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YL19 digital 14

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Young Lions Czech Republic 2019
Digital category - Team 14

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YL19 digital 14

  1. 1. CAMPAIGN SUMMARY CREATIVE INSIDE OUR SOLUTION HOW DOES IT WORK? Campaign “Nejlepší jídlo je to které pomáhá” is built on 2 pillars: 1. Using a theme that will strongly resonate in the target group. Our audience wants the best for themselves and mainly for their loved ones. Thus, opening a discussion about the best food is a natural extension of the important part of their lives. And the added message Mary‘s Meals - The Best Food is the one that helps, which is delivering twist in the campaign and in people minds. 2. Combining several different methods to best address Mary‘s Meals situation, problem and goals. A proven method with great potential reach - digital PR. Still relatively new and with a fully unused mass potential - interactive video content - live streaming. And the last part functionally and perfor- mance-oriented to achieve high awareness in a fast and simple way, but mainly deliver numbers of donors - donate buttons. One of the strongest topics amongst our target audience = mothers and family-orien- ted persons are their children. And when it comes to their children, parents are typi- cally less willing to compromise on quality. In short, all parents want the best for their children. And besides, the parents want the best health, education or home equipment for their children, it also involves food and eating. And this point of view we want to use in our campaign to grab more attention to Mary‘s Meals and their goal. Our campaign is “Nejlepší jídlo je to které pomáhá” With this name, we intend to get attention (awareness and consideration), but also, more importantly, to convince people to do the action (motivate people to donate and/or get involved). Mary‘s Meals campaign is containing three selected digital components - Online public survey, Live streaming and Donate buttons. An online public survey with the name “Na- tional questionnaire - what is the best food”. The questionnaire has two goals, firstly to get an answer on the topic and secondly to be a teaser and open the discussion - what food is the best. Live streaming on Facebook. A broad target audience is reachable in an entertaining way with live video content. The main goal for live streaming is to connect the topic “Nejlepší jídlo” with Mary‘s Meals. Secondary to show the twist of the campaign that “Nejlepší jídlo” is the one you help with. Donate buttons. Out thinking was how to reach a lot of people in a simple way, in the context when they are thinking about food and enable them easily and on few clicks directly donate. The solution is cooperation with Rohlík/Košík/Tesco Online and Dáme Jídlo/Uber Eats/Wolt and implementing donate options into their platforms. Digital PR with a questionnaire national best food, distributed into biggest newspaper/media houses, with the request to support non-profit organization and publishing survey. Survey supported by ow- ned/paid media to get more attention. Live streaming will be prepared as “discussion battle” about Czech best food with quests - chef Roman Vaněk, youtuber JdemeŽrát and nutrition specialist Margit Slimáková. With that concept, we want to bring a healthy dose of tension to get more viewers/awareness for the topic. Takeout from survey = content for discussion. Reveal the twist and message - best food is the one which helps + ask for donations. Donate buttons. On platforms mentioned above (with agreed cooperation) we create restaurant/ product page - Mary‘s Meals “Nejlepší jídlo je to které pomáhá”. Donation will be via shopping as regular items - as one lunch for 2 CZK, one month of lunches for 40CZK, half a year 200CZK, whole year 421CZK.

Young Lions Czech Republic 2019 Digital category - Team 14


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