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Ecolite - Environmentally Focused Lighting Towers


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Youngman introduces Ecolite - Environmentally Focused Lighting Towers.

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Ecolite - Environmentally Focused Lighting Towers

  1. 1. Introduces Environmentally Focused Lighting Towers
  2. 2. 21st Century Re-Design • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 183% longer run time 75% more fuel efficient 60% quieter 32% lighter Dusk to dawn auto switching Better light than 1,000w MH Broad spectrum Mesopic light 50% increase in colour rendition No flicker Dramatically reduced glare Dramatically reduced shadows Enhanced visual acuity Enhanced peripheral vision No hotspots Increased human response time
  3. 3. Technology- New Vs Old Nearly all Lighting Towers in use today are based on technology from the 1960’s using inefficient 1,000W Metal Halide bulbs. The Ecolite uses modern, energy efficient 150W Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide bulbs. Combined with our patented prismatic lens technology the Ecolite is able to produce superior definition, clarity and colour reproduction.
  4. 4. Ecolite Vs 1000W MH Ecolite 1,000W MH
  5. 5. Safety • Designed to withstand winds of up to 100kph (62mph) • Lifting eyes and tie down points • Glare & flicker free • Drastically cut refuelling frequency reducing the likelihood of an incident • Ecolite -T AMOSS – Automatic Mast Operating Safety System (operator cannot raise the mast unless the brakes are deployed) • Flexibility of 3500 mast rotation and individual lamp positioning
  6. 6. Safety- Overhead Obstructions One of the biggest risks from operating lighting towers is from overhead obstructions such as power lines. In 2002 two men were killed whilst moving a lighting tower in the raised position into 20,000-volt overhead power lines. Several manufacturers have since developed fail safe systems that automatically lower the mast, either hydraulically or electrically as soon as the handbrake is released. Highways Managing Agent Contractor Aone+ has even gone so far as to specify that all lighting towers used on their network have this feature. Handbrake Applied Handbrake Released
  7. 7. Economic – Reduce Logistics Costs • Fewer fuel deliveries • Lower refuelling labour costs • Reduced traffic management costs & disruption (within road works) • Fuel saving on bowser/fuel bunker vehicles • Reduced opportunity for fuel contamination • Lightweight & compact that 10 Ecolite-T units or 20 Ecolite-P units fit on a standard articulated lorry
  8. 8. Ecological • 80% reduction in overall CO2 footprint • Modular design for rapid component replacement & exchange • High recyclable content • Reduced light pollution (85% of light focused on task) • Reduced noise pollution (single cylinder air cooled engine) • Hydraulic mast system uses biodegradable fluid • Base unit is fully bunded providing 110% machine fluids containment • Dusk to dawn auto switching and 7 day timer options
  9. 9. What Does This Mean For The UK? Based on a conservative estimate of 10,000 lighting towers in the UK market, £45.8 million could be saved on fuel and 151 million KG of CO2 prevented from entering the atmosphere. Fuel Cost Per Year CO2 Output Per Year (KG) £80,000,000 £60,000,000 £40,000,000 £20,000,000 £0 30000000 20000000 10000000 0 1,000W MH Ecolite 1,000W MH Ecolite
  10. 10. What 151 million KG Of CO2 Looks Like!
  11. 11. Ecolite Hire Based on 15 Lighting Towers on a 6 month hire: Over £47,000 saved on fuel alone 157,000 Kg of CO2 prevented from entering the atmosphere At £160 per week you will still save over £20,500 compared to a 4 x 1,000w MH tower at £110 per week Total saving against a £50 Hire Premium over 3 years (6 months utilisation per year) totals £76,500
  12. 12. Contact Us Contact Ross Dryden for more information on Ecolite! Tel: 01621 745 747 Mobile: 07712 135 842 Email: