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Freight Forwarding - Demuragges - ECTN / BESC / BSC


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What to know when you are shipping to west africa countries.

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Freight Forwarding - Demuragges - ECTN / BESC / BSC

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION In 2018, we have seen a heavy increase on operations involving Western African countries. In this sense, it’s been already noted that our workforce in the northern regions have been lacking the operational knowledge needed. The goal of this file is to quickly summarize the situation, the operation and the things to consider when such an occasion rises, DHL operatives can easily and swiftly execute the needed operational fileworks that is being expected of them.
  2. 2. TERMINOLOGY There are some terminological lingo that some operatives may not heard before due to maritime shipping inexperience or being in the mainland operations. Three critical terminology the operatives must know are - Demurrage - Cargo Tracking Note / ECTN
  3. 3. DEMURRAGE By extension, demurrage refers to the charges that the charterer pays to the ship owner for its delayed operations of loading/unloading. Officially,demurrage is a form of liquidated damages for breaching the laytime as it is stated in the governing contract (the charter party).
  4. 4. CTN / BESC / BSC CTN is an abbravation for Cargo Tracking Note and it’s several different abrevations for different languages and countries, including BSC, BESC, ECTN etc. and passes for a waiver. It’s compulsory to obtain CTN (Cargo Tracking Note) certificate for all maritime exports to the country. This requirement applies to transit loads. Following countries need these documents for exportation: ● Angola –Benin – Burkina Faso – Burundi – Chad ● Cameroon – Central African Republic – Congo ● Côte d’Ivoire – Guinea – Guinea-Bissau ● Mali – Niger – Nigeria – Senegal – Togo
  5. 5. THINGS TO CONSIDER... ● Each country has it’s own requirements to obtain a CTN. ● Examine the operational guides / official sites to note down these documents and ask the client for these documents. ● A draft can be obtained before the official document comes through. Many port authorities accept the draft since they , too, know that the official certificate can take some time if you are in a hurry. ● Always follow the internal procedures before starting the CTN obtainment process.
  6. 6. WHERE TO GET... CTN/BESC/ECTN certificates can be obtained through our liaisons. You will need the following in order to start the process: 1. Commercial Invoice 2. Original Bill of Lading document or draft copy 3. Export Customs Document 4. Country of Origin Be sure to check with our partners’ site if the documents you have are in deed needed.
  7. 7. THANK YOU