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  1. 1. MALIBU Beach PARK & RESORT, The Perfect VACATION SPOTIn PANAMAResorts, cabins, hotels , among others you will discover to stay in whilst visiting panama , all withsuperb accommodations for national or even foreign guests alike.There are many attractions to visit within Panama, amongst which are: rivers , beaches, mountainsand other places where you can have some fun ; but the recreational location where you can remainwithout traveling too much within Panama may be the Malibu seaside Park & Resort; a one stop spotfor fun and vacations.This Resort has something for everyone , if you are interested in the seaside , mountains or evenriver you can find here all in one place. It is the first Eco park with more that 60% of its extensionsdestined to be green areas for you to feel complete peace.Available homes at Malibu Beach park & ResortThere are 9 models of homes available in this particular resort, all built with the highest standardsassociated with international high quality and encompassed by beautiful eco-friendly areas that willleave you fascinated.AttractionsThis revolutionary resort has four attractions for site visitors , which are:•The beach: you can enjoy of the beautiful white sand seaside , which is coveted by surfers due to itslarge waves- ideal for this activity.•The river: on this charming vacation resort you will find the beautiful and clear waters of the Chamewater , very nice for canoeing, amongst other sports.
  2. 2. •The ocean: the Pacific Ocean can make this location a paradisiacal getaway.•The hill : Malibu seaside Park & Resort includes a variety of ecologic paths where you can observediverse flora and fauna.•How to get to Malibu seaside Park & ResortIt is extremely easy. All youve got to do is actually travel to the doorway of Gorgona, which is just 74kilometers from panama , then you will look for a sign that indicates the way to Beach Malibu and youwill find this new resort.Do not skip your opportunity to visit Malibu Beach park & vacation resort while you are withinPanama. It is a charming location where you may , without a doubt, possess the best vacations. Donot forget your camera to return using the best reminiscences of all the different places the thing isduring your vacation in panama.You will also find large and small lots for sale in the region. If you are interested in buying property inthe area, or even anywhere in panama , please get in touch with Interpanama real estate Agency goto the web site to view the different options available.Ilya Kushnirskiy, The owner of Panama real estate AgencyWrites exclusively regarding panama RealEstate Read more fascinating story concerning the wonders and attractions associated with MALIBUBEACH park & vacation resort at length.Panama allinclusive