Why social media is a problem broadcast medium


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Social media is a new medium, and it can also be used in a new way - not just as a PR tool but also as a tool for broadcasting problem and soliciting solutions

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Why social media is a problem broadcast medium

  1. 1. Why Social Media is aProblem Broadcast MediumSankaranarayanan 22-23, June 2012, Chennai Consulting Services
  2. 2. The ProblemAbout 50 Lakh barrels of crude oilflowed into Gulf of Mexico in 3 monthsThe ImpactMore than 8,000 birds, seaturtles, and marine mammals werefound injured or dead
  3. 3. Timeline Day 22 Day 3 Day 10 Day 1 5000 ideas BP Media Innocentive a dayOil spills broadcast reports Challenge video
  4. 4. BPs response$90 million worth ads in threemonths
  5. 5. Social media is not just a PR toolCreative Communication Co-creative Communication(PR/Advertising)Problem cover up Problem broadcastWhat you know What you want to knowKnow-how Tell-how
  6. 6. Why problem broadcast?
  7. 7. P2p
  8. 8. Problem can build a brand"(When) people turn to ourcompany...I believe they arelooking for how IBMers approachproblems, as well as for the typesof problems we choose toapproach,"Sam Palmisano, Chairman, IBM
  9. 9. IBM Smarter Planet
  10. 10. Food to Energy
  11. 11. GEs Ecomagination
  12. 12. P&G Connect & Develop
  13. 13. Shell Dialogues
  14. 14. How to broadcast problem? Events Dedicated Portals SM Channels/ Web 2.0 Outsourcing
  15. 15. Birth of a new industry...
  16. 16. New kid on the block...
  17. 17. Facebook as Problem WallIndia’s Mobile Industry Consulting Services
  18. 18. One Problem No Solution
  19. 19. Faceless CustomerNivedita Datta(December 26, 2011 at 12:11pm)“Dear (Operator), Hope u get back to me soon else I shall shift from(Operator) to some other provider & will recommend others also nt to goto (Operator) for their poor service. Regards, A (till now) loyal (Operator)cust.” Operator (December 26, 2011 at 3:53pm) “Hi Nivedita, We tried calling you but the number was switched off. Please share an alternate contact number for us here http://bit.ly/something to help you better.”
  20. 20. Faceless CustomerNivedita Datta(December 26, 2011 at 6:58pm)“I called at the toll free no for assistance & was put on holdforever... seems u ppl dont anymore care about needs ofyour customers or u hav too many customers so u dont careabout losing a few...!” Operator (December 27, 2011 at 9:48am) “Hello Nivedita, Thanks for speaking with us, do let us know whenever you need our assistance.”
  21. 21. Faceless CustomerNivedita Datta(December 27, 2011 at 9:50am)“seems u didt read what I wrote... No one picked my call to help meout...! N I m freaked out with such service...! and very soon ill move outof (Operator) as I am losing trust on ur services...! :/” Operator (December 27, 2011 at 12:04pm) “Hello Nivedita, We request you to write to us at customercare@(Operator.in) for further assistance.”
  22. 22. Faceless CustomerNivedita Datta(December 27, 2011 at 12:05pm)“I hav done that as well bt no reply...” Operator (December 27, 2011 at 3:24pm) “Hi Nivedita, Thanks for speaking with us, trust we were able to assist you with the info needed.”
  23. 23. Not an odd case
  24. 24. Social Media Policy "The Facebook page serves as a platformHow not to use Facebook! for interaction and communication. In case you have any issues or concerns please send them to customerservice@company.com. Posting on this page may not be the best way to get the information across.
  25. 25. Social Media Policy Please note that this page is not intendedHow not to use Facebook! as a place for receiving consumer complaints. Although we try to forward most of your complaints to our customer care department, if you have any questions about your motorcycle, you can reach us at: customerservice@company.com"
  26. 26. Source: A New York University Study
  27. 27. Worksheet on Listening toCustomer ComplaintsLink to File Consulting Services