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Young marketers assignment 14.1 tram loc (1)


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Young marketers assignment 14.1 tram loc (1)

  3. 3. - Inspire TA to “live out every minute” in Valentine's Day 2014, use a creative digital marketing campaign to stand out from other competitors, who also celebrate Valentine’s Day (ex: Close up) - Increase the customer’s engagement to brand – Yomost Campaign Objectives
  4. 4. Media behavior: - regularly online and use smart phone - frequently update facebook, youtube - interested and willing to share interesting clips - Vietnamese young people age from 18- 24, urban areas. - Dynamic in modern digital world - In love or interested in love stories. Customer insight: “ I always try to live life to the fullest, I want to express my feelings towards the one I like as well. Valentine is a appropriate occasion that I express my love. I want one thing that can help me confidently express my feelings and realization of ideas in this special day…” Target Audience
  5. 5. Remind TA about Valentine and Love Encourage the youth to dare to experience to full fill the life Inspire the youth by activitives, Give youth chance to “Try&enjoy” by Yolist Strategy
  6. 6. Concept
  7. 7. TRIGGER EXPERIENCE AMPLIFICATION Why don’t you dare to express your love to lover? Let’s think about special ideas to express your love! Let’s actualize your idea for an unforgettable Valentine!! Viral Clip Phút yêu đầu - YoMost Valentine 2014 Mobile app “Yo love- cung ngo loi yeu” Integrated execution in digital platform Web banner website Online video Social media Online PR Key massage Key hook Key channels Online PR Website Facebook fanpage Website Facebook Youtube Deployment Plan
  8. 8. 2000 persons join “YOTIME JUMP EVENT” with more than 200 persons register to challenge Simple and cost effective based on Digital Platform Quote “Could you be my Valentine” in the viral clip has been widely spread and used on social network as well as in reality Wide-spread viral clip after 1 month 219.600 views----462 likes on Youtube----4469 likes on Facebook Fanpage Campaign Outcomes
  9. 9. Strategy • combine many tools not only digital but also PR, social media to spread massage • strengthen platform of Yomost Idea • Youth love and Valentinve are not new subject. But Yomost used digital and made a new trend to show feelings. Outcome • 1 campaign only is not sufficient. Yomost is gradually fading and overwhelmed by other brands such us Close-up. Comments on YoLove Campaign
  10. 10. Background/ Context defining Challenge defining Objective defining Target Audience segmenting Insight revealing From Insight plus Brand role to Strategic approach Campaign Concept/ Big Idea Goal Analysis & Strategy Forming Dig deep insights the idea originated Deployment planning measurement 2. HOW TO COME UP A DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN IDEA
  11. 11. BACKGROUND CHALLENGE TARGET AUDIENCE Clear is the No.1 shampoo in Vietnam that offers premium technology solutions to dandruff and other scalp problems (itch, dryness and grease) – allowing you to leave behind any inhibitions and look flawless. Clear is a brand of Unilever which is about to own Vietnam’s summer 1. Refresh brand image (haircare industry is quite boring & their marketing activities are irrelevant to the youth) 2. One step forward it’s competitors to get closer to the youth OBJECTIVES 1. Own the perception of “summer” & “cool” for Brand Clear since 2013 2. Refresh the brand image, make it more dynamic & relevant to the youth  Create differentiations with competitors  Strengthen brand’s personality & value  Strengthen brand love 1. Who are they? - Youth, urban - 15-25 yo, BCD - Heavy online users - Dynamic, out-going, love to explore the world, update the latest news & shares to others 2. Consumer context - Aware Vietnam is full of cool places BUT still need a motivator to step out & explore despite of the hot summer Example: Clear My Kool VN 2013
  12. 12. INSIGHT STRATEGY I’m youngster & love to explore the new things. Vietnam is full of cool places, therefore I love to explore VN & share to friends. Summer is a great time to step out & explore, BUT it’s hot which drives my scalp annoyed with DANDRUFF & ITCHINESS that makes me unconfident. CONCEPT BRAND ROLE A solution to worry-free of DANDRUFF – ITCHINESS to explore VN in Summer, since awake TA’s national pride CO-CREATION PROJECT (this digital campaign is a part of PR campaign with digital platform) Step 1: Raise the talk in digital world – about National Pride Step 2: Bring the campaign into real life for consumer’s real experience Step 3: Then share the real experience back to digital world – and amplify by the My Kool Vietnam e-Map 1st EVER SUMMER MAP OF VIETNAM MY KOOL VIETNAM WITH EXCITING PLACES, ACTIVITES, HOT SPOTS, EVENTS,… WHICH ARE UPDATED BY USERS THEMSELVES. Example: Clear My Kool VN 2013