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Young Lions CZ 2023 | PR 04 - WINNER

  2. INSIGHT Czech SMEs feel overwhelmed by the amount and broadness of information concerning sustainability. This discourages them and prevents them from implementing sustainable transformation. SMEs have heard all there is to hear about what sustainability is but they still struggle to implement it into their business. To help them better orientate themselves and solve this, we will explain to them what sustainability is not. IDEA
  3. Sustainability is not using vague phrases saying stuff just to say something over explaining yourself ignoring the bigger picture claiming values you do not really stand behind IDEA
  4. Martin Stáňa TARGET AUDIENCE primary persona secondary persona 39 to 54 years old medium business owner, CEO Does not really care about sustainability personally but knows his business has to. Tried to implement sustainable practices but struggles to comunicate them. loves sports, interested in learning new things, adventurous, enjoys economic webs 35 to 45 years old employees in small business, influence to desicion makers Deeply cares about sustainability in their personal life and business. Their company does not have any sustainability ambitions. loves to travel and try new things, public transport user, likes to network and meet new people
  5. STRATEGY AIM: Convert initial interest of SMEs into consideration of introducing sustainable transformation within their companies. HOW: Through a partnership with CzechCrunch and brand ambassadors, we will provide a complex guideline to ESG introducing specific reasons why companies should invest into and acquire ESG. AIM: Change the narrative by showing SMEs how something seemingly complex and complicated can be easy. HOW: We will emphasize the core of ESG and sustainability practices through city lights placed in regions with a high entrepreneur density. We will grab TA's attention and get a clear message across. AIM: Provide resources and guidance to companies that decide to get on board of the initiative. Highlight ZKL as the partner that will help you take your first steps through the ESG Academy. HOW: We will provide social media support through ZKL's LinkedIn profile. Launch a series of posts tackling myths and prejudices companies have about ESG implementation. Include our ambassadors. PLANT THE SEED DEMYSTIFICATE BE THE RIGHT-HAND MAN
  6. We create inclusive sustainable performance that aims to give value, thrive and grow our products while giving them a new purpose. E S G E S G We strive to build, have and nurture a sustainable, stable and equal brand market position that enables the financial systems to prosper. We value and care about our community, our employees and their journeys reflecting our sustainability pillars and beliefs. E S G EXECUTION - STEP 1 Do the thing. Be one step ahead. Be like us.
  7. Learn more EXECUTION - STEP 2 Why invest in Why invest in Why invest in ESG? ESG? ESG? ESG is not rocket science. With us and our network we have your back. Meet our mentoring ambassadors who are sharing brand stories on implementing the ESG programs. Get inspired, be one step ahead. Series of articles with our 3 key ambassadors: MATÚŠ PÚLL Chief Sustainability Officer at Česká spořitelna EVA MALÁ BELUSKÁ Business Development & Transformation Manager at IKEA ONDŘEJ PTÁČEK director at PwC native PR article summarizing the inspiring stories of our partners/ambassadors -> motivating the TA tonality: confident, inspiring, expert but understandable "SPECIÁL" BY CZECH CRUNCH
  8. ESG is financially challenging and unavailable. makes your business more attractive to other markets increases your efficiency by XY % lowers costs Did you know that ESG actually: Wanna learn more? Visit our ESG Academy I am so proud and honored to be an ambassador of such a great iniciative. #ESG and #ESGReporting is not only a topic for the big fish. SMEs are a crucial part of the chain and business itself. Be one step ahead and consider how ESG could help your company thrive. EXECUTION - STEP 3 use of LinkedIn social media channel WHAT hub for businessmen ZKL's main social media channel WHY HOW series of myths and prejudices companies have about ESG implementation de-bunking these using the same key messaging and visual presenting benefits and success stories through our ambassadors MAIN OBJECTIVE gain SMEs attention and interest - get them to follow, subscribe or educate themselves ZKL as a platform for guidance emphasize ESG Academy
  9. TIMELINE BUT IT DOES NOT END HERE ... LAUNCH citylights hot new take attention grabing generating public interest NATIVE AND SOCIAL SUPPORT simultaneous long term activities active, regular communication use of brand ambassadors highlight of ESG Academy we designed this strategy with sustainability and durability in mind organic media coverage organic social coverage
  10. SUMMARY 02 01 03 04 05 06 BRIEF CHALLENGE INSIGHT IDEA EXECUTION KPI'S Czech SMEs feel overwhelmed by information concerning sustainability and are not able to implement sustainable transformations. Open the topic of sustainable transformation and voluntary ESG reporting while staging ZKL as the guidance platform for companies. How can we introduce sustainable transformation and ESG reporting to which SMEs are not obliged as a business opportunity. City lights in partnership with "idol" companies. Series of native educational articles with embassadors. Social media support on ZKL's LinkedIn. SMEs have heard all about what sustainability is but still struggle to implement it. We will help them by explaining what sustainability is not. Aim of 1000 SMEs taking action through ESG Academy and ZKL's social media, website and newsletter.