP
  34. 34. Invent Your World 2009 MTVE51 Eco-San Toilet The Eco-San Toilet team uses local materials to construct composting toilets throughout their community. The toilet uses the principle of anaerobic respiration where decomposition is carried out without moisture. The result is an organic fertilizer that can be used on local farms. The project started when team leader Moses Odhiambo was working as a volunteer in his town. He noticed the spread of water-born disease in his community due to poor sanitation Moses Odhiambo, 24 and began to think of how to help solve the Kisumu, Kenya problem. KENYA WATER waste AGRICULTURE MAP
  35. 35. Invent Your World 2009 Ecological Carousel Our project consists of implementing a human- powered carousel that can convert plastic bottles into small particles that can then be melted down and used as the primary resource in the production of recycled plastic objects. Alejandro Diaz, 16 We plan to sell these small plastic particles to Jimena de los Heros, 10 recycling plants and then we will receive profits Lima, Peru to re-invest in our project. We have designed a carousel that is connected to a plastic machine (grinder). These grinding machines normally function with an electric motor, but in our case we will take advantage of the playful energy of children. PERU waste MAP
  36. 36. Invent Your World 2009 MTVF20 Edible Objects Edible Objects is a venture that seeks to address environmental issues like waste and use of energy by designing objects that allow us to change the way in which we eat. Putting to good use their design studies, Ronan and the team are creating objects and utensils for eating that can themselves be consumed. Like the ice cream cone, the objects created by this venture will not produce waste or require energy to Ronan Le Vacon, 18 be disposed of once the foods they hold or are used Ines Le Bihan, 19 to eat have disappeared. A range of everyday eating Le Foeil, France utensils that are fun to use and can be broken down by the act of eating itself will help to reduce waste and pollution … in a pleasurable way. FRANCE WASTE MAP
  37. 37. Invent Your World 2009 Fan on Lamp Today more than 1.6 billion people are deprived of electricity and most use kerosene lamps to light up their homes. However these lamps are not very efficient, wasting upwards of 95% of the energy they use in the form of heat. In Chennai, India, Vaibhav Barnwal and Swapnil Jain came up with a solution. They combined the kerosene lamp, sterling engine technology, and a normal table fan to come up with FAMP. This is a device that produces light through the kerosene lamp, and uses the heat energy to power a fan that makes Vaibhav Barnwal living conditions more pleasant. Even though Swapnil Jain they’ve already produced a working prototype, Chennai, India the team hopes to perfect this design and make it affordable to all people in rural India. India energy MAP
  38. 38. Invent Your World 2009 LEME33 Filters for Families Abroad The mission of Filters for Families Abroad is to help families in developing countries have access to clean drinking water. After testing and comparing different filter designs, Annie Bartholomew created her own design, combining the strongest aspects of the various designs. The filters are made with cheesecloth, sand, gravel, and mesh filters – components that are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain locally in developing countries, making them easy-to- Annie Bartholomew, 15 use and relatively inexpensive to make and Palos Verdes, CA, USA maintain. usa water MAP
  39. 39. Invent Your World 2009 MTVE109 From Agricultural Residue to Cement Bonded Blocks The Agricultural Residue to Cement Bounded Blocks team is using local materials, in particular palm frond, to create sustainable blocks for building and construction. Mark came up with idea after witnessing how much palm frond was being burned because it was seen as an agricultural waste. Mark and his team are educating others in how to create Mark Gervasa, 24 palm blocks so that they can build cheaper Tacurong, Philippines housing in low-income areas. philippines agriculture waste pollution MAP
  40. 40. Invent Your World 2009 MTVE185 GHAMAS Algal Biodiesel Project (ABP) The Algal Biodiesel Project aims to find a clean and commercially viable method for creating biodiesel fuel from algae. Unlike gasoline, petrodiesel, and traditional alternative fuels like ethanol, which are expensive and harmful to the environment, biodiesel has the potential to be both environmentally friendly and sustainable. Through their research, the team is refining its John Snyder, 17 processes of algae cultivation, oil extraction, Hartford, CT, USA diesel conversion and even building its own photobioreactor in order to develop an energy and cost efficient process. usa algae biofuel energy water MAP
  41. 41. Invent Your World 2009 MTVE185 Handitote Seeing that wheelchair users sometimes had to rely on store clerks to get their wallets for them, Charles Sherburne came up with an idea. He invented Handitote, a ferris-wheel type tote on the side of the chair that allows users to store various belongings, including glasses, checkbooks, Charles Sherburne wallets, and makeup. Norfolk, VA, USA It has an electric arm that rotates the tote to make all compartments easily accessible. Charles and his classmates hope to spread this invention to various communities in the Norfolk area. usa ASSIST MAP
