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Young Lions CZ 2023 | PR 01

  1. Do it for your business, not for others
  2. Insight Companies think they have to do ESG for the outer world. BUT With ESG, companies support their inner growth.
  3. Idea We call stakeholders to think: Your well-being is taken care of. But what about your company's well-being? Send your business to therapy and let it grow from the inside.
  4. Marketing persona -small- or middle-sized (SME) company CEO and board member -men, age 35-50, university education -business oriented and driven by results -looks for long-term vision -capacity limited -zero or low knowledge about ESG and CSR in general -feels slightly pressured about CSR issue Direct touch with in-touched Suprising delivery from the „therapist“ as a reminder of ESG reporting linking to developmental content Engagement with positive take-out Advising and motivating stakeholders on their company‘s journey face-to-face on an industry event Stirring public awareness Ambasador‘s media presence showing positive attitude and succesful results Target audience & Strategy
  5. • aa E Do you want to change your company with good energy? S Do you want to set positive vibes with your customers? G Do you want to learn how to keep your financial karma clean? Let us guide you We will send a package with a message to the companies: „You don‘t have to let things go that far. Start the change now and support your company‘s inner growth. We can be your therapist.“ The package will be sent to relevant SMEs picked in cooperation with the Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.
  6. We organize a workshop at a relevant event/congress, which takes form of a Group Therapy. It engages the stakeholders face-to-face and serves them as a platform for sharing their needs and worries about the ESG area. Změna k lepšímu guides through it. In spirit of „sharing is caring“, we also present a „healed patient“ – sharing struggles and advices. The activity has potential to become regular, where Změna k lepšímu is the owner and promoter of this unique activity. Join the Group Therapy
  7. To spread a positive example proving that ESG is profitable and good for the self- development of SMEs, we will let an ambassador with a real experience speak. He shows Změna k lepšímu as the good therapist and guide. Ambassador – business trend observer, sustainability oriented, owner of a SME, client of ZKL I.G.: Jan Zeman, owner of the Zemanka bakery Show the success Ambassador will communicate through 2 streams: 1) SoMe LinkedIn Twitter 2) Mass media Economy & business-oriented media Top retail news Business podcasts
  8. KPIs Budget Direct mail 50 000 CZK 500 packages Group Therapy Engagement with 500 SMEs Ambassador – SoMe 2000 reached followers Ambassador – Mass media Organic publicity 5 MIO RU
  9. Summary Insight Do we do ESG for others, or for ourselves? Creative idea Start from the inside and get your business a therapy. Strategy Direct communication Positive engagement Brand awareness Tactics Creative delivery Face-to-face event Social media Ambassador Business, economy, retail mass media KPIs & budget 50 000 CZK 1000 reached SMEs 2000 reached followers 5 MIO RU
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