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City Charters Presentation - Oct 2016


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The Government of Alberta, the City of Edmonton and the City of Calgary are working to create city charter policies to build strong, vibrant cities that attract trade and investment. Learn more:

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City Charters Presentation - Oct 2016

  1. 1. City Charters Stakeholder Engagement October 2016
  2. 2. Charter Outcomes  City Charters represent a renewed relationship between the province and its two major cities  Charters will contain regulation and collaboration agreement(s) that:  Address the unique challenges and opportunities of the cities  Provide the flexibility and tools to manage growth and deliver services  Remove obstacles to innovation and efficiency in the interest of Albertans  Charters will be used to leverage the capacity of the cities in advancing broader provincial interests
  3. 3. Our Approach Phase I: Municipal Affairs Matters - Governance - Planning & Development - Taxation & Assessment - Local Elections - Safety Codes Phase II: Broader Provincial Matters - Housing - Transportation/Transit - Social Policy -Poverty Reduction -Infrastructure - Planning/Development - Environment - Energy - Economic Development Phase III: Fiscal Framework - New Fiscal Framework to reflect outcomes of previous phases Charters Complete 2017 Public and Stakeholder Engagement
  4. 4. Charter Proposals
  5. 5. Administrative Efficiency City Charters will: modernize processes remove obstacles to innovation and efficiency provide greater autonomy for decision-making ensure appropriate accountability mechanisms are in place Assessment Processes  e.g. use of electronic notices  e.g. use of new technology  e.g. for-profit and non-profit exemptions Streamlined decision-making  e.g. governance structure  e.g. election processes  e.g. financial administration  e.g. bylaws  e.g. municipal tribunals
  6. 6. Community Well-Being City Charters will: improve the well-being of citizens enable and support the provision of services build community Affordable Housing  e.g. protection of existing stock  e.g. affordable housing loans and tax exemptions Non-Profit Support  e.g. tax relief
  7. 7. Community Planning City Charters will: enable smarter community planning support diversified transportation networks support revitalization of existing neighborhoods encourage responsible growth Transportation  e.g. variations of Traffic Safety Act Neighborhood Revitalization  e.g. brownfields redevelopment  e.g. facility setbacks Smart Growth  e.g. statutory plans  e.g. land use bylaws  e.g. safety codes
  8. 8. Environmental Stewardship City Charters will: Enable local solutions to environmental challenges Promote energy security Support climate action Energy Efficiency and Security  e.g. building codes  e.g. micro-generation  e.g. clean energy loans Climate Adaptation and Mitigation  e.g. climate plans Environmental Protection  e.g. environment as a purpose  e.g. emergency preparedness  e.g. standing in AER hearings
  9. 9. Collaboration • Environment and Climate Change Policy and Planning – e.g. Alternative energy; energy labelling; waste reduction • Social Policy and Planning – e.g. community hubs; event attraction; urban indigenous issues • Transportation Policy and Planning – e.g. integrated planning; highway penetrator agreements; pedestrian and cycling initiatives
  10. 10. Next Steps
  11. 11. Next Steps  Public and Stakeholder Engagement – Oct 2016  Written feedback requested by November 10, 2016  ‘What We Heard Report” – December 2016  Municipal Government Act amendments – Fall 2016  Draft Fiscal Framework – early 2017  Public and Stakeholder Engagement to follow  Charters Posted Online (60 day comment period) - Spring 2017  Charters Enacted - 2017
  12. 12. We Want to Hear From You! Send your comments to For Further Information and Updates, Visit:
  13. 13. Discussion