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Brandon--Save R Us


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Ashoka's Youth Venture aims to build a global movement of young people being powerful now, changemakers now. This is the foundation for an "everyone a changemaker" world, the key factor for success for every society, organization, and person.

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Brandon--Save R Us

  1. 1. Youth Venture brandon’s Venture - saVe r us National Liberty Museum’s Local Heroes Award, the Abel Peace Award and the Gleitsman Foundation Award. He has been featured on The Today Show, NBC 10 News, and CNN. THE IDEA • Prevent violence in schools and communities by educating youth. • Address issues in schools such as bullying, diversity and violent acts . IMPACT • Expanded Save R US throughout the Philadelphia area in both high schools and colleges. • Attended the World Youth Centre which allowed him to launch his Venture internationally. • Held 5 annual Peace Week Festivals in the Brandon founded Students Against Violence Everywhere Are Philadelphia area. Us (SAVE R US) in 2001 in order to combat a string of highly violent • Has appeared on the Today Show, CNN, and acts in high schools across the country. SAVE R US is a student run NBC 10 News. anti-violence organization that promotes non-violence in schools and in the greater community. The club hosts “café” discussion groups where students are encouraged to discuss issues that pertain to diversity, bullying, and violence. The group also hosts a festival called Peace Week, which is an opportunity to spread their message of peace and non-violence to their entire community. The newest SAVE R US program is the Peacemakers Program, which is designed to encourage college and high school students to become trained as Peacemakers, go into elementary schools, and educate students about bullying, violence, and non-violent alternatives. Since its founding in early 2001, the group has spread to four additional high schools and colleges, including Swarthmore college, in Philadelphia, PA, where Brandon is currently a student. In July 2004, SAVE R US International was launched at the World Youth Centre in Toronto, Canada with the help of the SAVE R US Advisory Board. “I WANTED TO DO SOMETHING Brandon has been recognized for his efforts at the local, national, and PROACTIVE TO international level. In July 2004 he was the only United States citizen PREVENT VIOLENCE FROM HAPPENING IN MY SCHOOL invited to the World Youth Centre in Toronto, Canada. Also in 2004, Brandon was selected as the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Top High School Volunteer in the state of Pennsylvania. Brandon AND COMMUNITY.” is also the recipient of The Peace Center Peacemakers Award, the