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YL19 media 04

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Young Lions Czech Republic 2019
Media category - Team 4

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YL19 media 04

  1. 1. Insights Two-thirds of people think the forest is primarily for climate protection Where it all started… People in cities are blinded and don't see the real problem Half of the people in Czechia might be signatories People are not very connected with the forests
  2. 2. Target group 25-34 yo. Ecologically aware Small cities and villages Civically active 21-50 yo. Are not affected/don‘t really see it Big cities and surroundings Technological and social media savvy A tone of voice: Educational Don‘t see what's happening out there. Don‘t think it will affect them whatsoever A tone of voice: Emotion Already have a bound to nature They know something is wrong, but don't actively try to solve it
  3. 3. Life without forest Let’s save the forests #LifeWithoutForest #ZivotBezLesa It concerns all of us! No exceptions.
  4. 4. Creative
  5. 5. Influencers Step 1 Stories or posts Czech stumps around Step 2 Stories or posts Sharing Hnutí Duha creative Step 3 Live action Tour de Stumps Step 4 Challenge others Sign petition
  6. 6. Project Scope May June July August September October November December Emotional & Educational part Influencers Live event & Sign petitionStep 1 & 2 Signatures collection Earned media 270K 200KMedia budget Production budget 150K Event budget 150K Step 3 & 4 High season Low season

Young Lions Czech Republic 2019 Media category - Team 4


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