Trendsetters in the Middle East - Youth Research


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An overview on Trendsetters' profile and expectations, produced by Youngberry, a youth research and marketing agency.

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Trendsetters in the Middle East - Youth Research

  1. 1. TRENDSETTERSIN THEMIDDLE EASTAn overview of trendsetters’ profile and expectationsReport Release Date: May 12, 2011Presenter: Tarek Kassar, CEO of Youngberry
  2. 2. IN PLAIN ENGLISH Wikipedia’s definition to “Trendsetter”:An early adopter or lighthouse customer is an earlycustomer of a given company, product, or technology; inpolitics, fashion, art, and other fields, this person would bereferred to as a trendsetter. Youngberry’s definition:A trendsetter is a customer or consumer who is ahead ofthe curve and real influencer on the mainstream. Webelieve they are the mayors of the “Street Creds*”*Street Credible: credibility among fashionable urban individuals.
  3. 3. TYPE OF TRENDSETTERS In the Middle East, trendsetters are of two types:1. A rich customer who adopts and purchases a lot of new products to motivate the surrounding community to follow him/ her in at least one product without any allegiance to any particular category like car, mobile, clothe, etc...2. A special customer who has voice and opinion on things and share it with the community surrounding him/ her (or even nation-wide) through various media tools like newspapers, blogs, or even social networks in order to influence on one category he /she is most into.
  4. 4. LIFESTYLE There are two main characteristics in a trendsetter: Trendsetter uses his/ her leadership abilities on the fly. His / her lifestyle differs from the rest of the mainstreamand this is how he/she desires to position himself / herself;whether he/ she understands "personal branding" or not.
  5. 5. EXPECTATIONS1. Social Status - the trendsetter wants to be positioned best among his/ her peers and rest of the community. The internal motto: Be always the first and most unique.2. Empowered Voice - the trendsetter is confident about what he/ she says and wants. An empowered voice is the ability to state an opinion to the brand managers. Also, such empowerment can can maintain continuous, direct relationship with the “informative people”.3. Access - the trendsetter wants access to the newest and latest trends in the U.S. and Europe. Also, such access can help brand managers identify whether their product can get the “Street Cred” or not.
  6. 6. PERCEPTIONS A trendsetter wants to be perceived as:1. Self-Actualizing person2. Qualified leader3. Champion in the field4. Advocate of what he / she says
  7. 7. SAMPLE PROFILES Noor Al-Naimi:A fashion stylist and passionate writer who coverscelebrity fashion trends and style at HAUTEMUSEmagazine. On her personal blog, Noor influence theregion’s fashion enthusiasts and stylists. Her blog is( Rita El-Khoury:A pharmacist by day, mobile obsessed writer by night. Ritais an influener blogger who started writing reviews on herpersonal blog and then moved to writing for one of theworld’s most renown mobile news and trends magazines.Rita’s profile can be found on her personal website(
  8. 8. THANK YOUWanna know more?Request a 1/2 day presentation to provide you with morein-depth information.Wanna start engaging with regional trendsetters?Hire us to put your trendsetters’ engagement strategyor effectively engage with them on your read more reports?We invite you to visit our website: