Start-up Battlefield in the Middle East


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Aspiring Entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa region.

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Start-up Battlefield in the Middle East

  1. 1. Release Date: April 15, 2011Presenter: Tarek KassarStart-up BattlefieldAspiring entrepreneurs in the Middle East
  2. 2. WHo are We?Youngberry is a leading youth marketing agency in the Middle East.We Connect teens and young Adults with your brand in ways that are meaningful, authentic, and trend conscious. Learn more at
  3. 3. Introduction• After conducting many researches, we were able to come to conclusion on the major common characteristics of the environment that heavily affect the state of entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa.• The researches were quantitative and qualitative involving 16,000 young persons, and focused on youth aspirations, employment, entrepreneurship, innovation, and culture.
  4. 4. Trusting a partnerTrusting a partner indicates whether you are more/less likely to open your our business in the next 12months. If you find that you can’t trust a partner (excluding a brother, sister, or family relative) to help instarting up a business together, then you are in an inappropriate environment to become an entrepreneurin the future.Search for the right place.
  5. 5. ALess paper, more favorableHaving less paper to do in order to set-up your business seems more favorable to any entrepreneur likeyou; however, most of the MENA countries are difficult places to fill out paperwork.Look to be more positive in crossing over this obstacle.
  6. 6. Helping a complete strangerHelping a complete stranger recently is a strong indicator of your level of entrepreneurship. Theresearches show that you are more likely to become an entrepreneur if you have helped a stranger in thepast 6 months.Start contributing the society, in the end, it will help you in school of life.
  7. 7. Being plugged-inBeing able to access technology such as internet, computer, and mobile device strongly correlate whetherwith whether or not you are likely to open your business in the next 12 months. Access to technology isvery important in your daily business life.The more people have access to technology the more likely we are to see aspiring entrepreneurs.
  8. 8. Working but not for your ownHaving a full-time job is directly related to the potential of opening a business in the next 12 months.Some people think that young people who dont have a job shift immediately to open their own business,but that has proven wrong in this part of the world. It might sound unlikely but aspiring entrepreneurs aremore likely to be currently employed, rather than un-employed.Feel free to work on your project while employed, there many people doing the same.
  9. 9. Wanna Learn more about This Research?Hire uS: Connect with US:Lebanon 00961 03 88 55 49 TWITTER @YOUNGBERRYTEAMqatar 00974 66 99 33 01 FACEBOOK YOUNGBERRY AGENCYEMAIL TK@YOUNGBERRY.COM WeBSite YOUNGBERRY.COM