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YL19 media 15

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Young Lions Czech Republic 2019
Media category - Team 15

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YL19 media 15

  1. 1. Who is Lesan Smrkovič?
  2. 2. Diversity is freedom, it is a key to life #Diverzitaproživot
  3. 3. 25,3 tis.100 200
  4. 4. The whole life of the spruce is told on Instagram Líbí se to andysek73 a dalším (9 584)
  5. 5. Who will listen to his appeal? Age 26-35 According to the most used # in CZ in 2018 +
  6. 6. Mums love to post their kids on social sites 9 of 10 Czechs go to nature few times per month 43,5% of Czechs 26-35 are on Instagram
  7. 7. We will make an algorithm searching for relevant hashtags #nature #priroda #family #laska…
  8. 8. Nina_on_maternityleave
  9. 9. Other promotion Spots/Interviews with Lesan (modified voice) Articles interviewing Lesan about his life in the dictatorship and forests Zachraňme lesy profile shares Lesan‘s articles Every promotion includes call for help – call to support the initiave Lesan collects signatures in person Ambassadors supporting their friend Lesan
  10. 10. Lesan Smrkovič INSIGHT Monocultural forests are as dictatorships - they don‘t allow differences. Forests need diversity to survive. #Diverzitaproživot DATA More than 43% of Czechs 26-35 have an Instagram account. Hashtags connected to family and nature belong to the most used in CZ for 2018. TARGET AUDIENCE • Young families/mothers • People posting pictures of nature IDEA Create a fictional identity of a spruce Lesan Smrkovič representing all suffering trees. Lesan lives in a dictatorship and needs help. EXECUTION Address the TAs by creating an algorithm that will search for hashtags covering proposed topics on Instagram. Lesan will comment on pictures in a provocative, catchy and personal way. This will make the connection to the everyday life of people. PROMOTION Whole year campaign: social sites and online platforms, articles interviewing Lesan. Lesan will be also a guest in radios, he collects signatures outside in person. The existing ambassadors are supporting their friend. All the communication includes call for signature. 100 25,3 tis 200

Young Lions Czech Republic 2019 Media category - Team 15


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