  42. 42. Invent Your World 2009 Homemade Wax Floor wax, one of the most commonly used home care products, usually contains harmful chemicals such as cresol, formaldehyde, nitrobenzene, etc. This venture aims to produce low cost and eco- friendly wax made of locally-sourced natural ingreidents, including animal fat and natural pigments from plants. The wax will be anti- allergic and easy to produce. The team will make enough wax for their school Sharina Lavado, 15 and then launch a small business to sell it to Lima, Peru their community. In the process, the venture can also transfer business management skills to students through trainings and workshops. PERU MAP
  43. 43. Invent Your World 2009 Hydroponic Green Fodder Our venture cultivates grains (cereals and legumes) in indoor environments that are controlled for light, temperature and humidity. Our technique of cultivation is based on using substrates other than soil and we will be using a modern system of trays and irrigation mounted onto a stable structure. We will do this in greenhouses which permit the production and growth of plants even in dry seasons or other adverse climate conditions. Lesly Moreno Gonzales, 15 The main objective of our project is to produce Lima, Peru a small education (school) farm that will produce good quality food at a low cost for the students of our school. PERU agriculture MAP
  44. 44. Invent Your World 2009 ?????? IceCube India When visiting his hometown in rural India, Hemant Sahal was struck by the number of people suffering from heavy metal poisoning. The source of this harmful waste is small-scale industry, which lacks the knowledge and resources to prevent the release of harmful by-products into local water supply. Hemant Sahal, 20 Gurgaon, India To address this problem, Hemant teamed up with classmates in 2009 to launch CALLMAT. The team has envisioned a technology that will use immobilized calixarenes to remove toxic metal ions and pollutants from water. Easily suspended in collection tanks of water requiring treatment, CALLMAT will prove a cost-effective way to increase the supply of clean water to households and farmers. INDIA POLLUTION WATER ENERGY MAP
  45. 45. Invent Your World 2009 Iluméxico Manuel Wiechers launched Iluméxico to manafucature and distribute a cost-effective and efficient lighting system based on solar technology. It consists of a photovoltaic panel, a charge controller, a battery and an LED lamp. Iluméxico will target families that currently use kerosene, gasoline, candles and other contaminating and dangerous sources, which generally eat up 25% of the familyʼs income. To pay for the system (US$77), families can opt into Manuel Wiechers, 22 a micro-finance scheme where the monthly Mexico payments do not exceed the costs of existing systems they are using. MEXICO SOLAR ENERGY MAP
  46. 46. Invent Your World 2009 Industrial Oil Recyclers A group of 5 youth in Mexico realized a big problem in the country is the pollution created by small garages that discard used oil in the drainage without any treatment. In response, they developed a small device to process and separate waste from used oil. This invention will allow businesses which donʼt usually have sufficient resources to access affordable processors and reduce water pollution. Gustavo Salazar Resendiz, 17 Mexico The venture also offers a service to collect used oil and process it in a properly way. MEXICO POLLUTION WATER MAP
  47. 47. Invent Your World 2009 Lift-Off Craft In all parts of India factories force laborers to lift, carry, and transport 70 kgs (154 lbs) of cement on a frequent basis. Piyush Kant Verma and some of his classmates started thinking of a way to make the lives of these laborers easier. They knew that these laborers usually used bicycles to transport cement, so they decided to invent an apparatus to lift, secure, and lower the load from the ground the bicycle. This apparatus consists of a hydraulic pneumatic system that lifts a platform and Watch Video secures it on the bicycle. It can be installed on Piyush Kant Verma most labor bicycles which are more structurally Vellore, India sound than average, everyday ones. India assist MAP
  48. 48. Invent Your World 2009 WATE28 Making Waste A Resource The main goal of Making Waste a Resource is to construct urine-separating, dry composting toilet in an urban slum in Mumbai, India. In doing so, the team will help the local population convert organic waste into a renewable resource in the form of fertilizer. Furthermore, the toilet will prevent open defecation, which is a public health hazard. Working with local NGOs on the ground, Jasmine Wang and her team of fellow Berkeley students will also initiate education programs designed to inform the local population of the health benefits of using the composting toilet. Jasmine Wang, 18 The team will communicate with farmers to Berkeley, CA, USA coordinate the sale of the fertilizer. The income generated would then go back into the maintenance of the toilet and the creation of new toilets. INDIA usa WASTE POLLUTION WATER ENERGY MAP
