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YL19 pr 04 - Winner

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Young Lions Czech Republic 2019
PR category - Team 4

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YL19 pr 04 - Winner

  1. 1. Find the roots of Spruce Highlander Zachraňme lesy – Hnutí DUHA Anna Stěpanovová, Anežka Svobodová
  2. 2. Key vision • The world would be a better place if spruces grew where they are supposed to and forests were diverse • Why spruce?
  3. 3. Setting up the topic • Forests are dying. Why is this a problem? • Hero video including hard data from Hnutí DUHA • Informational press pack for media • Social media channels + media coverage  Rational part of our campaign • How to help the forests? We need a superhero!
  4. 4. Meet Spruce Highlander • Lost tree who was supposed to grow in the mountains but is sad in lowlands and suffering • Help him get back home to the mountains! • Why is Spruce our superhero?  Emotional part of our campaign • Instagram – friends of Spruce (Birch, Oak, Beech etc.) • New visual style
  5. 5. Only you can get him home! • What to do? All he needs is your signature and support • Why? To change the law to save forests for your children a next generations • Social media, PR campaign • Leads collection on • Facebook – lead ad forms • Web – current form 60 000 10 000 30 000
  6. 6. Interactive content • Interactive content on Zachraňme lesy website, Facebook and Instagram • ASMR sounds / video • Strips from Spruce‘s life • Coloring books for kids • Houses for dwarfs building instructions • Educational fun Facebook quizzes • Route maps / trips • etc.
  7. 7. Influencers • They will help us introduce Spruce Highlander to the society and explain his quest • We will give them plush toy of Spruce Highlander and tree seeds – they can take spruce home and share it with the world
  8. 8. Media • Hard data at the beginning of communication – from Hnutí DUHA • Spruce‘s story – press pack (with plush toy and tree seeds) • Print advertorials in local newspapers – Get Spruce home – QR code to web
  9. 9. Timing • Social and PR campaign: May – October • May: topic opening, Spruce Highlander appears • June: advertorials • June – October: leads collection • October: Spruce arrives home
  10. 10. Spruce Highlander The world would be a better place if… • spruces grew where they are supposed to • forests were diverse Set up the topic Media Social Media Bring it closer to people Create a connection Media communication Hard data Advertorials Spruce‘s story Why Spruce? Who is he? What is his goal? Creative content ASMR videos Funny strips Colouring books Influencers Introduction Taking Spruce home Other trees‘ stories Instagram Facebook Zachraňme lesy Help him find the root Why should people support him? He is the superhero our planet and children need! Leads collecting Facebook lead ad forms Web form QR code

Young Lions Czech Republic 2019 PR category - Team 4


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