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5 recommendations for lifelong dental hygiene - Worcester, Taunton, Uxbridge Dentists


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The American Dental Association believes that tooth decay and gum disease are almost entirely preventable and that families and individuals need to take charge of their own oral health and hygiene. We only get one adult set of teeth. In order to continue eating a healthy diet we need to care for our teeth. Imagine trying to eat an apple or carrot with sensitive, painful or missing teeth.

It is suggested that bi-annual visits to the dentist will help identify early warning signs of more serious problems. Everyone can take charge of their dental health by following a few simple suggestions:

Floss every day
Brush teeth properly with fluoride toothpaste
Eat a balanced diet as shown on the food pyramid
Limit sugar and sticky foods, avoid prolonged food contact with teeth
Visit your dentist biannually

For great dental hygiene between dental visits, take care of your teeth and your teeth will be with you for a long time.
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5 recommendations for lifelong dental hygiene - Worcester, Taunton, Uxbridge Dentists

  1. 1. YOUR DENTAL HEALTH 5 Things to do for Great Lifelong Dental Hygiene
  2. 2. YOUR DENTAL HEALTH PARTNERS 1) Floss Every Day
  3. 3. YOUR DENTAL HEALTH PARTNERS 2) Brush with Fluoride Toothpaste
  4. 4. YOUR DENTAL HEALTH PARTNERS 3) Eat a Balanced Diet
  5. 5. YOUR DENTAL HEALTH PARTNERS 4) Limit Sugar and Sticky Foods
  6. 6. YOUR DENTAL HEALTH PARTNERS 5) Visit Your Dentist Biannually
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