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YL18 pr 14_ogilvy-pr-socialogilvy

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Young Lions Czech Republic 2018
PR category - Team 14

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YL18 pr 14_ogilvy-pr-socialogilvy

  1. 1. CARE ABOUT DEATH Wag the dog. Wag the public. Wag the emotions. Create fake influencer. Let him spread stories, awarness and careness. Make people talk. Make people care.
  2. 2. MAY Setting up the topic. Creating sensitivity of media. Everybody likes to read and talk about himself. So we give Czechs and czech media the biggest survey about their relationship and reactions to the death in history.  This survey contains questions about death in general, child death and palliative care.  Survey is presented in name of Czech Society of Palliative Medicine.  Survey followed by interviews, debates, etc. Headline: „80% of Czechs want to die at home, but they still don‘t know what palliative care is, says the survey.“
  3. 3. June Bring the David to life.
  4. 4. June Bring David to life. In June we start communicate as imaginary David with leucemia through Facebook and Instagram. His profile is introduced by front influencer Jiří Král to the wide young audience with message, that David has life threatening illness and he wants to share his journey through illness and medication with others. Through Instagram and Facebook feed we fulfill his dreams. He meets chosen celebrities and does dreamed activities. Celebrities are chosen to address as varied and numerous audiences as possible – youngsters, parents, women, men, doctors, possible patients:  Drive in Ferrari with Leoš Mareš  Date with Teri Blitzen  Write text with rapper Vladimir 518  Complete training with Tomáš Rosický  Meet up with Kazma
  5. 5. August #ThankYouDoc David comes up with iniative #ThankYouDoc to highlight the way the doctors treat him and giving him the opportunity to stay at home with his family. He uses photos of doctors and experts at his home and in his FB posts he talks about benefits of this step and palliative care in general. He shares stories about other patients, he met up during the visits in the hospital and ask people to donate money for medical equipment.
  6. 6. August #ThankYouDoc David‘s iniative has overlap to offline communication with proffesionals. With help of CSPM we find parents whom will come to doctors to thank them in person or by letters for telling them about palliative care. David shares photos, stories or parent‘s letters on his profiles. We also communicate these parent‘s thanks with local and medical titles and also with hospitals to hearten their doctors. We want to forward them an information that patients care.
  7. 7. 11.-13. October Let the David die. Revelation of the secret. 11th October  Death of David  Goodbye letter posted by parents 13th October World Hospice and Palliative Care Day  On the occasion of this international day we expose the truth by video with participation of every involved celebrity on David´s profile. Celebs than share this post on their profiles.
  8. 8. October Encouraging people to help. After revelation of our little secret we share on David‘s profile a call to care about dying people, to talk about death in time and to donate sponsorship programmes of paliative medicine. We make people want to be involved.
  9. 9. Thank you for your attention!

Young Lions Czech Republic 2018 PR category - Team 14


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