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Personality Analysis


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Personality Analysis

  1. 1. Session#: 01Day: Monday, May 21stPersonality AnalysisBy: Habiba Ali and Ahmed Sabek
  2. 2. Personality - VS - Character
  3. 3. Personality and Character Personality Character
  4. 4. Representational Systems• Visual• Auditory• Kinesthetic
  5. 5. Visual• Strong Body Language• Creativity• Fast Decisions• Hates Details• Speaks Fast
  6. 6. Auditory• Organized• Thinks a lot• Details oriented• Good Listener• Speaks slower
  7. 7. Kinesthetic• Weak Body Language• Peace maker• Hates Decisions• Moves a lot• Speaks slow
  8. 8. Behavioral Styles
  9. 9. Driver• Autocratic• Takes risks• Very result focus• Decision Taker
  10. 10. Driver• Strong eye contact• Hides feelings• Changes mind fast• Walks fast
  11. 11. Dealing with a driver person !
  12. 12. Expressive• Center of attraction• Change their places• Body language and eye contact• Speaks loud and fast
  13. 13. Expressive• Sun seeker• Thinks out loud• Rotates easily to strangers• Humorous
  14. 14. Dealing with an expressive person !
  15. 15. Amiable• Extremely friendly• Open to opinion• Patient and doesn’t get angry
  16. 16. Amiable• Delays decision taking• Avoids direct answers• Build relationships easily• Warm voice
  17. 17. Dealing with an Amiable person !
  18. 18. Analytical• Most perfectionist• Seeks standards• Systematic and organized• Concentrates on details
  19. 19. Analytical• High criticism• Low compliment• Task oriented• Doesn’t take risks
  20. 20. Dealing with an Analytical person !
  21. 21. Any Questions ? Thank YouPersonality AnalysisBy: Habiba Ali and Ahmed Sabek