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Young Lions CZ 2023 | MEDIA 12

  1. Prank Prank to help to help Not every prank has to end with tears.
  2. How can we draw How can we draw attention to this attention to this issue in a issue in a fun way fun way? ? There is not enough students interested in studying children psychiatry. Can we break the stigma associated with children psychiatry?
  3. reaching our reaching our target audience target audience Quality over quantity. Making a difference rather than using our resources on irrelevant audiences.
  4. pranks? pranks? really? really? Serious topic in a not so serious way. Creating deeper understanding and interest. Gen Z students as our target audience. Memorable and impactful.
  5. concept concept Announced to uni representatives 1 week = 1 prank Supported by flyers Non intrusive or harmful prank month prank month First hand experience Resonating Creating buzz experience experience Video documentation Viral potential Media and partners support after-efffects after-efffects
  6. examples examples Party? We would give a free bottled beer as a welcome drink to everyone but only provide one or two bottle openers. Message: Lack of psychiatrists. Classroom? We would take out 60 chairs out of classroom, so there willl be just a few left for the whole class. Message: 60 children suicides in last year.
  7. partners partners universities universities offline media offline media influencers influencers TV Nova TV Prima Radio Impuls
  8. Organic Organic reach reach Word of mouth Personal accounts of uni students Local media such as newspaper, radio etc. Viral sharing #PrankToHelp
  9. Unique, never done before idea. Bitersweet impactful message. Unavoidable wake up call.
  10. Insight Insight strategy strategy idea idea There is a lack of children psychiatrists because the field is not interesting enough to the students to pursue. media media To spread awareness in unconventional way through personal experience. Student targeted pranks with deep message creating huge impactful memory. Combination of partnered media, influencers and organic reach.