Ashoka And Youth Venture Overview


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Ashoka And Youth Venture Overview

  1. 1. Ashoka and Youth Venture
  2. 2. Who are we?
  3. 3. PIONEERS OF SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP Ashoka is the world’s first and largest community of more than 2,000 leading social entrepreneurs. FINDERS OF INNOVATION We find the most important social change ideas and support the entrepreneurs behind them. INTEGRATORS OF NEW IDEAS AND INITIATIVE We connect social, business, financial and university leaders to build an “eco-system” of initiatives that solve the fast-growing social needs of the world.
  4. 4. Sound Bytes 6 (Bill 1) “Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish, or teach how to fish.They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.” — Bill Drayton
  5. 5. Ashoka and Youth Venture are shaping an Everyone A Changemaker™ society: every individual will take initiative, develop solutions to social needs and drive change. Every part of society will benefit from having more changemakers, from a company to a school to an entire country.
  6. 6. Why do we need more changemakers?
  7. 7.  Social problems are increasingly complex and difficult to solve  Social problems have ever greater ramifications as the world becomes more integrated  Our society has the capacity to solve any problem; it is a matter of putting enough ingenuity and effort toward solving that problem
  8. 8. Who else values changemakers?
  9. 9. Leading Companies Need CHANGEMAKERS Examples of Ashoka’s Companies seek a Partner Companies competitive edge through a talented Best Buy workforce: MTV • Problem solvers National Geographic • Strong team players Nike Pepsi • Entrepreneurial Staples initiative-takers Starbucks • Empathetic leaders Virgin Mobile
  10. 10. Leading Universities Need CHANGEMAKERS Universities seek students who are Examples of Ashoka’s changemakers: Partner Universities • Able to create a successful college Duke University experience MIT • Willing to take on New York University campus leadership Tec de Monterrey roles Universidad de San Andres • Team players (Buenos Aires) • Engaged in the community
  11. 11. Sound Bytes 7 (Bill 2) “The key factor for success of any human grouping – be it a company or a country – will be the proportion of changemakers it has to develop new ideas, take initiative and lead.” — Bill Drayton
  12. 12. What is our framework for creating an Everyone a Changemaker society?
  13. 13. We believe that the synergy among a passionate “who,” an innovative “what,” a sustainable “how” in a community of changemakers can and will change the world.
  14. 14. Ingredients To Creating an Everyone a Changemaker Society Surface Ignite Integrate innovations and + Changemakers + innovations enable social change  Piece together innovations  New  Drivers of into larger solutions solutions to change who problems build on  Financing, services, innovations business-social partnerships, academia – the infrastructure to support social change
  15. 15. What ASHOKA Brings to this Effort Surface Ignite Integrate innovations + Changemakers + & enable social change innovations  Ashoka Venture  Youth Venture®  Ashoka Mosaics   Changemaker  Business-social Hybrid Universities Value ChainsTM  Ashoka Academy Project  Social-Financial Services  Knowledge and News Initiative
  16. 16. Who paves pathways for changemakers and social change?
  17. 17. SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS Are Innovators and Changemakers in One They are men and women with system changing solutions to the world’s most urgent social problems. They are the engines of social change and role models for the citizen sector.
  18. 18. ASHOKA FELLOWS Are Leading Social Entrepreneurs  They create radically new solutions to a social problem with the potential to change the entire sector Selection Criteria:  A New Idea  Creativity  Entrepreneurial Quality  Social Impact  Ethical Fiber © Sylvain Piraux
  19. 19. Ashoka FELLOWS Worldwide 192 167 638 293 571
  20. 20. Ashoka Fellows: EXAMPLES Fabio Rosa has helped cut rural electrification costs by 70-80% in Brazil and brought electricity to the homes of over 1 million people. Fabio's innovation has spread to 23 countries worldwide.
  21. 21. Ashoka Fellows: EXAMPLES JB Schramm, through College Summit, has enabled over 10,000 low-income high school students gain access to college through strategic assistance with the admissions process. College Summit produces college- going rates of 79%, almost double the 46% baseline among low-income youth.
