Young Marketers 2 - M-elements


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Young Marketers 2 - M-elements

  1. 1. Throughout different approaches on various situational analysis made based on a thorough and deep look into the situation, we have drawn out our plan and marketing campaigns on how to make the best of the 5 million VND budget with the final target to widely spread out the use of condoms, OK condom in particularly, while having intercourse by the Vietnam youth, aged between 18 to 24. In overall, from ideas to plans, we have finalized actions with the involvement of diversified partners from such various fields in the economy, including media, service providers, retailers, IT and many to be named. Step by step, reaching customers to analyze customer insights which is to identify the problem, then to give them the best answers by planning the best solution, at the end, we are not only building a bigger brand of OK versions, but also Overview
  2. 2. Market Intelligence Why don’t they use condoms? Which condom brand do people use? Why do they use OK and why not?
  3. 3. Market Intelligence 85% uses Durex as their first choice 50% thinks quality is the most important 30% thinks of brand 20% thinks of features 300 people Age: 20 -24 65% uses condoms while having sex 35% doesn’t use condoms 10% uses OK as their regular choice 5% uses other brands 87% is shy to buy condoms They often see OK in drugstores
  4. 4. S.W.O.T SƯ Bunch of fake products Low price =low quality High competitive market Long standing in Vietnam Red color brand = easy recognition Cheap price for all income levels Chance for brand extension and expansion Bring more services for consumers Raise awareness about product quality Few distribution channel Weak marketing Unvaried in product function
  5. 5. Target Audience 20 – 24 aged Use smartphones In Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh
  6. 6. OBjectives Increase the use of condoms up to 70% Raise awareness of OK condoms to the audience as a leading brand in the market Increase total revenue by 15%
  7. 7. Consumers’ Insights What are people thinking? “BEST BRAND FOR ME IS DUREX” “OK IS EASILY TORN” “ OK’s package is too red and old-fashionable” Feelings Beliefs Attitude Likes: convenient, safe, trendy Dislikes: low quality, expensive, old-fashion Top, expensive brand brings good quality OK condom is bad. Willing to pay more for the better one Hesitate to go buy a condom, especially OK.
  8. 8. Consumers’ Insights Why we are choosing them as our target audience?  This segment accounts for the most proportion in those who have sex for the first time in Vietnam  Their knowledge is at average or above average and most assessable.  They are the youth and the most active ones in the whole society.  They want to be the most trendy person. They can make trends and can easily spread the trends.  They are easier and more willing to change.  They have smartphones and are the most updated. They can easily get assess to information and our application.
  10. 10. With thorough market intelligence, we draw out the Big Umbrella of approaching our potential consumers by AIDS model. We raise their awareness, make them interested, touch their desires and call out for their actions. OK condoms Consumers
  11. 11. Time Frame
  12. 12. AWARENESS We raise awareness of OK condoms and how to use condoms Public Relations  FESS (First-Ever Safe Sex) campaign: OK Fair, OK sex education conference, OK trial products campaign, etc…  Media coverage: + SEO on Google + Facebook sponsorship on our OK fanpage + OK’s website to give consultancy and online purchase + YanTV to be the main media channels for OK’s events + Youth and Family newspaper and magazines such as Tap chi phu nu, Tiep thi gia dinh…
  13. 13. INTEREST We make them interested in our products Public Relations  OK application for Android smartphones with 2 functions: consultancy and online purchase.  Short films with about sex education with OK’s sponsorship. 5 minutes each week on YanTV and Yeah1TV.  Celebrity endorsements: Couple endorsement to be OK Ambassadors
  14. 14. DESIRE We make them feel the need and desire for our products Product  Diversify sizes & packages (i.e a package of 2, of 5, of 10)  ABC (Automatic Box of 20 Condoms) (estimated to be used in a month). Just press the button and one condom will automatically emerge from the box. No need to tear the packages, much easier and time-saving. => more convenient. The box can also be a household decoration.  A special material which makes it thinner but stronger. We will make an experiment at our booths in front of consumers to prove that OK condoms are good and safe even exposed to rough surfaces many times.  Add scents or perfumes into the condoms in addition to other features such as colors…  Bundles: Make partners with other brands to make bundles (i.e Gillette, Kotex, Triumph…)
  15. 15. ACTION We make them purchase our products. Promotion  When buying a set of 10 condoms, one will get one toy for their child/ a pregnancy tester for your wife.  Be partners with other brands such as Triumph, Vascara, Yame to use the type of point accumulation to be a VIP member in those stores. Place  Be the sole and monopoly supplier of hotels, motels. These hotels will make up two kinds of accommodation packages: One would be with OK condoms already and the other will be without. => Make it more convenient and easier for consumers to purchase condoms without being shy.  Diversify and open the distribution channels to convenient stores, drugstores, supermarkets with the friendly consultancy of our PBs (Promotion Boys).  Set up small vending machines at the bus stations or train stations together with the use instruction.
  16. 16. Financial ANALYSIS Category/Budget Item Marketing Item total Digitial Marketing Direct Marketing (Offline) 1,5 billion VND 50 million VND Brand Partnership ( Gillette, Kotex, Triumph ) Channel Partnership (Yeah1TV, Yantv) Sub-total 200 million VND 300 million VND 2, 500,000,000 VND Project Opertation Direct expense total Overhead ( 15% of direct expenses) Total App making Film Making Condom fair (fashion show, sex education – Normalize Condom, …) OK Ambassador (celebrity) Product add-in (smell, taste, new package, …) Distribution Channel ( convenient store, bus-stop, vending machine…) 50 million VND 150 million VND 300 million VND 400 million VND 100 million VND 300 million VND 1,300,000,000 VND 3,800,000,000 VND 570,000,000 VND 4,370,000,000 VND