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  • A social marketing campaign that focuses on making subsidized condoms, oral contraceptives pills, and other modern contraceptive methods available to the general population through its nation-wide distribution network.
- Targeted interventions that focus on at-risk populations that are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • original 90k/hộp 2 cái => 45k/cái ; ~15 typesDurex 45k/hộp 3 cái => 15k/cái : ~ 13 typesOkamoto 120k/hộp 10 cái => 12k/cái ;<10 typesOk 3k/cái; 5-6 types
  • “A has sent you her/him very special key. What are you still doing here, go unlock her/him ;)”. Transcript: “Cô (anh) bạn A đãgửimảnhghéptìnhyêu củacôấy (anhấy)cho bạn. Bạncóphảilàmảnhghépcònlạiđặcbiệt của cô (anh) ấychứ ;)?”
  • The estimated total cost of University and High school journey is 80,000,000 VND27 Universities to visit: (16 HCMC, 11 HN)Academy of Aviation of VietnamBanking University of Ho Chi Minh CityHo Chi Minh City National UniversityHo Chi Minh City Open UniversityHo Chi Minh City Architecture UniversityHo Chi Minh City University of CultureUniversity of Economics, Ho Chi Minh CityHo Chi Minh City University of IndustryHo Chi Minh City University of LawHo Chi Minh City International UniversityPosts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology Ho Chi Minh CityTon DucThang UniversityVan Hien UniversityVan Lang UniversityHoaSen UniversitySaigon UniversityHanoi University of AgricultureHanoi Le-Quy-Don Technical UniversityHanoi Open UniversityVietnam National University, HanoiHanoi Medical University Hanoi National University of EducationHanoi UniversityHanoi University of Civil Engineering Hanoi University of LawHanoi University of Science and TechnologyHanoi University of Mining and Geology 
  • Young Marketers 2 - The Unpopular

    1. 1. Young Marketers 2 Tran Thuy Quynh Nhu Khau Nguyen Du Linh
    2. 2. AGENDA • • • • • • • Stage 1 Product Overview • Competitor Analysis • Positioning Map • SWOT • Target Audience • Customer Insights Problem Statement & Marketing Objectives Stage 2 Big Idea IMC Program Implementation Plan Costing Evaluation
    3. 3. PRODUCT OVERVIEW • Distributed by DKT Viet Nam • Available in 11,000 outlets; including 9,000 pharmacies • Normal condom brand • 4 types (normal, long shock, dotted, flavored) with 6 different flavors: plain, orange, strawberry, apple, mint and banana • The price is cheaper than other brands in the market: – 9.000 VND per small box – 144.000 VND per large box
    4. 4. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Based on the popularity of condom brands in Vietnam, we choose Durex, Okamoto and Sagami as OK’s direct competitors. • Durex is a popular brand not only in Vietnam but also internationally famous. Therefore, Durex is OK’s biggest competitors due to their huge customer base and high brand awareness. • Okamoto is a Japanese brand famous for their high quality and super thin condoms. With medium price range, Okamoto attracts many buyers in Vietnam. • Sagami is a luxury brand from Japan that targets a higher price range with a wider range of products. Due to its high price, their customer base is quite selective.
    5. 5. POSITIONING MAP Compared with Durex’s competitors in Vietnam, OK lacks in the availability of condom types (fragrance, longshot, dotted and natural) while Okamoto, Sagami and Durex has a wider range of choices (ultrathin, peak performance, performa and ribbed..). On the other hand, OK condom has a price advantage (only 9,000VND/per box) thanks to government support. High Price Availability of Condom Types
    6. 6. SWOT STRENGTHS • First condom brand in Viet Nam • Received Financial Support policy by Vietnamese Government • Cheap – not to receive profit • Have strong ethical goals – focus on Young adult • Natural latex, without color OPPORTUNITIES • Will be a suitable brands for normal and low income people WEAKNESSES • Hard to find in online market and convenient shops • Hard to Information about OK company because the web address was under another name. THREATS • Have to compete with different foreign brands like Durex, Okomoto, Sagami to find its position in the market • Create doubts among Vietnamese consumer about its quality
    7. 7. CUSTOMER INSIGHT Segmenting Variables Subcategories Target Segments Geographics Country Mainly urban areas in Vietnam: - Ho Chi Minh City: 7.386 million - Ha Noi: : 6.561 million (govn 2010)  13.947 million of total population in 2010 (86.927 million) Demographics Age Gender Family lifecycle Income BehaviourUser Status graphics User Rate Benefit sought Psychographics Social class Lifestyle 18-24 Male & Female Single B, C and D class income Current users: young sexually active people who are dissatisfied of the current condom brand they are using. Potential users: 55% of Vietnamese youth have premarital sex without condoms. Non-users: People who have interest in sex and condom. Medium to high Pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (HIV/AIDs) prevention Different options of condom types to choose from Safe and enjoyable sex, level of pleasure not affected by wearing condom Lower to middle class Modern young people who are not much affected by the elder generation’s conservative thinking about premarital sex. They are people who want to experience new and exciting things and a bit influenced by Western culture.
    8. 8. PROBLEM STATEMENT In 75% young people who have premarital sex, only 45% use condoms. This has led to a huge concern regarding sexually transmitted diseases in Vietnam. MARKETING OBJECTIVES • Enhance OK’s brand image • Bring back OK’s number one condom brand position in Vietnam • Increase 15% sales revenue • Develop demand from 45% to 60% of the target audience
    9. 9. BIG IDEA • Theme: Using the funny concept of puzzle (xếp hình), a well-known slang among young adult for sexual intercourse, to promote the idea of safe sex and enhance OK’s brand image in Vietnam. • Theme colors: Red and white • Tone of Voice: Friendly, Funny, Attractive • Message behind: Using condom for safer sex. • Slogan: Match your love puzzles with OK. ( Cùng gắn kết tình yêu của bạn với OK.) • Timeline: 6 month campaign, from the beginning of November 2013 till the end of May 2014.
    10. 10. IMC PROGRAM Guerilla Marketing Van Advertising • • • • Time: November 2013 to the beginning of December 2014 Objective: – To enhance curiosity among people in the city about the upcoming event of OK. – Let them go to OK website for more information through QR code Description: – The private van in red with puzzle theme will be driven around district 1 and 3. It will have white sentence: ‘Coming soon’ to make people concern about the event and its product. The bus will go around District 1, 3 and 5 where has many people around to attract their attentions. Quantitative explanation: – To attract people about what is coming with the puzzle theme and make them surprise after access OK’s Facebook fanpage through QR code. The more people come to OK’s fanpage, the more successful this tactic will be.
    11. 11. IMC PROGRAM Guerilla Marketing Instant condom selling machine • • • • Time: from the begin of November to December 2013 Objectives: – To increase mass awareness among men and women walk by the bus station or in the park about the up coming event. – To allow young people to buy condom publicly without hesitations. Description: – Together with each decorated bus waiting area, a instant OK condom selling machine will be located. There are 8 condom slots to choose from: normal, dotted, long shock and 5 scents. Each box will have different quote for encouragement, for example: I love you more, Nothing can Stop Us. The machine will be put in the local park, Main Bus Stop of District 1, 3 and 5. Qualitative explanation: – To lessen the awkward feelings among the youths while buying condoms through instant condom machine. This tactics will enhance their excitement and make them become familiar with condom’s existence with its attractive packaging design and various encouraging quotes.
    12. 12. IMC PROGRAM TVC • Time: from Dec 2014 to April 2014 • Objectives: – To attract mass TV viewer’s awareness about OK condoms and its up-coming campaign – To make teenagers and young adults feel comfortable and be familiar with OK condom. • Description: – The TVC will have a romantic concept between a Vietnamese young adult couple. The guy is waiting for the girl, then when she comes, the girl will give a guy a box of OK condom with an encouragement on it ‘We can do it’. Like she agree to make love with him till they use OK condom. The TVC will be broadcasted after famous TV series or shows for teenager on MTV Viet Nam, Yan TV, VTV3 and HTV 2 from 6pm to 10pm • Qualitative explanation: – The launch day of the TVC will be on Christmas and this TVC will be applied as the main TVC of condom till the end of the campaign. The TVC attract young adult not only because of its similar, friendly plot like in Korean cinema but it also teach them to use condom for having safe sex.
    13. 13. IMC PROGRAM Public Relations • • • • Time: November 2013 to May 2014 Objectives: – Raising awareness among journalist about the campaign’s mission for save sex through using condoms. – Attract newspaper and magazine readers about the event that they can go to OK’s Facebook fanpage to take a look. Media chosen: – Print newspaper: Dep Magazine, Esquire Magazine, Elle Magazine, 2! Magazine and Tuoi Tre newspaper. – Online newspaper: Channel 14 (Kenh 14) and and forums (,, Description: – Newspaper and Magazine will be chosen to attract mass Vietnamese readers. The PR tactics will be separate into 2 stages: Opening stages with ‘Coming soon’ – Printed poster, Promotion stages with News article about Instant condom selling machine and young adult’s safe sex and the press release about the Journey to University campaign. These 2 stages will attract viewers about OK’s core missions and its products.
    14. 14. IMC PROGRAM Social Networking • Time: Throughout the campaign • Objectives – Enhance customer engagement with OK condoms – Create awareness about OK and the current promotional activities of OK • Description – QR code on the van will lead to OK’s Facebook fanpage. Information about the campaign will be updated frequently together with PR-ing the “Love Puzzle” app. Interaction between the page and the subscribers is also very high. • Qualitative explanation – Facebook is no doubt one of the most effective way to reach to the young people. By using social media as one of the main tools in this campaign, also the longest, we hope to not only promote the safe sex awareness but also engage with our customers.
    15. 15. IMC PROGRAM Mobile Application • Time: from Feb 2014 to March2014 • Objectives: – Gain word of mouth marketing and raise awareness – Increase customer interaction and create positive attitude towards the brand • Description – Following the QR code on the bus, the audience with be led to a link to download a mobile app called “Love Puzzle”. “Love Puzzle” will first ask the user’s name then the person’s name and email he/she wants to give the ‘missing piece’ to. The person will open his/her mail with the message “A has sent you her/him ‘s puzzle piece. Are you her/his missing piece? ;)”.”. Under the message will be a big icon encouraging the receiver to share this on their Facebook with the description “B was sent a special puzzle to match someone special’s. How about you?”. • Qualitative explanation – The launch date of “Love Puzzle” is during Valentine and White Valentine holidays, which are the ideal festivals for couples to express their love to each other. The app’s main color theme will be red and white, with OK’s logo at the bottom of the app. The layout will be changed depending on the upcoming festival. By integrating social media and modern tech, “Love Puzzle” aims to create viral marketing and WOM, also excitement for the target audience. Thus, a metaphoric message sent between users together with OK logo will somehow increase the audience’s safe sex awareness.
    16. 16. IMC PROGRAM Billboards • Time: from January 2014 to May 2014 • Objective – Increase brand awareness of OK and let people become familiar with the brand. – Reach 65% of total target market • Description – Digital billboard would be chosen as a tool to inform OK’s campaign. Streets which meets the high traffic level includes Nguyen Hue Street, Nguyen Van Cu street, 3/2 traffic-circle, Hang Xanh roundabout, Phu Dong traffic-circle, Cach Mang Thang Tam street (HCMC) and crowded streets in Hanoi. • Qualitative explanation – At the beginning of the year, especially on Tet holidays, there are a lot of cultural events occurring on these streets, which leads to the implication that a great deal of people will get exposed to these billboards. Moreover, setting billboard in the digital form would carry a high probability of grasping attention from people.
    17. 17. IMC PROGRAM Journey to Universities in HN & HCMC • • • • Time: 2014April 2014 to May Objectives – To increase brand awareness and brand image in the target customers’ perception – To give samples to universities students Description – Target: 27 big universities in HN and HCMC. A group of 4 promotion girls and boys (carefully selected PGs with sexually attractive appearances) wearing OK uniforms will give out free OK condoms to students. Qualitative explanation – This event can attract many students to participate in because the time we choose to conduct this event is after examination period of most universities, so they have time to relax and excited. Moreover, with 2 decorated buses, we can expose the brand image of OK to the streets that the buses have been to, the brand awareness also increase. – University journey also can create WOM and viral marketing effect because most students want to take pictures with/of beautifully decorated buses and with their friends to post on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Zing me.
    19. 19. ESTIMATED BUDGET Campaign budget: VND 5% 10% 25% Van Advertising Social Network 10% University tour Billboard Mobile Apps 10% 15% PR Condom selling Machine 5% 20% TVC
    20. 20. EVALUATION Tactics How Social Network • Number of fans on Facebook • Comments and like rate among each posts Van Advertising • The increase of Facebook visit and number of Fan page per day PR • Number of Articles on newspaper and online newspaper • Positive and Negative comments of viewers TVC • Numbers of Viewer • Online survey Instant condom selling machine Billboard Mobile Applications • Interview • Survey • The number of box’s condom has been sold • Survey • Interview • Download rate Journey to University • Number of Attendant • Number of comdom’s boxes have been sent • Interview