  22. 22. Social Change with LONG-TERM IMPACT
  23. 23. Ashoka launches social entrepreneurs and helps spread their innovations to new regions and new industries
  24. 24. Social entrepreneurs don’t do it ALONE…
  25. 25. Social Entrepreneurs Recruit Other CHANGEMAKERS A social entrepreneur Changemakers enter the pioneers and new field, help build on establishes a new field the new idea, multiply or a new pattern in change and tip the world society
  26. 26. An Example Mohammad Yunus Today there are 7,000 pioneered the microfinance institutions that microfinance industry have built on and multiplied this new idea
  27. 27. Ashoka and Youth Venture Are BUILDING the MARKET for Changemakers Youth Venture is shaping a generation of changemakers who will lead change Supply throughout their lives, then inspire and enable every next generation to do the same. SUPPLY Ashoka is creating demand for changemakers by fostering an environment for creating successful ventures and encouraging Demand institutions to realize their potential by hiring these changemakers. DEMAND
  28. 28. How does Youth Venture work?
  29. 29. YV is producing a global supply of CHANGEMAKERS Of Youth Venturers:  94% more confident in leading change  70% greater interest in entrepreneurship  77% more involved in leadership roles  92% capable of planning a venture and leading a team  88% able to set and achieve goals  79% able to do budgeting  62% engage 20 or more volunteers in their Venture
  30. 30. What Is a YOUTH VENTURE?  A NEW venture started by young people  YOUTH-LED  Creates IMPACT on the community  Has a credible plan that will be SUSTAINABLE  Has an adult “ALLY” willing to support, but not control, the venture  Involves a STRONG TEAM  Venturers who CARE and have the energy to be successful
  31. 31. Youth Venture Offers Four Integrated Pieces To Build a Movement of CHANGEMAKERS YV Campaigns YV Challenges Inspire young people to Transformational experience become changemakers that shapes young people as changemakers in starting their first social ventures YV Summits YV Competitions Build movement of Continually engage and support changemakers and “tip” changemakers, enabling them to communities grow as social entrepreneurs
  32. 32. YV Campaigns: EXAMPLE
  33. 33. YV Challenges: EXAMPLE Steps of the YV Journey
  35. 35. YV Competitions: EXAMPLE
  36. 36. Youth Venture’s Current Reach Youth Venture is operating in 17 countries and is growing Canada Ireland Germany France Belgium United States Israel Spain Mexico Thailand India Costa Rica El Salvador Brazil South Africa Argentina Chile
  37. 37. Example Venture - USA Becca & team – No Boundaries Leyton, Utah The Idea • A series of camps designed to expose girls ages 4-10 to math and science • Includes: Astrotots (space), Mad Female Scientist (science experiments), and Love Bugs-Science Camp for Wiggle Worms (about the benefits of bugs) Impact • Hundreds of girls have benefited from the camps • Becca and her project Astrotots were featured at the 2005 Presidential Inauguration • Groups from as far away as India have requested to replicate Becca’s camps
  38. 38. Example Venture - Argentina Emanuel & team – “Lucha Contra el Dengue” (Struggle Against Dengue) (Formosa, Argentina) The idea • Decrease the number of people affected by the dengue virus in their region through prevention activities • Educate the community on dengue fever prevention through skits, information materials and public speaking Impact • More than 1,000 young people have been reached by the program in first 6 months • The venture has already been replicated across the border in Paraguay by an independent organization
  39. 39. Sound Bytes 4 (Kristof) “The godfather of the social entrepreneur movement is Bill Drayton, who founded… Ashoka to support ‘change-makers.’ Now he is heavily focused on nurturing student social entrepreneurs, and he has started… Youth Venture to support them.” — Nicholas Kristof
  40. 40. Sound Bytes 5 (Yunus) “Ashoka is a great global organization, built on a brilliant idea.” — Muhammad Yunus © Tribhuvan Tiwari
  41. 41. Are you a CHANGEMAKER? Join us.