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Young Lions CZ 2020 | Media 17 - Honorary Mention


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Young Lions Czech Republic 2020 | Media

Young Lions competitions and training programme develop ambition and ability to create excellent communications solutions. We provide an opportunity to develop personal and creative excellence.

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Young Lions CZ 2020 | Media 17 - Honorary Mention

  1. 1. Se Sokolem do života is an amazing program for pre- school children focused on the development of body and mind. Their methods and approach are time-tested, free, playful and well structured. And kids love it…
  2. 2. So what is standing in our way? Non-effective communication • Lack of communication towards young, progressive, soon to-be teachers (pedagogy students) • They are more likely to be creative and open-minded in participating in the programme and can herald the message in the future Not all teachers are classicaly trained • Pre-school teachers are low-paid and the job is quite demanding. Often out of necessity unqualified people are also hired. • Possible difficulties understanding the jargon used in the manual. Age and ability of the teachers • The teacher population in Czechia is one of the oldest in EU • Majority of teachers do not have the mental capacity to participate in structured sport program Lack of equipment • Kindergardens are underfunded and they often do not have the required teaching aids and space to facilitate the programme
  3. 3. Is there a solution? Actually, there are two! Teach the teachers how to make it work… Simply make it work for everybody.
  4. 4. Our idea • Taking the already created, functional and enjoyable programme and turning it into something: • more illustrative/demonstrative • less demanding in terms of sport equipment • that everybody can use. • Create it with help and support from pedagogy students. • And promote it also to paediatricians.
  5. 5. Interactive App promoting healthy movement and dexterity Let‘s play with Sokolík. Key Features of Sokolík • Animated interactive design, with mascot Sokolík Pepík as the guide • Video instructions for physical and creative excercises • Tips about the right techniques and safety • Shows alteration of the needed sport equipment • Offers an alternative to passive entertainment while still being digital and fun • Motivational aspect of winning badges and medals in various challenges
  6. 6. Is there more? TV programme Sokolík • Streamed on channel ČT:D devoted to kids • Mascot Sokolík Pepík ties the programme to the app and the activities in preschools • Students of pedagogy can help create content as part of their teaching practice • Covers children without acces to the app • Challenges that can be done via app or with parents Both the app and TV programme contain challenges, technique and safety tips: „Jump like a frog.“ „Try to stand on one leg like a flamingo.“ „Avoid straining of the neck when practicing somersault by looking look at your bellybutton.“ „If you don´t have a mat use a pillow or a blanket“ Partnership with Ondrášovka • Drinking regime for kids – tips for parents • Motivation for kids – collecting water droplets when following the regime
  7. 7. Why will they love it? Kids • Alternative to playing video games or watching movies • New way to spend free time • Can move and play even outside pre-school without friends Teachers • Spend less time with preparation for „classes“ • Can show children the right technique even when they cannot demonstrate the excercises themselves Parents, grandparents and guardians • Beneficial and fun way to spend time with kids • Guidance for untrained or disabled parents • May inspire intergenerational dialogue – grandparents can compare their own stories from Sokol with their grandchildren Sokol • Reaches more children this way • Sends a message about being a modern brand • Cultivates a relationship with pedagogy students – soon to be teachers • Strenghtens their position as a leading force in childrens physical education
  8. 8. Budget Teachers • DM, POS materials • PR in Teacher´s journal, portals for teachers (e.g. EDUin) Pre-school kids • TV – launching the new program on ČT:D Parents, public • Owned media promotion • Promotion of app in Google Play • PPC, Facebook ads • PR/advertorials: dailies, woman lifestyle magazines, portals for stay-at-home moms ( • Summer contest with Ondášovka – adverts on bottles, collecting bottle caps Paediatricians • Advertorials in media for paediatricians • Flyers they can give to parents of obese children Spreading the word • App Development – 300 000 - 400 000 CZK • ČT:D (including production) – 500 000 CZK • Facebook and PPC ads – 200 000 CZK • Print – 100 000 CZK • Flyers – 50 000 CZK Altogether: 1 250 000 CZK Additional financial requirements are assumed to be saturated by cooperation with general and media partners (Česká spořitelna, Ondrášovka, ČEPS, Google, Deník etc.)
  9. 9. „The primary responsibility for children´s physical literacy should not be solely on the teachers – it should be on all of us.“
  10. 10. Summary slide THE CHALLENGE WHO ARE WE TALKING TO THE IDEA INSIGHT • We should be focusing on parents and kids instead of just teachers • We should target soon-to-be teachers more • The main focus should be to get kids to exercise more • Parents • Pre-school kids • Teachers and soon-to-be teachers • Paediatricians • Develop the Sokolík App paired with a ČT:D programme • Get as many pre-school children to exercise with the right technique • Inspire a positive attitude towards active lifestyle in kids