  49. 49. Invent Your World 2009 Manjarpa Our venture creates “Manjarpa” and “Andean Cereals” - two new foods designed to deliver sufficient protein to two vulnerable groups: children and elderly. Both products are made with potatoes and milk (or soy milk) to deliver key nutrients to all types of consumers - diabetics, lactose intolerant and elderly who can’t chew. They will be used in a pilot nutrition project at our Ricardo Cubbin Garcia, 13 school to address malnutrition amongst our Lima, Peru students. PERU health MAP
  50. 50. Invent Your World 2009 WATE21 Promoting Child-to-Child Safe Water Most of the major ailments affecting children in Kenyan villages are water-borne and hygiene- oriented. Promoting Child-to-Child Safe Water System and Hygiene was launched in 2009 by Emily, Juliana, and Nicholas to increase their supply of clean drinking water and educate on hygiene. Specifically, the team plans to equip 400 Juliana Omondi, 22 households with solar water pasteurization Ugunja, Kenya systems (consisting of used water bottles, black polyethene, and other locally available material), hand washing stands, and liquid soap dispensers. Kenya health WATER MAP
  51. 51. Invent Your World 2009 LEME180 Re-Green Electronics Re-Green Electronics uses joule thief circuitry to “steal” small but measurable amounts of energy from so-called “dead batteries” to power a variety of everyday appliances. Benjamin Lampert and his team are currently Benjamin Lampert, 18 creating several prototype lamps that will use this Salem, OR, USA recycled energy from dead batteries. Their goal is to provide such lamps to impoverished areas where longevity and cost are important factors. usa ENERGY MAP
  52. 52. Invent Your World 2009 LEME170 Reeds, Halls and Optics Andrew believes electric motor technologies can help avert the climate crisis and power human industry. For the past three years, he has been researching ways to increase their efficiency and performance, all the while looking for ways to simplify design and keep costs down. In 2009, he teamed up with his brother Alex to launch Reeds, Halls, and Optics to take this research to the next level. Based in Mississippi, the team will construct, test, and modify designs for a fleet of 11 electric motor prototypes. In the future, the team will look to scale up their Andrew Amis, 17 prototypes, making them proportionally larger and Alex Amis more powerful. Produced on a mass scale, these Clinton, MS, USA improved electric motors could power cars and other fossil-fuel- dependent machines at a much lower cost to our planet. usa energy MAP
  53. 53. Invent Your World 2009 LEME56 Skywater Millions of people in Africa lack access to clean drinking water. Many turn to sources that are unsafe for consumption and end up contracting water-borne illnesses. To address this, Michael, Joseph, Ernest, Christy, and Utaan launched Skywater in 2009. The team will adapt the Skywater Machine, an existing technology that condenses water stored in the atmosphere into its liquid form. Specifically, an additional condensing unit will increase its water- producing capacity two-fold, to more than 2000 liters per day. 5 to 10 taps will transport water from the machine to strategic locations in the community. The team will use its seed funding to build the Michael Alumku, 21 technology and purchase items needed for an HIV/ Makurdi, Nigeria sanitation awareness campaign. To sustain itself, Skywater will seek funding from the Youth Ministry of the State Government and other philanthropists. Nigeria water MAP
  54. 54. Invent Your World 2009 Smart Charger Good communication is essential for trade but in rural Kenya, electricity can be scarce and thus electrical devices cannot be used. Pascal Katana, set out to alleviate this problem by developing a gadget that makes use of the energy generated by bicycles in order to charge mobile phones and small rechargeable batteries that can power radios. He is currently in the design phase and is producing the first prototype to be tested in the Pascal Katana, 22 university that he is attending. In April 2010 Nairobi, Kenya Pascal hopes to implement his invention into 5 urban villages to get feedback from the users. KENYA ENERGY MAP
  55. 55. Invent Your World 2009 Solar Pyramid This project is combining different models and technologies, while using local resources to provide a practical and cost effective solar heater for rural communities. Solar Pyramid is starting as a pilot for 100 families in the community of Nopaltepec and will have a direct and positive impact on the environment. The use of the solar heaters will reduce the dependence on gas, which is costly and can have damaging health effects, and firewood, which is contributing to deforestation and is a labor intensive activity. Geovanni Roblero Adorno, 15 The project is also providing education to Mexico City, Mexico community members on the technology as well as the environmental benefits of implementing their solar heaters. MEXICO SOLAR ENERGY MAP
