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Young Marketers 2 - S.E.X

  1. 1. Prepared by S.E.X Communications – Strategic Emotional Xperts October, 18 2013
  2. 2. OK Condom OK Condom was the pioneering brand in the market. This helped OK OWN THE IDENTITY of condom and contraception in Vietnam. Challenge Major of the youth are ASHAMED of using condom and 1/70 are having SEXUAL TRANSMITTED DISEASES (STDs) The task Business Ambition A marketing plan with budget of 5 bil VND to approach YOUTH (18-24, BCD, HCM & HN) to deliver brand values. Switch the youth from non-users to royal consumers of condom for and increase brand loyalty for current users.
  3. 3. LET’S SEE WHERE WE ARE… For many years, OK has been positioned Pleasure feeling as low-cost condom with high safety but low pleasure while Durex is premium. Moreover, on the market there are many brands focusing on pleasure positioning Safety OK = ANTI-PREGNANCY DUREX = THIN AND PLEASURE Source: Vietnam Condom Market Research by Fuji Latex, 2012
  5. 5. LET’S TALK ABOUT OUR TARGET AUDIENCE OR, PRECISELY, THEIR INSIGHT… Sex is not something to talk in public. And buying ASHAMED LACK OF MOTIVATIONTO USE UNAWARE OF STDS Young men, 18-24, class BCD, students or workers. condom is perceived as un-civilized I do not see any of my friends talking this stuff loudly. It does not give me real feelings. It is the same as saying my girlfriend has some diseases It is my girlfriend, anyway. It is safe Even when I get STDs, it is not serious and easily curable. Source: Zing News articles, Survey with N = 50, Interview, with N = 4
  6. 6. SO, THE TOUCH POINTS ARE… Sex is not something to talk in public. And buying Create a community where they can talk about sex condom is perceived as un-civilized more open. Make it from virtual to real life by I do not see any of my friends talking this stuff loudly. cross-media. It does not give me real feelings. It is the same as saying my girlfriend has some diseases It is my girlfriend, anyway. It is safe Even when I get STDs, it is not serious and easily curable. Create a THIN product line and make it as key product. Educate a attitude of taking safe sex as a healthy and positive life style Utilize touch points in media to convey the message of ANYONE CAN HAVE STD – IT IS NOT RARE AND SOME MAY KILL.
  7. 7. TARGET AUDIENCE BEHAVIOR 95% 56% TARGET AUDIENCE Are online Have at least 1 social media account Use mobile to go online Leverage Digital, Social & Mobile as the key approach In combination of OOH and PR to amplify Source: Cimigo netizen report, 2012
  8. 8. TARGET AUDIENCE BEHAVIOR TARGET AUDIENCE Have many different words to express the act of havingexample: xếp condom on social platforms sex and hình, làm chuyện ấy, phòng the, áo For mưa,… They avoid to use the words directly Utilize it to make the word OK become REPLACEMENT for condom, safety and pleasure. TOP OF MIND Source: VOZ Forum, 2013; Haivl, 2013
  9. 9. OVERVIEW The OBJECTIVE is raising awareness, enhancing brand positioning and pushing sales INSIGHT I feel ashamed when buying condom. INSIGHT I believe when it’s my girlfriend, it should be real. INSIGHT I am unconscious that STD can harm me. Moreover, my girlfriend can never transmit STDs to me BEHAVIOR - Digital, PR & OOH are touch points - Utilize OK as key word APPROACH Utilize touch points of the youth on social and digital to create concern on STDs that any people can carry STD and it causes dangerous outcomes. Brand steps in, support and give a solution for the youth to have sex safely but still real. AMPLIFY Make a young Vietnam confident on safe sex
  10. 10. INTRODUCING CREATIVE IDEA IF IT’S OK, THEN OK (CÓ OK THÌ Ừ KHÔNG SAO) For the first time in Vietnam, there is a campaign encouraging Vietnamese youth to talk about sex open and commit to have safe sex public on billboard. It is also the first platform of a condom brand to educate about an OK ATTITUDE. OK now can be considered as an attitude of a modern young to live healthy and positively without any fear. PRODUCT ROLE: protect users from having STDs, helping avoid pregnancy BRAND ROLE: inspire, guider for the youth to have a positive lifestyle and an OK attitude
