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Young Lions CZ 2020 | Media 11 - Honorary Mention


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Young Lions Czech Republic 2020 | Media

Young Lions competitions and training programme develop ambition and ability to create excellent communications solutions. We provide an opportunity to develop personal and creative excellence.

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Young Lions CZ 2020 | Media 11 - Honorary Mention

  1. 1. Let´s make the next generation of Sokol
  2. 2. Children How to attract / motive / engage Teachers Parents 2
  3. 3. The parents and teacher usually don´t have enough time No extra time Parents Teacher in kindergarten What the children do in their free time? 3
  4. 4. Let's motivate kindergartens to move
  5. 5. Strategy What? Competition with Sokolík Pepík Whom? Kindergarten teachers, parents children and mayors Motivation? New multifunctional playground Where? Česká televize, Instagram, Facebook, Direct e-mail, LinkedIn 5
  6. 6. The combination of channels we suggest & Channels ČT1, ČT :D, ČT4 Sport and the content via editorial cooperation, „Události v regionech“, Sokolský zpravodaj, Sama doma etc. Cooperation with ČT Those channels help to build the brand awarness and we can reach primary moms with pre-school child and teachers in kindergarten. FB&IG We can target large company and their corporate kindergarten. LinkedIn Database from MŠMT. Direct e-mail Michaela Maurerova, a mother of 3 child, living active life. She can show, how the activity works. Influencer 6
  7. 7. How and for how much we reach our TG? FB & IG Approx. 200k CZK Content: Sokol and the competition. Reach: 350 000 LinkedIn Approx. 50k CZK Content: the competition for large corporates. Reach: 8 000 Direct e-mail 0 CZK Content: the competition and the prize. Reach: 5287; whole database of MŠMT. ČT Group Approx. 100 000 CZK Content: Sokol and the competition. Reach: 500 000 Influencer Approx. 150k CZK Content: Sokol and the competition, shows that Sokol is still modern. Reach: More than 72k followers. 1st June 1st August1st July1st May Direct e-mail ČT ČT Influencer Direct e-mail 1st September FB & IG LinkedIn 7
  8. 8. Summary Strategy Reach Media channels Budget and timing Get a modern PowerPoint Presentation that is beautifully designed. Competition with Sokolík Pepík In the form of gamification to motivate teachers and parents and have some fun! Target group Our TG are teachers in kindergarten, parents children and mayors Cumulative media reach 935 287 (100 % kindergarten). Where we will communication Česká televize, Instagram, Facebook, Direct e-mail, LinkedIn When and cost Communication will start on May, finished on August, Total cost 500 000 CZK Number of kindergarten to be involved 3000 Number of kindergarten 8
  9. 9. „Let´s make the next generation of Sokol.“