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Creative Coding Workshop - Introduction


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Workshop at Medrar for Contemporary Arts

Published in: Design
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Creative Coding Workshop - Introduction

  1. 1. ● What is Creative Coding? ● Projects ● This Workshop ● Let's code
  2. 2. “Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.” - Pablo Picasso
  3. 3. The Myth Algorithims leave no room for imagination
  4. 4. "For a mathematician, he didn't have enough imagination. But he's become a poet and now he's fine." - Hilbert on an ex-student
  5. 5. Possibilities ● Data Visualization ● Computational Art ● AudioVisual installation ● Interactive envirnoments – Offline – Online
  6. 6. Projects -GIFs ● Beesandbombs st/103576476044/spiral-sphere -Generative ● Process Compendium -Projection Mapping ● Pomplamoose i7X8ZnmLfM0 ● Line Segments Space -Interactive Envirnoments ● My Little Piece of Privacy little-piece-of-privacy ● Hipster Phone ● Deep Sadness ● Clouds ● OmmExperience
  7. 7. P5 “Processing seeks to ruin the careers of talented designers by tempting them away from their usual tools and into the world of programming and computation. Similarly, the project is designed to turn engineers and computer scientists to less gainful employment as artists and designers.” ‫أدوات‬ ‫عن‬ ‫بالبعد‬ ‫اغرائهم‬ ‫خلل‬ ‫من‬ ‫الموهوبين‬ ‫المصممين‬ ‫مهن‬ ‫تخريب‬ ‫إلى‬ ‫يسعى‬ ‫البرنامج‬ ‫هذا‬ .‫المهندسين‬ ‫مسار‬ ‫لتغيير‬ ‫المشروع‬ ‫صمم‬ ‫قد‬ ،‫وبالمثل‬ ‫والحوسبة‬ ‫البرمجة‬ ‫عالم‬ ‫وإلى‬ ‫المعتادة‬ ‫التصميم‬ ‫ومصممين‬ ‫كفنانين‬ ‫أقل‬ ‫بأجر‬ ‫للعمل‬ ‫الكمبيوتر‬ ‫.وعلماء‬ -
  8. 8. The Workshop ● Intro + P5 basics ● Programming + more P5 ● Web basics (html, css, js) ● p5.js ● Visuals: pixels, glitch, projection mapping, particles, 3D ● Audio + Data: visualization, sonification
  9. 9. Links ● ● ● ● Hello World! Processing ● ●