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YBI Global Forum, Wednesday: The role of the board


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Board have a crucial role to play in developing and overseeing the implementation of an organisations strategic objectives. There are many challenges and opportunities in finding the right balance between executive (staff) and non-executive (board) responsibilities in this process. During this interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore the role of their board and how to maximise board value.

Key discussion points will include: board roles and responsibilities, engaging board members, reporting and information sharing with the board and leadership.

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YBI Global Forum, Wednesday: The role of the board

  1. 1. Effective Organisations: the role of the board YBI Global Forum, Mexico City Gia Campari 22 September 2010 The role of the board, GF 2010
  2. 2. A question of trust • The quality of your life, both at work and outside work, depends on the quality of your relationships • The holy grail of all relationships is trust • How can we build a relationship based on trust? The role of the board, GF 2010
  3. 3. The trust account Listen for understanding Listen to reply Clarify Expectations Make assumptions Keep promises Break promises Never speak badly of the absent Bad-mouth people who are not present Be kind Be rude The role of the board, GF 2010
  4. 4. Outcome: Suggested improvements for Board effectiveness The role of the board, GF 2010
  5. 5. The Role of the board The Board is actively engaged in driving forward the YBP to achieve its strategic plan by • Monitoring and managing the performance of the CEO • Collaborating and signing-off of the strategic plan and annual business plan • Signing-off and periodical monitoring of risk management plans • Signing-off and periodical monitoring of annual accounts, financial plans and reports • Acting as ambassadors to the programme and specifically help the YBP to access relevant contacts and resources • Exercising oversight of internal policies The role of the board, GF 2010
  6. 6. Workshop Questions 1. Your YBI organisation and your Board of Trustees - who should challenge whom on what? 2. How, ideally, would you wish your Board of Trustees to contribute to your organisation? 3. Trustees are busy people, how can we help them make the best of their time with us? The role of the board, GF 2010
  7. 7. Workshop Questions 4. How would you expect the Board of Trustees to appraise the performance of the CEO? 5. Who determines the strategy and how do you delegate authority to deliver against the strategy? 6. How would you like the Board of Trustees to monitor and appraise the performance of your organisation? The role of the board, GF 2010