  11. 11. OK STORY – CONVERSATION FLOW A young man shared his story of getting liver infected because of his girlfriend unintentionally get the virus, and they had sex. This raised a big concern on social about having sex safely even though that is our girlfriend… The young men start to worry about true pleasure of having sex, and OK steps in and gives solution. New product of ultra thin and extremely safe is the solution. PHASE 1: PROVOKE PHASE 2: ENGAGE AND SOLVE The young men started to adapt using OK condom and as well, they made a confirm that they would do it without any embarrassment for their own goods. Together, the youth of Vietnam made a promise of a safer sex with OK. PHASE 3: AMPLIFY
  12. 12. Campaign Roll Out Phase 1: Provoke Raise concern on Anyone can have STD and it is not an shame to buy condom. Viral Clip Teasing Banner Social Media Online PR Phase 2: Engage & Solve Phase 3: Amplify The youth now is free to talk about sex and condom since it proves that they are healthy. OK supports you and gives you platform to express it. The whole community of youth in Vietnam now has a OK ATTITUDE that confidently talking about having safe sex. “Call to action” banner Facebook / Mobile App Social Media Online PR, SEO, SEM Activation Sampling New product Auto machines Live Billboard Vietnam Young Sex live Billboard Online PR
  13. 13. PHASE 1 HOW? Viral clip Create a big concern that anyone can bring STD in their bodies and having sex “without OK” is not going to be OK for them. Angle: Anyone can carry STD in their body. Mass online PR to raise concern Social: forum, hot fan page, influencers to make the concern more significant Viral clip Viral clip is built on the virus’s ways to be killed. Some are destroyed by heat, by medicine, but some cannot be destroyed but can only be blocked by condom. These are also the key characters for activities in Phase 2.
  14. 14. PHASE 2 New Product OK launched the new line of product which is ULTRA THIN to give the best pleasure. Activation & Sampling Activation at universities via doctor seminars, annual check-ups and give free sampling. Auto machines Create auto machines for users to buy more conveniently and the auto machines can interact with users through digital platform (can log in by Facebook accounts). This helps the users less ashamed and be more familiar. PR AND SEO, SEM To raise awareness and strongly recommend users to use this ULTRA THIN to have the best pleasure.
  15. 15. PHASE 2 Digital Engagement Based on the Virus character, develop mobile apps and Facebook apps for users to play games. The platform is Defense, and through that, they will learn the facts about safe sex and brand OK Live Billboard Before playing, the user will tick to the Agreement terms, and automatically, their name will be displayed on big live update billboard with the statement that “The user has already said OK to his life. Why not you next?” The billboard also updated highest score.
  16. 16. PHASE 2 TRAFFIC DRIVING TOOL Display Ad Facebook ad Display ad Social Media Hot fan page Influencers FACEBOOK APP / MOBILE APP Official fan page Online PR Earned media OOH BILLBOARD Live update PR Articles
  17. 17. PHASE 3 Live billboard By collecting all OK Moments of users national wide, the billboard will be a mosaic of a Confident to be OK Vietnam. Online PR and Social Amplifying the key message on mass PR and social platforms. Emphasize the OK ATTITUDE.
  18. 18. DEPLOYMENT PLAN Nov Preparation Dec PHASE 1 (4 weeks) Proke Jan Feb Mar PHASE 2 (10 weeks) Engage and Solve Apr PHASE 3 (6 weeks) Amplify SOCIAL SPREADING Viral clip Online PR Online PR + SEO, SEM Display ad Online activity Auto machine Activation Live billboard Online PR
  19. 19. BUDGET ALLOCATION AND KPI No. Item Budget Allocation 1 Social Spreading (hot fan page, influencers, 9gag clone sites…) 25.000 2 Online PR 20,000 3 SEO, SEM 5,000 4 Display Ad (Google ad network, Banner duration) 30,000 5 Live billboard 70,000 6 Activation 20,000 7 Sampling 5,000 8 Auto machines 35,000 9 Production: viral clip, app, visuals… 30,000 TOTAL 240,000 USD ~5 bil. VND KPI MEASUREMENT - Survey, group focus  brand awareness and brand proposition - Sales measurement - ROI