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Youth time presskit


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Youth time presskit

  1. 1. Youth Time International Movement1 Youth Time International Movement
  2. 2. About usInternational Movement Youth Time (YT) – is anoncommercial, nongovernmental, nonpolitical, independentorganization founded by young people from differentcountries of the world. The main goal is to search forscenarios of common development for the future good life.Our MissionDrafting, implementing and synchronizing projects of thefuture in different spheres, establishment of the activedialogue between and within generations, motivating theyouth to active personal and public activities.2 Youth Time International Movement
  3. 3. Our initiatives Rhodes Youth Forum. Annual Youth Forum in Greece. The goal of the forum is to gather young people from all over the world to discuss the most stirring questions, to raise awareness of the most important issues and to encourage action. Held annually since 2010 Rhodes Youth Forum welcomes some 100 participants from 50 countries every year. The participants usually are NGO leaders, young activists, founders of different social initiatives, young professionals. During brainstorming sessions and discussion in working groups they work out contemporary society development scenarios and share their experience on social projects. At the closing ceremony of the Forum best delegates receive grants.3 Youth Time International Movement
  4. 4. Rhodes Youth Forum 2012Results of RYF 2012:Grant for Rakesh Biswas: Development of Infrastructure Units in (R&D) units in collegesand schools, green business.Goal: Creation of a network of workshops for students in India to develop their talents,entrepreneurial skills and their awareness of ecology issues.Grant for Erasmus Mweene: Sampa Youth Resource Centre.Goal: to create a platform for youth in Zambia, where they can acquire entrepreneurial skillsand involve in social discussions.Grant for Kabindra Burlakoti: NationalNepal Youth Forum.Goal: To raise awareness amongyoung people and to develop an actionplan for the Government.Young journalist Vanessa Bassil fromLebanon received Internship atItar Tass.The value of provided grants exceeded 100 000 Euro in 2012.RYF 2012 was attended by Vladimir Yakunin Founding President of “Dialogue of Civilizations”and President of JCS Russian Railways, Kamran Mofid, founder of Globalization for theCommon Good Initiative, René Frischknecht, Member of the Private banking ExecutiveCommittee Bank Vontobel AG.4 Youth Time International Movement
  5. 5. Education of my dream initiativeWe organize lectures by high-ranking speakers, at What is the ideal system ofdifferent Universities and high schools all over the world education? It is no secret thatfostering cooperation with scientific society. today, in the 21 century, with the development of informationOur cooperation includes joint expertise. Scientists and systems and high technology, theexperts participate also at Youth Time events (experts, advent of distance learningjury members, guests). opportunities the learning becomes much easier and moreLatest lectures were held at HEC Paris School of interesting. Is it possible toManagement, and Higher School of economics, Prague. evaluate the efficiency of the education?5 Youth Time International Movement
  6. 6. Our teamThe organization team comprises about 10 people fromdifferent countries, the number of activists exceeds 100.President of the movement is Julia Kinash.Key partners: WPF “Dialogue of Civilizations”, Alstom, MotorSich etc.Activities: Beside of organizing events, Youth Time publishesan international youth magazineMain office: Prague, Zborovska 716/27, Prague 5, 15000Prague, Czech RepublicBack office: B. Ordynka 35, Moscow, RussiaContacts:Yulia Gottsteinyulia.gottstein@gmail.comKate 916 189 30 95Facebook: Youth Time International Movement