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Chester lech's portfolio


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Portfolio January 2013

Published in: Design
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Chester lech's portfolio

  1. 1. CHESTER LECH Design | Planning | Architecture
  2. 2. t y p o l o g y Program Analysis Concept & Implementation The program of the project is based upon the needs of the neighborhood. Due to the poor high school graduation rateMixed-Use Project and the even lower number of college educated residents, a tutoring facility is provided. It should serve the needs of the surrounding neighborhood and likely beyond. The grocery store was selected with health in mind. ManySpring 2010 of the local food stores are small and generally only make money on unhealthy foods. With the provision of fruit and vegetable stands, along with healthy choices, the residents of this neighborhood should lead healthier lives.Graduate Studio - Brooklyn, NY Restroom KitchenTypology Family Room BedroomAll buildings fall into certain classifications or typologies. When one thinks ofa hospital, there are certain things expected of the hospital type such as a large Playgroundbuilding with multiple wings consisting of multiple rooms and flooring made Testing Roomsof linoleum tile etc. This project attempts to analyze the mixed use typology and Computer Labs Tutoring Offices Picnic Area Grocery Storedevelop it further along the lines of comfort, accessibility, and a sense of neigh- Areaborhood. Fruit & Vegetable Lobby StandsSoftware used: Rhino, Sketchup, VectorWorks, Illustrator, Photoshop Studio Families Arch 6120, Carl Ray Miller Chester Lech FAMILY SIDE 2 Bedroom, 2 Story Apartment B-B A-A 2 Bedroom, 2 Story Apartment 2 Bedroom, 2 Story Apartment 2 Bedroom, 2 Story D-D D-D Apartment C-C C-C U P NORTH-SOUTH SECTION 1/8” = 1’-0” B-B A-A FOURTH FLOOR PLAN 1/16” = 1’-0” 2 Bedroom, 2 Story FAMILY SIDE Apartment 2 Bedroom, 2 Story B-B A-A 2 Bedroom, 2 Story Apartment Apartment U P 2 Bedroom, 2 Story D-D D-D Apartment U P U P C-C C-C U P U P A-A B-B THIRD FLOOR PLAN NORTH-SOUTH SECTION 1/16” = 1’-0” 1/8” = 1’-0” Studio Families Arch 6120, Carl Ray Miller Studio Families Arch 6120, Carl Ray Miller Studio Families Arch 6120, Carl Ray Miller Chester Lech Chester Lech Chester Lech SINGLE / INDIVIDUAL SIDE B-B A-A U P 2-STORY STUDIO 2-STORY STUDIO Studio Families Arch 6120, Carl Ray Miller D-D D-D Chester Lech FAMILY SIDE C-C C-C 3-STORY STUDIO 3-STORY STUDIO 2-STORY STUDIO 2-STORY STUDIO “Brownstone” A-A B-B FRUIT & VEGETABLE Communal Stair FRUIT & VEGETABLE GROCERY STORE SECOND FLOOR PLAN GROCERY STORE 1/16” = 1’-0” EAST-WEST SECTION 1/8” = 1’-0” A-A B-B SINGLE / INDIVIDUAL SIDE SNEDIKER AVENUE HINSDALE STREET D-D D-D “Brownstone” Communal Stair “Brownstone” C-C C-C Communal Stair FAMILY SIDE 2 Bedroom Apartment BROOKLYN CULTURE BROWNSVILLE / EAST NEW YORK Brooklyn is home to many different cultures. 43% is white, Brownsville is home to a black majority population who make up 75% of its 2 Bedroom Apartment 36% is Afican American, & 9.3% is Asian. 37% of the popula- residents. Hispanic, White, and Asian make up less than 15% each. 37% of the A-A B-B tion is foreign born while almost half speak a second lan- residents graduate from college while only 13% have bachelors degrees, com- LIVONIA AVENUE guage. Finally, 27% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. pared to the 27% for the entire borough. The median household income is ap- Much of the culture in Brooklyn is brought from the foreign proximately $25,000 ensuring that most residents live below the poverty line. born population. Typically, these cultures congregate around Most families consist of more than three people and there is a need for larger particular areas of the borough and create areas such as living space within their homes and apartments. “Little Poland” & “Little Odessa”. Brooklyn surely lives up to it’s slogan: “Home to Everyone from Everywhere!” GROUND FLOOR PLAN Studio Families Arch 6120, CarlFamilies Arch 6120, Carl Ray Miller Studio Ray Miller 1/16” = 1’-0” Studio Families Arch 6120, Carl Ray Miller Chester Lech Chester Lech Chester Lech EAST-WEST SECTION Studio Families Arch 6120, Carl Ray Miller 1/8” = 1’-0” Chester Lech
  3. 3. P O T E N T I A L I T YOld Country Buffet2007-2008KCA Architects - Fairfax, VAPotentialityBuilding sites are not only restricted by the law but sometimes offer the chal-lenge of a lack of space. A designer must maximise on the potential of a space inorder to provide the client with the best use of his/her money. Taking advantageof the potentiality allows the client the possibility to achieve a high profit. Thisspace utilized every inch of space for the kitchen while providing ample seatingfor customers.Software used: AutoCad, Photoshop Chester Lech 04 Chester Lech Chester Lech 03 Chester Lech 05
  4. 4. S I M P L I F I C T A I O N Mama Lucia’s Pizza 2007-2008 KCA Architects - Fairfax, VA Simplification In retail, as in architecture, it is about simplification for the user, client, contrac- tor, etc. The purpose of a space should be evident visually and not confuse the consumer. The details of describing the structure of a project should be clear visually as well. Notes and signage need to be used when necessary when the architecture cannot fully describe a space. This project was made simple by al- lowing customers to understand precisely the way in which they were to traverse the space. Software used: AutoCad Chester Lech 10Chester Lech 08 Chester Lech 11
  5. 5. a m e l i o r a t eHollywood Tans2007-2008KCA Architects - Fairfax, VAAmeliorateAs the world grows, business does as well. Clients tend to outgrow their space.To ameliorate this, a new, larger space needs be designed better than the first.Each nook and cranny must be examined and well designed. The floor, ceiling,walls, door handles, parapets, phases of demolition, etc. require a consistentthought process. Below represents only a small portion of what a good designerprovides to the contractor for a complete job.Software used: AutoCad Chester Lech Chester Lech 19 Chester Lech 19 Chester Lech Chester Lech 17
  6. 6. C O M M O D I O U SHecht’s / Lord & Taylor / Bloomingdales2004-2008KCA Architects - Silver Spring, MDCommodiousBuildings can take up an enormous amount of space if given a vast program.Depending on that program, users may want to occupy a cozy space or, incontrast, they may want to feel the grand size of the space. Shopping requires amix of both. Users want to be able to see the products throughout the store fromwherever they stand, while not feeling engulfed within that space. A large retailspace such as this Bloomingdales, perfectly implements both desires seamlessly.Software used: AutoCad Chester Lech L-24 Chester Lech L Chester Lech L-20Chester Lech L-21 Chester Lech L-