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Video Surveillance Boca Raton


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We provide the best video surveillance in South Florida

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Video Surveillance Boca Raton

  1. 1. 5 Benefits Companies Gain by Installing a youtube video Surveillance System - Video Surveillance Boca Raton South Florida homeowners can never be too careful in relation to protecting their residence and their family. Your home is always in danger of unwanted intruders, especially if you don’t possess a home security system installed. In A universal Connection, we can personalize and customize your home’s security and digital video surveillance system to suit your needs. Having a smart security alarms installation from a Universal Connection, you can preserve your loved ones plus your possessions protected. 1) Prevent Employee Theft Employee Theft is estimated to be a $50 Billion Problem in the United States. As a matter of fact, approximately 33% of businesses literally go bankrupt because of of employee theft. These statistics are enough to hold business owners awake at night. A lot of company owners are fighting back having a surveillance system installed to keep track of their employees. Savvy business owners are in reality making an investment in video surveillance systems with unlimited storage and remote access capabilities. Remote access will give you the ability to view your video cameras from any web connection, all over the world. If you are considering increasing your financial well being then installing a security system needs to be your upcoming move. 2) Have a Watchful Eye Over The Employees It comes with an old adage, "Once the boss is away, it can be a chance to play". This has caused many companies to fall out of business. Play time is designed for an employee's own personal time, if they are at your workplace they must behave appropriately. Have you walked in to your place of business unexpectedly and caught one or more of your respective employees playing around or perhaps not working? If you walked in with this situation once then you can certainly bet it occurs more often than you feel. With a security camera system with remote viewing installed you may eliminate these wasted working hours. Basically you pay your workers for working when they are there any. In order to insure that they are working if you are away you have to have Video Surveillance Parkland installed that you could view out of your Smartphone, tablet or any other internet connected devise. 3) Keep watch over Off Limit Areas In the majority of companies you can find places that certain employees aren't allowed. These are typically sensitive areas just like the accounting or bookkeeper's office, the boss's office, etc. When something is missing you might think you will be losing their mind or commence to suspect practically everyone who matches your needs. Wouldn't it be advantageous to be able to see who had been in those private areas? At the minimum you would be able to see if you misplaced something and where you put it. Security camera systems with unlimited video storage works extremely well in several ways. These systems add a degree of security that most businesses need.
  2. 2. When you have ever endured something stolen or misplaced a specific thing you would probably benefit greatly from your video surveillance system with unlimited storage. 4) You Can Safeguard Yourself from Phony Liability Law Suits It appears that certain individuals live their whole life attempting to benefit from others. You could have seen this inside your business dealings or ask any property management firm who may have been the victim of the bogus liability law suit. In business you must protect yourself against people who try to benefit from you. One of the best ways to achieve that would be to get a video surveillance system with unlimited video storage. To shield yourself you have to have a surveillance system installed by a professional which includes unlimited video data storage. A cunning attorney can recommend for their client to support off for around 3 - six months or even more (depending on exactly what the law allows) before filing a law suit. This can be unfortunate because most security camera systems available on the market will write within the video recordings following a short time, usually 2 weeks to six months. This is amongst the major reasons it is recommended to use a surveillance system which has unlimited storage capabilities. 5) Boost Your Customers Overall Satisfaction Every business owner understands that a satisfied customer will return over and over. Repeat consumers are the lifeblood on most businesses. So, how are your customers being treated if you are not there? Will you employees give your potential customers a warm and friendly greeting after they enter your workplace? All company owners wish to answer yes to this question. Unfortunately, a great deal of times, just the opposite is the case. Since a customer's satisfaction level is the primary reason they frequent an enterprise, for you to do everything in your power to make sure that your potential customers are treated correctly. This is a proven fact that your satisfied customers will order from you again and again. As you can't be there at all times you would be wise to purchase a surveillance camera system.