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Weight Watchers case description


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Weight Watchers case description

  1. 1. Weight WatchersSocial Insights, Social Strategy, Social Content, Community & Conversations
  2. 2. Your Social provides content and community management on three Weight Watchers communities: the Dutch, Flemisch en Walloon community.
  3. 3. NL VL WA Your Social started with gaining insights and statistics about Weight Watchers. Based on thesestatistics, the Key Performance Indicators between June 20th and August 15th, 2012, Your Social started content and community management.
  4. 4. Your Social posts fun and engaging content on the page. Fans like, comment and share actively. The above posts created a lot of engagement.
  5. 5. Fans are very active on the communities and they regurarly post messages with their Weight Watchers results, getting support or help from other fans.
  6. 6. NL VL WA (statistics of February 28, 2013) On August 15th, Your Social started community management, and KPI’s started rising. YourSocial created maximal engagement on all three pages and content quality went up strongly.
  7. 7. More info about the Weight Watchers case?