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Young Lions CZ 2020 | Media 14 - Winner


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Young Lions Czech Republic 2020 | Media

Young Lions competitions and training programme develop ambition and ability to create excellent communications solutions. We provide an opportunity to develop personal and creative excellence.

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Young Lions CZ 2020 | Media 14 - Winner

  1. 1. 28. března 2020 The best you can do for your kids YOUNG LIONS TEAM 14
  2. 2. 28. března 2020 2 6 years of age, the most crucial milestone in child development PROBLEM 3/4 Czech pre-school children have enough movement per day 60% of Czech children enter 1st grade without basic motor skills (Source:, , 2019)
  3. 3. 28. března 2020 3 INSIGHT Czech children are not moving correctly which sets them up for obesity and other health issues later in life. “We have the gym available after snack time, that’s a bit weird. They’ve just eaten. I could just let them play… others do it, but I have PE background, I know they should have a proper PE class.” -Jana, kindergarten teacher
  4. 4. 28. března 2020 4 The Playground Challenge IDEA
  5. 5. 28. března 2020 5 FIRST, WE HAVE TO SHOW PARENTS AND TEACHERS THE NEED FOR IMPROVED PE CLASSES By motivating them in the place • where they often go, • where kids naturally move, • where they have nothing to do but watch kids move, to notice whether they move correctly. Less than 1 in 2 Czech children can do this. What about yours? Have a look at
  6. 6. 28. března 2020 6 SECOND, WE HAVE TO SPREAD OUR MESSAGE ACROSS MASSES TO CREATE ENOUGH DEMAND TO MEET KPIS May June July August The Playground Challenge Sokol Influencers on social media, TV shows, PR Direct mail to kindergartens Organic & Microinfluencers sprading knowledge about the #ThePlaygroundChallenge TV & Online Spot: “Cute but not really” Double the registration numbers YoY
  7. 7. 28. března 2020 7 BUDGET Stickers- production, distribution and application 600,000 CZK Video production 20,000 CZK Media cost- video on social 200,000 CZK Media cost- video on ČT partnership Influencer partnership barter Microsite development 15,000 CZK TOTAL: 835,000 CZK
  8. 8. SUMMARY 28. března 2020 8 Target Parents and teachers of kindergartners Insight RESULTS: 73,000 kindergartners registers 2,400 preschools and kindergarten partcipated 70% of the target group reached Children move enough, but not correctly due to lack of awareness Strategy The Playground Challenge, where parents can find out if the child meets the ideal motor skills level and nominate enlist kindergarten. Total investment: 835,000 CZK
  9. 9. 28. března 2020 THANK YOU &… Let’s get moving right.