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Young Marketers 2 - Double S


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Young Marketers 2 - Double S

  1. 1. YOUNG MARKETERS season 2 TOPIC: OK CONDOM TEAM: DOUBLE S Luong Vu Trung Nguyen Anh Thu
  2. 2. I. Background information: 75% the youth have sex before married Only 45% Use condom (Tiền Phong, 2012) 1st ASIAN ABORTION RATE WORLD 5th (VNExpress, 2013)
  3. 3. I. Background information: -Vietnam is a traditional country that why the view of Vietnamese about sex are quite puritanical. + School and family are not open to teach REASON WHY ? children and provide information about sex them some important → therefore, they lack of education about sex and easy to suffer STIs. - Recently, Western culture was introduced to Vietnam , the lifestyle of the youth are quite “ easy” with sex. + not control depravation entertainment in Vietnam such as video and film. - People in 18-24 years old, they also want to expand their knowledge about sex. Hence, they have curiosity about the physical of different gender.
  4. 4. II. Situation analysis: Made in Thailand sold in supermarket, pharmacy and convenience store OK condom only brand supported price by the government First condom was launched in Vietnam
  5. 5. III. Objective: 1.Corporate objective: +Achieve 65% target audience in Hanoi and HCM city and believe that OK condom is a suitable product for the youth for the first 3 months + expand supply network +Closely connect between company and customers, as a result, understand secret demand. + change style of packaging 2. Financial objective: + Increase profit by 15% at least at the first 3 months and 25% for next 6 months 3. Marketing objective: +Develop means of distributing information for customers + Become a leader of Vietnamese market share about condom OK + Educating the youth that using condom protect yourself and prevent STIs
  6. 6. IV. Target audience Ha Noi and HCM city Income: BCD 18-24 years
  7. 7. V. Customer insight: Quality Real feeling How safe it is???? convenience Excitement Price
  8. 8. We want a new kind of condom with an ADAPTABLE PRICE and highly available at all. Also, it can help couple experience high level of sex emotion. Particularly, it is safe for them
  9. 9. VI. Big idea: OK DON’T BE SHY !!!!!!
  10. 10. VII. Positioning: Product Average Price ( VND) OK Durex 35,000 Sagami 25,000 Okamoto Brand awareness 5,000 105,000 high Price low high low
  11. 11. VIII. SWOT analysis: Strengths Weaknesses + First condom was launched in Vietnam – build brand image for a long time + Low price + Subsidized by the government + Lack of quality improvement + Not real sexual emotion compared to other brands + Less choice for customer Opportunities Threats + high population- high demands + Many fake OK condom are available in Vietnam market + Many strong competitors such as Durex, Okamoto, Sagami…………
  12. 12. IX. Strategy approach: OK condom: shopping product Augmented Actual product Core benefit • Provide online transaction • Famous brand in Vietnam • NOT attracted packaging • Bring real happiness • Protect you and your partner
  13. 13. IX. Strategy approach: ( Price) Affordable price, protection 5,000 30,000 105,000 25,000
  14. 14. IX. Strategy approach: ( Place) Wholesalers BigC , Lotte marks, pharmacy customer Nuilua, caubevang condom store Semi automatic Multichannel distribution Online, condom store Customer Individual customers
  15. 15. Promotion: Promotional campaigns Media Pull Customers Description OK condom Purpose Sponsorship - Sponsor for sex education programs - Bring “OK” image become - Sponsor for some special events more familiar with everyone - Build relationship with community Point of Purchase - Poster/Banner - Display “OK” image with the slogan “OK Don’t be shy ” - Increase brand awareness - Indicate customers where to buy OK condom Online marketing - Online channel: facebook, youtube to advertise OK condom with lower cost than other means - Reach higher number of customers on the internet Public relation - News, TV, special events - Advertise condom to whole country
  16. 16. Day STEP 1: 2/1/20142/4/2014 Inform Description 2/1/20142/12/2014 Advertise clip advertising 20s about OK condom on TV channel such as: Yan TV, VTV3, VTV6 where is the channel of the youth. And Zonefm also, focus on student who lives in dorm. 3/1/2014 Make plan to create new packaging that is more attracted 2/2/2014 Set up website of OK + sell OK condom online + share and confide the secret story 14/2/2014 Set up vending machine to sell condom and other convenience product on main street in Hanoi and HoChiMinh City. Furthermore, setting vending machine that sold only condom in university. We will make sample in Ho Chi Minh City first. 16/2/2014 Small event introduce customer about new vending machine. 17/2/2014 Advertising on magazines and newspapers spend on the youth such as 2!, Barcode. 1/38/3/2014 Vending machine 9/3/2014 9/3/2014 15/3- Which is the biggest one event Discount 10% of condom- create demands for customer – attract them more?? Distribute product in convenience store . But psychological of customer, we make the number for condoms( OK: 1, Durex :2, Okamoto:3, Sagami:4 )- don’t be shy to buy condom Educated for the seller in convenience store about attitude with customer when they buy product Do a survey about attitude customer about vending machine.
  17. 17. STEP2: 2/4/20142/8/2014 Remind- Make it different Put poster and flyer in cinema such as Megastar, Lotte, Galaxy or supermarket like Big C……- change awareness of customer about condom 29/4-1/5/2014 Distribute product with new packaging in the market + some promotion buy 1 box of condom ( 144 condom) have a raincoat with slogan : OK Don’t be shy!!!!!!!!!!!!! And discount 20% for the first 20 customer. 5/5/2014 Teach sex education in university and distribute bracelet with slogan: OK Don’t be shy!!!!!!!!!!!! 2/5-2/7/2014 STEP3: 2/8/20142/12/2014. Ready to get it on. OK Don’t be shy !!!!!!!!!! 2/4/2014-28/4/2014 Distribute more vending machine create a contest about sex for the youth. 20/10/2014 Make special event with celebrities Sharing knowledge and experience about sex. Game show: + Who is the biggest one????????? + Girls What do you know about boys? + Gift : Vungtau trip for couples if they win. 21/10-2/12/2014 Make some promotion: discount, premium,….
  18. 18. Task Responsibility Jan Feb Market research MD x x Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Budget (Million VND ) Detail PRODUCT x >60 Customer survey MD x x x >40 University Quality test ITD/WD x x x 100 Samples TOTAL >200 PLACE Research on distribution MD x Establish professionally delivery team HRD/MD x Salesman training program x HRD/MD x x >80 100 x x TOTAL Training 60 x Productivity reports Training for salesman >240 PRICE Research on competitors’ price MD Customer’s evaluation about price x x MD x >30 x 100 TOTAL >130 PROMOTION Redesign product MD x x x TV Advertising vs Radio MD x x x >500 Newspaper advertising MD Websites MD x x Discount MD x x Premium MD x Vending machine MD X Celebrities MD X >250 Gifts MD X >50 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 1500 >80 x x X >200 x x 200 x x 100 1000 TOTAL EXTRA cost 3880 TOTAL >4450 550
  19. 19. Project evaluation Bad Neutral Very good Units Vending machine <1000 >2500 >4000 Condoms/week/ machine TV <10% 10% - 15% >20% Percentage of population during specific period Online news <1000 1500 >3000 number of likes, rates OK website < 990 1500 >2000 Views per month Celebrities, game <1000 show 1500 – 2000 >2500 Students each school participate Condom order >2000 >3000 Number of condoms ordered per month 55% – 64% >65% For the whole strategy <1500 Demand for OK <55% condom increase to:
  20. 20. Thank you for your attention!!!!