Christy--Digital Divide


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Ashoka's Youth Venture aims to build a global movement of young people being powerful now, changemakers now. This is the foundation for an "everyone a changemaker" world, the key factor for success for every society, organization, and person.

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Christy--Digital Divide

  1. 1. youth Venture Christy’s Venture - Digital DiViDe of their other activities are outdoors in public parks; where the program begins with games such as basketball, soccer, and other athletic exercises. These activities help Christy and the volun- teers get to know the kids on a more individual basis outside of the ‘classroom’, resulting in lasting friendships and mentorships. THE IDEA • Breach the ‘digital divide’ among lower income youth. • Provide young people with opportunities to get motivated and learn skills that will be invaluable to their futures. IMPACT • Trained over 1,000 students in the Washington D.C. What can i see on this picture and who is this guy?! area in technology. • Has over 300 volunteers involved with the program. Christy is trying to change the world - one good deed at a time. Christy first noticed a gap in the education of lower-income kids when she volunteered at a soup kitchen that served children from a local public school. As a result of their experiences, Christy and several other volunteers approached local public school teachers in order to try to understand some of the challenges they faced. One concern that the teachers often raised was that there was a missing link between what the students learned in school and what they would need in the workplace. The students were not able to see how what they were learning in school- from general education to technology skills—would have an impact on their lives outside of the education system. Christy founded Digital Divide in order to provide inner-city youth with opportunities to learn practical computer skills that will be valuable in the job market. It seeks to empower youth by establishing a firm foundation for their future careers. Students are challenged with hands-on experience as they design and publish a magazine. They EVERYONE CAN MAKE AN create the magazine with “how-to” features and leadership tips that they can share with their friends. IMPACT, WHETHER IT BE SMALL OR LARGE, JUST BY Digital Divide is unique among technology programs because it combines the teaching of technological skills - from web design to DOING ONE LITTLE THING EVERY DAY.” print publishing - with positive role models provided by the volunteers who work with students outside of their technological training. Many of their other activities are outdoors in public parks; where the