  56. 56. Invent Your World 2009 MTVE81 Sustainable Treehouse Emily Nunez is building a “sustainable treehouse” on the Middlebury College campus that srves the dual purposes of an outdoor classroom and a place where elementary school students can learn about environmental stewardship. Emily Nunez, 19 The design incoroprates passive solar heating, Middlebury, VT, USA rainwater catchment, ceiling fans instead of air conditioning, reused timber, and a corn burning stove for gas heat, in addition to other eco-friendly features. usa SOLAR water MAP
  57. 57. Invent Your World 2009 MTVE134 Tractor-Factor Tractor-Factor designed a circuit to tap into the battery of a tractor to power one compact Shailesh Upadhyay, 23 fluorescent light at night. Ujala Shanker, 24 Vellore, India Shailesh and Ujala came up with the idea after Shailesh found it difficult to study for school at night in his village because of frequent power Watch Video cuts and the pollution from toxic lanterns that were being used as an alternative light source. The team has implemented their project in 17 homes in the village and plan to expand their reach throughout the rest of the village. iNDIA health ENERGY pollution MAP
  58. 58. Invent Your World 2009 Trici-X This venture was inspired by a physically disabled child, named Matías, who wanted a tricycle. After meeting Matías a group of students went to work in their school working on designs that would help him and other children with physical disabilities achieve their dreams of riding and owning a tricycle. The team focused on different designs to make the tricycle safer and found ways to reduce inhibiting costs, by using various local materials, Ferreyra Facundo Imanol, 16 to make the Trici-x more affordable and Buenos Aires, Argentina accessible to families that have disabled children. The team is working tenaciously to harness more local resources and materials to reduce the costs even further. ARGENTINA ASSIST MAP
  59. 59. Invent Your World 2009 LEME07 TruV When Florida teen, Cody Smith, was told he couldnʼt get a driverʼs license because of his visual impairment, he hoped he could turn to technology for help. But months of research yielded nothing that could help legally blind people like himself see distant objects easily and comfortably. For a while, he became “angry at the system.” But not for long. When a video camera was given to him for Christmas, gears in his mind started to turn and the idea for TruV was born. TruV combines existing technologies to make a new low-vision aid for people who are visually impaired Cody Smith, 17 to legally blind. TruV makes “video glasses” using a Palm Bay, FL, USA camera with zooming capabilities. USA ASSIST MAP
  60. 60. “I’ve been building stuff since I was able to walk. Since then I’ve been to robotics competitions around the country and placed high in a few. Now it’s time to enter the real world and solve some of the issues we face.” Cody Smith Age 17 Palm Bay, FL, USA
  61. 61. Invent Your World 2009 MTVE60 Turn It Off Turn It Off aims to develop a power saving gadget that will enable the user to turn off appliances in a room automatically when no one is present in the room. The team is particularly focusing their work to meet the needs of large organizations such as universities and hotels that consume and waste significant amounts of energy. Sagar and his team came up with the idea while in school at Gitam University n India. They were Sagar Naupada, 19 tired of seeing the lights in their university Visakhapatnam, India classrooms being left on when no one was using the classrooms and decided to do something about it. india CLIMATE energy MAP
  62. 62. Invent Your World 2009 LEME149 Urja Launched in 2009 by Pankaj, Shrey, and Chidambaram to increase the supply of clean, affordable source of electricity in India, Urja will develop a low-cost small solar electric generating system. This technology will use heat drawn in from solar collectors to generate and store thermal power. At an estimated cost of just 30,000 rupees (roughly 630 USD), the system has the potential to power homes, households, and small-scale industry. In the future, the team hopes to build Urja into a Pankaj Pansari, succesful business venture, one-day emerging as a Kolkata, India leader in the production of alternative energy. india solar energy MAP
  63. 63. Invent Your World 2009 Water-Saving Pedal Our Project “Water-Saving Pedal” is a device that controls the flow of water from the faucet of a conventional sink using one’s feet. The advantage of using ones’ feet in order to control the flow of water compared with the standard valve system turned on and off by hand is a consumption savings of 70%! Our device is housed in a rectangular structure that is arranged below the sink and connected to a system of tubes which supply water to the faucet. When a user needs to use the sink (for Diana Atencia Rios, 24 example to wash their hands), they only need to Lima, Peru step on the pedal located below the sink to start the flow of water on their free hands. This generates an important water saving process. PERU water MAP
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